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How about Lena brings home a cat. Everyone loved the Kara brings a puppy home idea, but I a so here for a Danvers sisters freak-out when Lena reveals she’s a cat person

“Kara?” Lena stuck her head around the door listening for any sounds indicating Kara had beat her home from work. When silence met her ears Lena stepped inside placing the large paper sack she carried on the counter, motioning to her driver to do the same with the bag and carrier he held onto.

Unloading the paper bags Lena pulled loose a small mat with rubber backing, pacing around the kitchen before finding a small corner it could tuck into. Pulling loose a couple small silver dishes Lena placed them gently on the mat. Digging through the paper bag again she pulled loose a bag of food, unrolling the edge she used the stainless steel scoop she bought at the store to shovel some food into one of the dishes, filling the second full of water. Placing the food back on the counter Lena moved to the carrier.

Gently opening the door Lena coaxed out a little white kitten with brown socks. She smiled as she looked over the kitten standing hesitantly on the counter looking like it had just walked a mile through the mud. He reminded her of Kara when she came home in her Supergirl suit, a giant grin on her face caked in dirt from some fight with another alien. Scooping him up Lena stroked his soft fur until she felt him purring against her chest before putting him in front of his food and water.

“There you go little guy.” Lena smiled again watching him sniff his food before taking a tentative taste and walking away to explore the apartment.

Leaving him to wander around Lena found a home for the carrier in the front closet, next to her and Kara’s shoes. Rearranging the kitchen, an entire shelf was cleared out and filled with the variety of cat food Lena had been unable to choose between at the store, and instead buying a bunch of each. The small pillow she bought found a home on the floor next to her side of the bed. Unloading the remains of the bags Lena spread little felt fake mice around the apartment, placing the scratch pad on the ground in the corner by the tv where she hoped it would prevent him from scratching her expensive furniture, and finally tracking him down in the bathroom, Lena buckled the thin red collar she bought around his neck, already set with engraved tags with her and Kara’s phone numbers on them.

Folding up the paper bags and placing them in the recycling Lena poured herself a glass of wine before taking in the apartment. The changes were so subtle Lena wondered how long it would take for Kara to notice the new addition. There was still a half an hour left before Alex and Maggie were expected for movie night, Kara too if she was with them. Taking advantage of the time Lena moved to the couch, calling Kara’s favourite places for a delivery of pizza and potstickers.

“What should we name you?” Lena asked the kitten as she lifted him onto the couch with her, scratching under his chin. “Should we wait for Kara before we make a decision?”

The kitten purred as he pushed his head into Lena’s head, turning so she scratched around his ears. The sound of laughter and the door unbolting sending him off the couch somewhere into the unknown of the apartment. Lena shook her head as she sipped her wine waiting as Kara, Alex and Maggie funnelled in.

“Hey Lena! You’re home early!” Kara grinned, leaning over the back of the couch to give Lena a kiss. “We were just talking about ordering food. Any requests?”

Lena shook her head, “I ordered pizza and potstickers already. They should actually be arriving any minute. I hope that’s alright?”

“That’s perfect.” Alex sat on the couch, her and Maggie already helping themselves to the beers left in the fridge just for these occasions.


“I didn’t know you guys got a cat,” they were half way through the second movie when Lena looked up to see Maggie standing behind the couch holding the kitten. She had got up to get fresh beer for her and Alex only to become acquainted with the little guy when he snuck out of hiding and started rubbing against her ankles.

“Cat? We don’t have a ca-“ Kara turned away from the tv, brow immediately crinkling as she looked at Maggie holding a small white furry body.

“Well, either you have a cat. Or another animal followed you home Kara.” Maggie laughed as she walked around to sit next to Alex settling the kitten in her lap.

All eyes were on Lena as she shrugged, “Jess’ cat had a litter and she asked if I would be interested in adopting one.”

“What?!” Kara lifted herself away from Lena, “You said you didn’t want a pet!”

“I said I didn’t want a dog.” Lena clarified taking as she took a gulp of wine.

“So you got a cat?” Alex asked giving the kitten a sideways glance, almost suspicious of its mere presence in her girlfriend’s lap.


“But dogs!” Kara threw her hands in the air in exasperation. “They’re just so cute! And Fluffy!”

“He’s pretty cute and fluffy.” Maggie grinned lifting the little body. “I mean loooook at him. He has little brown socks!”

“Actually,” Maggie nudged Alex in the ribs, “doesn’t he kind of remind you of Kara when she comes back from a fight all covered in dirt?”

Lena laughed almost choking on her wine as Kara glared at her, huffing and crossing her arms.

“Oh give him a chance.” Maggie held him towards Alex until she gave in petting the tiny head, smiling when he started to try and wriggle closer.

Lena stood taking the kitten from Maggie before returning to sit crosslegged across from Kara holding the little guy under her chin so they could both fix her with their big pitiful eyes.


“You already lost Kara.” Alex laughed as she looked at Lena’s puppy face that could give Kara’s a run for her money.

“Fine!” Kara sighed as Lena placed the kitten in her lap, trying to hide her excited wriggling as he started to climb up her body, not wanting to give in so easily.

