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okay J, now that the writers queerbaited the fuck outta us, it's time for you to work your magic and give us a longer version of the "belated valentine's day prom". PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE

A continuation of this –

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a trauma.

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a need.

It’s a need because she was fourteen and high school was amazing because Eliza held her hand and Eliza snuck her dad’s cigarettes down from the house and they crawled into the bathroom of the basement and giggled, their lips so close – Eliza’s lips looking so soft – as they blew the smoke out of the small vent so Eliza’s parents wouldn’t catch them.

But it wasn’t the smoke that Eliza’s parents caught.

It was the card.

The card, the card, the card.

The fucking valentine’s day card.

The betrayal that ended everything.

Because her father called her downstairs with the phone still in his hand and her father smacked her across the face with the back of that hand and her father gave her ten minutes to pack her things and to get out of his house and to never come back because she is filthy and she is ungrateful and she is selfish and she is wrong, and her mother cried but her mother didn’t stop him, and her face stung and her heart stung worse and her hands trembled but her face stayed dry because she would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break for being who she is.

She calls it a pet peeve. Needing to be heard.

Because Eliza didn’t hear her. Her father didn’t hear her. None of her exes had ever heard her.

She calls it a pet peeve because no one has ever loved her enough to let her call it trauma.

Until Alex Danvers, that is.

Because she leaves Alex a card: she leaves Alex a card, and Alex will not give it to her parents. She gives Alex a card, and Alex will do nothing but love her back.

Or she hopes.

She’s probably stupid for hoping. But she hopes anyway.

James and J’onn help her with the set-up, and Winn whips together the dress at the last minute before running off on his own valentine’s excursion. James kisses her cheek before he leaves, as 8 o’clock approaches, and J’onn puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Alex cares for you, Maggie. Just as you are. Let her hold you up when you need it. You deserve that. You do. I promise.”

She gulps and she nods and J’onn squeezes her shoulder.

“He’s right, Maggie,” James tells her before giving the room one last glance. “It looks beautiful. And so do you.”

Maggie grimaces a smile at them, and they understand that she’s too nervous to speak, that she’s too terrified to move. They smile at her before they leave, and she hangs onto the hope that these people, these beautiful people, will still love her after tonight.

She doesn’t know how long she waits for Alex, because she can’t think. She can’t do anything but try to swallow her panic, surrounded by red helium balloons and candlelight and all the things that reminded her of the bruise her father left on her face and the welts he left on her heart.

She can’t do anything but try to focus on Alex, Alex, Alex. On hoping that Alex will be different.

This is a relationship, Alex had insisted. And it’s that statement, Alex fighting for her, for them, that is keeping Maggie holding on.

“Wow, you’re breathtaking,” she says when Alex walks in, because god, god, god, she is.

“Maggie, what is all this?”

Alex’s voice trembles slightly as she asks, and somehow, that warms the protective steel around Maggie’s heart. She smiles slightly, her voice softer now.

“It’s your belated Valentine’s Day prom.” She reaches for the corsage and sends James a silent thank you for running to the florist and picking up exactly what Maggie had described.

“May I?” she asks, and her body tingles with relief as her fingertips touch Alex’s wrist.

Alex exhales hard, exhales shakily, and steps around Maggie, and the back of the dress – god, thank you, Winn Schott – takes Maggie’s breath away. Again.

“I’m sorry. So sorry. I was too busy nursing my own wounds, and I forgot to look at the gorgeous woman in front of me and consider her feelings. You deserved all of this, as a girl. The pomp and the fuss. And you deserve an amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you.”

She tilts her head and she stares up at Alex, because Alex is perfection, and Alex’s hands are warm in hers, and Alex makes the color red on Valentine’s Day a little less terrible, a little less traumatic.

But Alex is shaking her head and Alex is reaching her fingers up to run them through Maggie’s hair, to stroke her cheeks, to fuss with her blazer’s collar.

Maggie’s heart sinks and she starts panicking, she starts hyperventilating, but then Alex is talking, and Maggie wants to cry for an entirely different reason.

