maggie young

I fell for her in summer, my lovely summer girl,
From summer she is made, my lovely summer girl,
I’d love to spend a winter with my lovely summer girl,
But I’m never warm enough for my lovely summer girl


“Blue was filled with frustration that her life was so clearly demarcated.
Things that were not enough, but that she could have.
Things that were something more, that she couldn’t.” 
“Gansey wasn’t sure he was in a position to be falling in love, but he’d done it anyway.”


Returning for a third year, The Scorpio Races Festival gives us fans a chance to celebrate the Scorpio Races season together! We hope that these Festival challenges make you feel so, so alive.

There are three aspects of The Scorpio Races Festival that will earn you entries in the giveaway:

Create a character! Are you riding in the races? Or are you betting from the sidelines? Bring a character to life as you complete tasks and prompts that immerse you in The Scorpio Races!


These challenges encompass a wide variety of options, including fine arts, digital, crafts, cooking, and music.

Go at your own pace or follow along with the suggested weekly chapters.

To get started, please visit The Scorpio Races Festival.

Gabe asks, ‘Puck, who is it?’
I open the door wide to reveal the answer. They all look at Sean standing there with his hand in his pocket and the other hand around a loaf of bread and it occurs to me all in a rush as they stare at him that Sean looks a little, just a little, like he’s courting.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater

Well, it’s official. Three months later, and Lakewood has survived another mass murderer. It turns out Piper did have an accomplice. Go figure. I was right all along. But non of us saw this killer coming, and believe me, it cuts deep. After a betrayal like that, can you ever really learn to trust again? Maybe the best way to move forward is to put it all behind us, if we can. Brandon James, Piper Shaw, Kieran Wilcox… all wanted revenge and maybe that’s the end of the chain. Maybe this was the last dangling thread. Maybe there are no more to pull. Maybe things really are back to normal. Or maybe, Lakewood, you’ll always be Murderville. Only time will tell. 


Happy Valentine’s Day! Have some YAlentines:

Curse Workers by Holly Black

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Legend by Marie Lu

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

We have a bit of a girl crush on Amani, the protagonist of the upcoming fantasy REBEL OF THE SANDS. She crushes it on every page with her gunslinging skills and fiery attitude, and her incredible feats are guaranteed to make her the greatest myth of the desert. So in anticipation of the release of REBEL OF THE SANDS on March 10, we rounded up our top 9 heroines who we think will reach #myth status someday:

1. Amani from REBEL OF THE SANDS 

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the best sharp shooter for miles, taming ancient beasts, never telling a lie, and finding a romance hotter than the desert sun.

2. Adelina from THE YOUNG ELITES

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Unleashing her dark powers, changing the course of history for malfettos, and descending on a path to villainy.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Spying on the most evil woman in the empire by pretending to be her slave, fighting with the Resistance to find her brother, and causing one of the top military students at Blackcliff academy to change his ways.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Making it through the night as the wife of a ruler who weds a new bride each day only to have her executed the next morning.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the most powerful female jinni of all time, falling in love with a human, and breaking the boundaries of her world.

6. Lady Helen from THE DARK DAYS CLUB

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Breaking her expectations to fight with a force dedicated to destroying the demons that have infiltrated London…and doing it in a dress.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Keeping it together when she finds out the world is run by 12 secret and powerful families who think she’s the key to an ancient prophecy.

8. Harper Price from REBEL BELLE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Balancing her duties as a debutante with her new job as one in an ancient line of guardians sent to protect her nemesis-turned-love interest.

9. Cassie from THE 5TH WAVE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Showing us how survival is really done in the war against humanity.


The Scorpio Races Festival 2016

“I quickly find the race officials’ table in the shelter of the cliff; two men in bowler hats sit behind a table with tantalizingly varied racing colors folded in front of them.”

Attention, riders! Your official racing colors are now available for you to pick up!

These colors qualify you for the races, which will run on November 19th. First, Second, and Third place will be chosen via a random number generator, and their colors will be posted. The winners receive extra entries in the giveaway.

