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i’m always the noona to my biases. it’s tough being a 35yr old kpop fan. lol

wahhh can i call you unnie!! it’s so rare for me to find others older than me on tumblr!! xD 

keke i know right! people ard me thinks im kinda too old for this but who cares~~~ *fangirls to the max*

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does the wife get to come along to the uk with you? if so, i fully support this.

Definitely! The first few weeks will be grand. We’ll stay at the best hotels, eat at 5-star restaurants. The whole shebang. Then one night I’ll take you for a long walk along the Thames. I’ll stop us at the top of one of London’s beautiful bridges and ask you if you like the view. You’ll say that it’s a beautiful view and I’ll say, “Get used to it, cause we’ll have this view from now on as we’ll be living under this bridge starting tonight."