Binky & Kinky are @andy_murray’s dogs’ names, per @TKokkinakis. Thoughts @maggiemay_hem?

It’s fair to say that Andy Murray has taken rising Australian starThanasi Kokkinakis under his wing this season and a budding friendship has blossomed between the two.

After his first-round win at Roland Garros on Monday, Kokkinakis, who practised with Murray at the weekend, said of the Scot, “He’s a good guy. So it’s really good to have him that I can talk to and kind of hit with in tournaments. It’s good to have one of the big guys. I also get access to bigger courts!”

So, decided to put the 19-year-old Kokkinakis to the test, to see just how much he knows about the World No. 3.

What are the names of Andy’s dogs?
TK: Binky and Kinky?
You think Andy has a dog called Kinky? Hmmm… They are, in fact, called Maggie and Rusty.

What year did Andy win his first Grand Slam?
TK: Hmmm, it wasn’t Wimbledon… The US Open 2000 and….. 11? No, 12… One of the two!

When is Andy’s birthday?
TK: Oh my goodness, these are hard! I haven’t searched his profile!
It was very recently…
TK: OK, the 1st March?
More recently than that, 15th May!

How many titles does Andy have?
TK: 33?
Wow, you got the hardest one right!

Who wins when you play FIFA?
TK: I haven’t played against him yet, I’m still waiting for the challenge, but I like my chances.
Who will win when you play FIFA?
TK: Me.

Finally, what style tips would you give Andy?
TK: I’d tell him to try to figure out what he’s doing with his haircut. [Laughs]. I reckon he’s got the rest all right. The kilt thing at the wedding? It’s traditional, but I wouldn’t do it! 

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