You can include these colors and standings in your race day posts or choose your own outcome. If you’re still catching up, don’t worry! You can keep participating in the challenges up until the end of the Festival, even after the race is run.

For more information, visit The Scorpio Races Festival.

‘You made this?’

Finn looks at me. 'No, Saint Anthony brought it to me in the night. He was very put out I didn’t give it to you right then.’ He turns back around.

I am shocked, both by the reappearance of Finn’s humor and the gift of the hot chocolate. I see now that the counter is an absolute mess of pots that Finn used to distill a single cup of cocoa, and I’m certain now that the odor hanging on the air is the smell of milk spilt on the hot burner, but it doesn’t matter in the face of his intention. It sort of makes my lower lip not quite sure of itself, but I clamp my teeth on it for a moment until everything’s steady. By the time Finn sits down on the other side of the table with a mug of his own, I’m normal again.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater

Alex dies first, when she’s about 70 or so. It’s sudden and it’s painful and it makes Kara feel like she’ll never be able to breathe properly again. But she manages to pull herself together, for Maggie’s sake. Because the pain Kara feels, Maggie feels it, too.

Maggie’s also 70, but in perfect health, and forced to live in a house by herself. Her and Alex never had children (Kara was enough of a handful), and the small home she built with Alex has never felt bigger or more empty.

So Kara moves in, despite the fact that it’s a longer commute to work, despite the fact she still looks like she’s 35 and doesn’t really have to live with a 70 year old. But Maggie’s a young 70. She gardens and she volunteers and she’s in all sorts of clubs that her and Kara bond over. They talk about Alex constantly, the way her voice sounded, how being in her arms felt like home, how she’d probably laugh at them now and call them Grey Gardens. They miss her, but they miss her together. And sometimes, it feels like Alex is in the room, manifested in the love they feel for her.

Before Kara knows it, Maggie’s 87 and her dementia is worsening. Kara has no option but to put her in a nursing home. It takes weeks and weeks of research, but she finds a nice, quiet place where the staff are gentle and always smiling. And the staff, they love Kara. They tell her constantly how amazing she is, visiting her ‘mother’ every day for hours and hours at a time.

Slowly but surely, Maggie stops remembering Kara. She lights up whenever she sees her, but always needs to ask her name. It hurts Kara more than she ever thought it would, but she still comes back day after day.

Because whenever Kara sees her, Maggie tells stories about a woman she thinks she once knew, a woman with bright shining eyes and a smile that could save the world, a woman who was brave and funny and who loved her sister more than anything. Kara never grows tired of Maggie’s stories.

Just before her 95th birthday, Maggie takes a turn. The nurses tell Kara to prepare for the worst, that it could be days or weeks, and so Kara sits by Maggie’s side for a week and two days, not once leaving the nursing home (the nurses agreed to look the other way). She sits by Maggie’s side and she holds her hand until Maggie takes her last breaths. She doesn’t leave the room until the nurses escort her out.

And it’s only then, once Maggie’s finally gone, that Kara feels like she’s truly lost Alex. She’s lost her sister. She’s lost her best friend. She knows it’s time.

Kara goes to the DEO and informs them of a safety deposit box hidden in one of the back rooms. They retrieve it, and inside there’s a vial of liquid kryptonite, a sedative, and a will filled with instructions on what is to happen next.

She passes quietly, peacefully, on her own terms, having lived a fulfilling life. She’s laid to rest as Kara Danvers, right beside her sister, a red cape draped over her coffin, her family’s insignia on her tombstone.

And while the world mourns Supergirl, nobody mourns Kara Danvers. Because the two people who loved her the most are finally reunited with her, somewhere among the stars.

We can deeply love our poison. We can love the taste of it, the scent of it, the comforting weight of it in our belly and find ourselves woken in the night with stabbing cramps, arms around porcelain toilet bowls, hurling every last bit until collapsing on bathroom tile, limp from dehydration. Sometimes parting with love is essential for survival. I’ve found the most tragic aspect of losing loved ones wasn’t the big boom of the fallout, but realizing later how much healthier I was without them.
—  Maggie Young, Just Another Number