“Maggie, I… you deserve this. The pomp and the fuss. An amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. And that… that means… Maggie, that means you don’t have to make it all about me, all the time. I love that you… I love that you thought about me, I love that you did all this, but Maggie, you…”

She stops and she stares down at Maggie’s wet eyes for a long moment, and there’s nothing but unguarded love in her eyes, and no one has ever existed but the two of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maggie, I… I heard you. I heard everything you said. And because I heard you, I… I don’t want you to just shove all that back down to make everything about me. Again. You did it while I was coming out, and I get it, and you’re so sweet, Maggie, but I don’t… I don’t want you putting yourself second for me, not anymore. I don’t want you burying your pain, your… trauma, Maggie, you were a child, that was traumatic, I… I want you, Maggie.”

She brings her fingers to a lips and kisses them, one by one, slowly, deliberately, all while keeping her eyes locked in Maggie’s, before she continues.

“All of you. And this is beautiful, this is amazing, but Maggie, I want you to feel able to just… to vent, and to scream, and to lose your cool, to cry. With me. Because I want you, Maggie, I care about you, not… not just what you can do for me. You letting me in, you letting me care for you, letting me comfort you? That’s the greatest gift you could ever give me, Maggie. You… you letting me love you.”

Alex stumbles to a halt and Maggie’s breath hitches as they both realize what Alex said, as they both lose themselves in each other’s eyes, in each other’s hands, in each other’s hearts.

“Danvers, you – Alex, I – “

Alex shakes her head with closed eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I just… I want you to know that you’re cared for. That you’re safe. That you’re allowed to put yourself first, that I want you to put yourself first. That you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That you’re perfect. That I l…”

She stares down at Maggie’s wide eyes and she licks her lips and she is Alex Danvers, dammit, so she dives.

“That I love you. Maggie Sawyer. All of you. And I just want you to let me love you, let me care for you, let me be here for you. Let me love you.”

Maggie takes one breath, and then another, and then one word escapes her lips.

The only word that matters in the entire multiverse.


And her hands are on the small of Alex’s bare back and Alex’s hands are tangling in her hair, cupping her face, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, and Alex’s lips are soft and Alex’s lips are healing and Alex’s lips are heaven, and she’s never cried while she kissed anyone, she’s never cried in front of anyone without running out the door before the first tear could fall, but she’s crying now, and Alex is catching her tears with her thumbs and kissing them away with her lips, but Maggie doesn’t want Alex’s lips on her cheeks, her eyes – she does, she does, but later, later, because there will be a later, because Alex went to the dance with her, Alex didn’t give her note to her parents, Alex came to the dance with her and Alex is kissing her and Alex is holding her and Alex, Alex, Alex  – Maggie just wants, right now, Alex’s lips on her own, and she shifts, and Alex knows, because Alex knows her, and Maggie’s lips are parting and Alex is slipping her tongue in her mouth gently, gently, lovingly, and Maggie sighs into their kiss and Alex echoes it and their breathe, their heartbeats, their bodies, are indistinguishable as their bodies sway to music and to swaying lights and to the rhythm of their perfect kiss.

“I love you back, Alex Danvers,” Maggie’s whispering into her lips, and the tears dripping salt onto her lips are suddenly not only her own, and she pulls back, because Alex Danvers crying is heartbreaking, and Alex Danvers crying is beautiful.

Their chests are both heaving slightly and their lips are swollen and their bodies are flush against each other and their bodies are intertwined and their eyes refuse to leave each others.

“May I have this dance?” Alex asks her breathlessly, and Maggie smiles helplessly, because she knows her life will never be the same.

Because she knows that Alex means it when she says she loves her, and god, god, god does it feel good to be loved – and to love – like this.


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You’ll Be Safe, But You’ll Be Away From Me. (Carl Grimes)

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Carl saw the way Negan looked at her. The way he laughed when he realized she was special to him and the way his eyes twinkled when he held yet another weapon against them. Negan would use her against him sooner or later, Carl knew he would because why wouldn’t he if what he wanted was to break them? This scared Carl and he frantically thought of how to keep her safe, how to throw him off her scent.

