maggie x ian

Reactions to new Wynonna Earp 2x07 still photos

Sir Ian McKellen: I see Waverly’s necklace on Nicole….

Dame Maggie Smith: I see Nicole’s Midriff…

Me: Isn’t it like -30 degrees there?

Nicole Haught clearly doesn’t need no stinkin’ three blankets PLUS a bonus blanket! 



Ian McKellen and Maggie Smith at the 2002 Academy Awards

“She repels praise and attention with the odd cutting remark,” McKellen said of Smith.
To prove his point, McKellen recalled the time he attended the Oscars with his Lord of the Rings crew. “I was wearing what I’m wearing now: this green pounamu stone from New Zealand, which brings good luck. That’s why I wear it. Maggie asked: ‘What’s that around your neck?’ I told her it was a pounamu stone. She said: ‘Very good luck with your pounamu.’ At the end, everyone apart from me had won an Oscar. I bumped into Maggie, and she said: ‘Didn’t work, did it?’” (x)