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Info: After the Negan line up, Negan takes Lauren after Daryls’ outbreak. Lauren is taken into captivity and tortured and used as a servant for Negan. One night she gets a letter with a key, telling her to go and she isn’t going to pass up that offer.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of Glenn and Abe’s deaths, gore

Requested by my wonderful friend Lauren, this is my late Christmas gift to her !! <3

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Daryl punched Negan, his patience had run thin with everyone crying. Maggie sobbed over Glenn’s death, Rosita and Sasha could barely hold in their tears from Abraham. They held Daryls thrashing body to the ground, Dwight came to him, holding his crossbow over his head. I didn’t dare move or make a sound, I couldn’t.

“No! That, is a no no” Negan says crouching down in front of Daryl.

Daryl caught my eye and I looked back. I didn’t want to look away, this could be the last time I saw him. I nodded my head and gave him a soft smile, weak, but it was something. 

“That your girl?” Negan asked Daryl with a smile.

Daryl just grunted.

Speak, when you’re spoken to”

“Yeah” He said through a grunt. 

Negan stared at me while running his tongue over his teeth. I tried to ignore him by looking at Daryl but he wouldn’t look away.

“Load her the fuck up, Si” Negan says after a few minutes of silence.

Simon grabbed both my arms and held them behind my back. I kicked up gravel with my feet.

“Stop! Don’t hurt her!” Daryl cried out.

“Should’ve thought about that before you punched me” Negan says stroking his beard before turning his back to me.

Simon threw my small frame into the back of a small van. It was cold. I was cold. Daryl had a blanket, I wish I did. My knees felt some relief from the gravel, but it still didn’t feel good. I held my legs close to my chest and tried not to cry. It was dark and the cold metal sent chills down my spine. I wanted to know what would happen to Daryl, if Negan would kill him or not. 

Two people got in the car, Negan and Simon. Simon drove while Negan sat passenger. I watched my group behind me through the small, dirty window.


I was dragged out of the van by Dwight. He wore Daryls’ vest and I wanted to punch him, but I knew not to, I had better control of my temper than Daryl. I was led down some dark halls and then thrown into a darker room. They closed the door and I was in darkness, the only light came from under the door.

A woman was sent in to collect my clothes. I wasn’t allowed to keep anything, not even underwear. I sat in a dingy room, naked and cold. I held myself close in hopes of heating myself up. Days went by. Days of the same song, Easy street. Only one verse would play though.

we’re on easy street
and it feels so sweet
and the world is but a dream
when you’re on easy street

I didn’t shower, I had to use the bathroom in the room, on the ground. A layer of dirt grew on my skin. I was given a one sandwich, everyday with the end pieces of bread on either side of a slab of canned dog food. 

Like clockwork, easy street and then food. Then repeats the song, hour by hour. When it stops, I’ll try to sleep but then it goes off and I’m woken up. I couldn’t handle it.

The door opened and I assumed I’d be thrown a shit sandwich but I was given clothes. 

“Get dressed” Dwight ordered and he then moved to the side.

I faced the wall and threw on the ugly sweater and sweatpants combo. There was an orange spray painted A on it. I stepped out, not sure what do do. Dwight saw me and grabbed me by the back of my sweater. He led me to a bedroom where Negan was. His back was facing us.

“Boss,” Dwight says clearing his throat.

Negan turned around to see me with a smile.

“There’s the stunner!” He says “Lookin like shit”

I didn’t say anything. I just wanted to be home.

“Do you know why you’re here?” He asked.

“No” I answered.

“Your man, he’s weak. He’s nothing without you. I want to break him, so I took you. Make him learn his lesson. So I’ve got a proposal for you, marry me” He says walking closer.


“Follow me” He says “Let her go, D”

I followed Negan after Dwight let go of me. He led me to a nicely furnished room with many women dressed in cocktail dresses sitting around.

“You could live like this” He said “Sit here all fucking day, lookin’ pretty, bangin’ a hot guy every now and then. But you’re gonna say no, choose to sit in a single room and eat dog shit sandwiches, and not shower sittin with you’re own piss and feces listening to the same song everyday, for what?”

Everyone was staring now. One woman watched me closely, she had gentle eyes, she looked kind. Her eyes held sympathy.

“You think you’re goin back home? Think you’re goin home to your pussy ass boyfriend? Why would you want to go back to that? Rick a’int shit, Daryl a’int shit. Me, I can keep you safe. I can make you feel good” He whispered in my ear.

I kept eyes held on the woman. I don’t know what to do.

“What do you say now? Changed your mind?”

“No” I said sternly.

“Fine. You got a choice” He turned to Dwight “Take her back, play the song”

Then I was back in the dark, listening to easy street.


One day he took me back to Alexandria. They were collecting supplies and I was brought to help. As I stood outside, dirty and weak, the group looked at me. I looked at the ground. 

“Lauren” Rick whispered.

“No! She’s here to help me” Negan shouted.

I looked up. I caught the sight of Daryl, he wouldn’t look at me. I looked back at the ground. Did he not miss me? I felt myself start to cry at what just happened. Daryl couldn’t look at me. I sniffled and looked up again, pushing my hair out of my face. Daryl looked at me this time, he was upset. One look and I knew how he felt. He looked disappointed in himself, not me. He was sad, sad to see me like this. 