“What’s his name?”

“I haven’t named him yet.”


“No!” Alex laughed as Kara shuddered, the memory of scaly snake skin still too fresh in her memory.

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Supercorp picks up a stray animal



“No!  Kara, we’ve been through this before.  This is the third stray we’ve found.  You’re just lucky Winn wanted a dog and Maggie wanted a kitten.”  

“And you can’t admit you were a little bit sad at letting that little ball of fur go?  Well here’s your chance to keep one!  Look at her!”  Kara all but shoves the small mewing ball of fur into Lena’s face.  Lena does her best to look unamused but it doesn’t last long.  

“Fine.  Let’s get her home.”  

“Great!  What shall we name her?”  

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Director Sanvers prompt: One of them comes home with a pet. (I can't think of anything better, but I really want more of these three nerds)

here, take some utterly angst free director sanvers. this was a fun prompt to full, and i hope these nerds lived up to your expectations. also let me tell you how complicated the greek gods and goddesses are. i spent fifteen minutes down that rabbit hole alone. 

alex says she can’t be blamed. she grew up with kara who would bring her every tiny broken bird, every weak mouse who she was quick enough to catch and just beg alex to help her make them better. so alex says, 

blame kara. 

kara is in central city with lena and isn’t available for comment on the matter, so lucy and maggie blame alex. 

because it was alex who walked in with soaking wet hair and her deo longsleeve clinging to her body and shivering, absolutely shivering. and it was alex who unfurled her leather jacket to reveal what was recognizable as an animal, but not immediately obvious as to what sort. 

maggie thinks kitten, lucy thinks puppy and alex declares that they’re ferrets. 

plural. multiple. 

two if they’re looking to be exact. one a mass of damp white fur, the other, black with streaks of grey. 

“they were just, curled up.” alex is saying, having deposited the jacket - ferrets and all - into maggie’s lap. 

maggie who’s eyeing them suspiciously and leaning back so lucy can peer over her shoulder. 

“i couldn’t leave them.” 

and of course she couldn’t. maggie and lucy watch as alex finds an old shoebox and a towel. she watches as she folds the towel up carefully and sets it inside. then one by one she dries them off with another towel and puts them gently onto the clean, dry towel inside the shoebox. 

“we can take them to the vet tomorrow.” lucy is saying, and maggie is already on her phone saying 

“if we hurry we can make it to the pet store before they close and get some supplies.” 

and it’s not like they all come out and say “oh look, we’re adopting two ferrets.” 

but they are. 

[they fight over the naming rights. until finally it comes down to everyone putting in their two best suggestions in a bowl and making james pull two names out] 

[they end up with apollo and artemis] 

apollo, true to his name, likes to sit on the window ledge in the sun, basking in it as much as possible. he and kara get along famously. but his favorite activity is tag with maggie, romping around the apartment, under the sofa, across the coffee table, and one time almost out onto the balcony and giving maggie an honest to god heart attack. 

artemis prefers lucy, she prefers to curl up in lucy’s lap when lucy is buried in deo paperwork. or curl along the curve of lucy’s neck if she’s napping. she’s more mellow than her brother in game play, but they can both be found napping on kara’s stomach when she’s around. 

they love alex best of all though. fighting for her attention whenever she’s around. and displaying certain signs of sadness when alex is at the deo for long stretches of time. 

[it’s unexpected, they joy that these little furry beasts bring to the three of them, but a night spent cuddled in bed, ferrets draped across them, netflix playing on a laptop, is a night well spent] 

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okay but imagine detective danvers doing a lil roadtrip on their bikes. trying to impress each other, like, LOOK HOW SHINY IT IS, or, CHECK OUT THE SOUND OF THIS BABY and both getting SO. TURNED. ON. so by the time they arrive they can't keep their hands off each other and steamy make out session happens and UGH

omg ok yes they have to go track an alien who escaped national city, and alex is trying to make preparations to get a car but maggie is like ‘we should take our bikes. make a trip of it’ and alex is like ??? we have to catch an alien which one of us is riding with the alien hugging our back??? and maggie laughs and says they’ll figure out. they’re smart women. and alex really, really doesn’t get to ride her bike as much as she wants to……so against her probably better judgment, she agrees.

and fuckin maggie riding up in front of alex, revving her engine, saying ‘you showed me yours. it’s time i show you mine’ and alex p much needs a cold towel right then.

and lbr, alex is already attracted to maggie so this? this is just the nails in her fucking coffin because maggie is hot general but maggie on a motorcycle? well, alex is fairly certain she’ll need a date with her hand later that night. 


so much ust. maggie getting in alex’s personal space like she’s so wont to do and alex getting a little frantic, moving off the bed really quickly and sputtering out an excuse and maggie is like ‘wow i have a crush on a dork’.

and they like, play card games until they’re both exhausted and they fall asleep and wake up tangled in each other and alex goes bright red and and maggie is all ‘this isn’t my first time waking up next to a pretty lady. though it might be the first time we’ve both been fully clothed’ and alex is is still very flushed.

and i could continue but im gonna stop and basically alex thinks maggie is so hot and maggie is a smitten kitten.