maggie whatever her last name is

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name:   maggie  conner
nickname:   mags,   magpie
zodiac  sign:   libra
gender:   female
favourite  colour:   blue
average  hours  of  sleep:   2 - 5
last  thing  you  googled:   probably  something  related  to  whatever  her  special  interest
height:  5′3″


name:   andromeda
nickname:    meda
zodiac  sign:   libra
gender:   female
favourite  colour:   yellow
average  hours  of  sleep:   like  anywhere  between  15  minutes  and  15  hours
last  thing  you  googled:   i  think  i  googled  youtube  lmao
height:  5′3″   (  and  a  half  ok  )

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Lost dog

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Word Count: 1,696

A/N: In honor of Dylan birthday I wrote this, it sucks to the max tho. It’s full of fluff and he’s just super sweet and adorable. Hope you guys like it:)

The lid to the dumpster made a loud bang as you closed it after throwing the trash out.

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