Throughout the day I helped around. Carrying guns to and from the armory. Negan barked at me with directions. My group watched as I helped them. One time Negan had a gun to me but I had no fear. I looked at the house I used to live in be stripped of furniture and other things. It hurt. I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone else, avoid hurting anyone.

As we were leaving I watched Daryl. He didn’t want to look. Rick nodded to me as the truck drove off and I don’t know when or if I’d ever see them again.


I was sitting against the corner of the cold brick wall. I was huddled up, waiting for my one sandwich to be thrown at me. Today it didn’t come. Something was up. I was given a note, it was slid under the door. I grabbed it hesitantly. It read ‘go now’, on the other side there were two keys. I stood up without a thought and unlocked the door. I walked through the halls, not knowing where I was going. I heard speaking down one hall so I turned around. I walked another way, almost right past the door that held a room full of people. I stopped and took a deep breath. I placed myself in a empty bedroom.

I stepped inside and looked around. I took of my sweater and switched into a old mens shirt I found. It was a tan color but it was better, I’d blend in more. I put on a flannel, and changed into jeans. I also put on a hat to hide my face as much. I left the room and grabbed a metal bar to use as a weapon for anything. I found my way outside and came in contact with a savior. He dropped his sandwich and held his hands up in surrender.

“You can go right now. I won’t say anything. The coast is clear” He stuttered.

I didn’t say anything and hit him. I hit him with the metal, over and over. He fell to the ground, he laid dead, his brains everywhere and blood pooled around him.

“Lauren?” I heard a voice, I looked up and saw Jesus.

I wondered how he had gotten here but I didn’t care.

“Lauren” He said again.

I grabbed the colt python from the man and slid it in the waist of my pants. 

“Let’s go” I say “I got keys”

I thanked myself for letting Daryl teach me how to ride his bike. I got on and he did too, behind me.


Jesus told me to go to the Hilltop, so I did. As we arrived the gates were opened for us. Jesus let me shower and gave me some better fitting clothes, clean ones. 

I stepped in the shower and wondered if the others were coming. I hadn’t showered in almost two weeks. It felt good to have water run over my body and get the thick layer of dirt off. The smell of sweat and bodily fluids rinsed off me. I washed my oily hair and stepped out the shower. I quickly changed into Jesus’ clothes, they fit better. I kept Ricks’ python in the waistband of the jeans I was given. I also had a pair of boots on. I towel dried my hair and walked into the hallway and outside. 

The sun felt good and I hung up my towel on the clothesline. I met Jesus outside and we had a small conversation. Something to fill up time. I also caught up with Maggie and Sasha, who had been at the Hilltop. Maggie and the baby were fine, healthy. Both of the girls were dealing with loss pretty well.

I was talking with Jesus when the gates were opened, I heard them. We were out by Abraham and Glenn’s graves, we couldn’t see the gate so we had no clue who it was. Jesus went out before I did in case it was the Saviors. When he waved for me to follow him with a large smile on his face, I assumed Rick was back. I walked out and saw all of them, the whole group. I ran to Rick and gave him a hug, his hand held my head close. He looked away to look at me fully.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Is Daryl?” I ask.

“He blames himself, you should know that, Lauren”

I pulled out the gun from my pants and handed it to Rick.

“Found this” I said.

“Thank you, Lauren” He says with a hand around the side of my neck with a nod of his head.

I looked around to see Daryl was hanging back. I walked to him and engulfed him in a hug. He was hesitant to hug back, but he did. His muscular arms wrapped around me tightly. I missed these hugs. I felt him take a deep breath but then sniffle, he was crying.

“Daryl” I whispered.

“I can’t believe I did this, it’s my fault. Did they hurt ya?” He asked.

“No, it’s not your fault. You didn’t think he’d take me, Negan is a bad man, Daryl, he did that out of the bad of his heart. He’s ruthless but understanding. I wasn’t forced to do anything. I’m here now, Daryl” 

“I love you, Lauren. I’m so so sorry. I really am”

“I love you too, Daryl. I’m okay. It’s okay. I got your bike back though” I said with a smile.

“Here ya are, comin back from bein away and tortured and you bring me a gift. I didn’t bring shit” 

“You didn’t know. I didn’t think I was ever getting out, but I did and let’s just be happy that I am, okay? No more sorry’s” I say holding his face, a thumb ran over his stubble.

His eyes were glossy and a little puffy.

“I love you, Daryl” I whisper and kissed him softly.

“I love you too, Lauren. From now on, I promise to keep you safe from that asshole” He kissed me again, harder.

I knew I was home, I was glad to be back.

Flower Crowns-(Daryl Dixon)

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As requested, a fluffy Daryl imagine :)

Characters: Daryl and (Y/N)

Warnings: fluff yay

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Choice: 697

Summary: a really cute date with Daryl

“You ready?” I shout over to Daryl from the porch, who’s currently strapping a picnic basket to his motorbike. He looks back at me and nods with a small smile.

Today is one of those rare days where I’m not on look-out duty and Daryl isn’t scheduled for a supply run, so what better way to spend the day than with a small picnic? And, not to mention, the weather is really nice as well. Just windy enough so I don’t sweat from the heat, but still warm enough to wear a shirt-sleeved top.

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I Get Around-(Daryl Dixon)

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Characters: Daryl and (Y/N)

Warnings: none

Pairing: slight hint at Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 500

Summary: you meet Daryl for the first time(around season 2)

The shade of the porch shields the upper half of my body, my legs propped up in the sun on the railings. The faint wind is just enough to keep me from sweating. 

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