He’d have to send her away. Negan knows where Alexandria is. If he saw Y/N there again he’d surely harm her somehow. Carl wouldn’t have that, he wouldn’t allow it.

She’ll be safer away from me. Carl thought to himself as the Saviors finally drove off with Daryl and their peace of mind. All I’ve done is put her in danger. She deserves more than what I can offer. She deserves to live. Even with all the reassurance he was giving himself, Carl knew Y/N wouldn’t go quietly. She’d argue with him and manage to convince him that she was in fact safe with him. She’d win the argument and probably die because he let her stay with him.

Y/N approached Carl as the Saviors disappeared. Her face was tear-stained and she looked older than she actually was due to all the stress that living at his side has brought. “You’re okay.” she murmured, cupping his face in her hand and caressing his cheek.

Carl hadn’t realized he had cried until he felt her wipe away the wetness on his cheek. He sniffed as he pulled her into a tight hug. “I was scared it’d be you. I was scared you’d die.”

“Shh,” Y/N hushed him, caressing the nape of his neck. “Don’t think about that. We’re both okay. All right? We’re here.”

“For how much time?” Carl asked before he could stop himself. Y/N pulled back and looked the young boy in the eye.

“What’re you talking about?” she asked.

Carl shook his head and let his arms fall back to his sides. “You’re not safe with me, Y/N. We keep putting you in danger and if you were to die I’d never forgive myself.”

Y/N’s voice was smaller now, hesitant as she asked quietly: “What are you trying to say?” Carl felt his chest tighten. He would gladly keep her with him day and night, he’d have her stay if he could. But he couldn’t risk losing her.

“I think you should go with Sasha and Maggie.” Carl murmured, hurting as he did so.

The two of them stood in silence for a long minute. They had been together since the prison. They were best friends before they were more. They were each other’s rock and they kept each other sane. How were they supposed to go on without the other’s presence? Rick walked over slowly, sensing something was wrong when neither of them spoke. “We’re heading back.”

“Y/N’s going to Hilltop.” Carl informed his father. Rick looked from his son to Y/N in confusion. “She’ll be safer there than with us.”

“Carl -” Rick began, but Y/N cut him off.

“He’s right.” Carl stared at her, listening to the pain and hatred in her voice. “I’m better off away from you.” she muttered bitterly, trying to hurt him. “Maggie could use the extra help anyway.” she reassured Rick before turning and joining the two broken women. Carl watched her and felt his heart being crush. He looked at Rick who still wore a confused expression.

“I’d rather she hate me and be safe than love me and be dead.” Carl said more to himself than to his father. Rick nodded slowly and patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“She doesn’t hate you. Not really.” Rick reassured him. “Seeing Maggie lose Glenn,” Rick sighed. “I doubt she would want to be in that position and you asking her to leave. It’s a lot.”

Carl looked at Rick. “I don’t regret it. I meant what I said. She’s not safe with me. I love her and I’m not going to let anyone take her away from this world. She lives, even if I don’t. Even if it means being away from me forever. She’s going to make it.”

Y/N will live with or without me, but she’ll live.

Requested: Carl sends Reader to Hilltop with Sasha and Maggie after the lineup to keep her safe. I’m sorry about this one. I have no idea how it looks from another perspective or if it even makes sense. Regardless, I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

Study Time

Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: You and Sam are studying for an upcoming test.

warnings: Stanford!Sam, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids!), quickie in a semi-public place

word count: ~2350

You were sitting in a group study room in the Stanford library, slaving away studying for your next exam with your regular study group: Maggie, James, Sam, and you.

You had all met freshmen year in your intro to law class, and since then had been in at least one class each semester together.  Even if you weren’t always studying for the same subject, you’d meet up in the library every Wednesday and Sunday, keeping each other accountable.

Now, being in your junior year, the four of you were studying together more than ever, sometimes upping your two sessions a week to three or four.  You were all in one of your hardest pre-law classes together, and your midterm was sure to kick your butts.

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Night on the town, part 4

Pairing: McCoy x Reader

Word Count:1993

Warning: Fluff and innuendo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You stared blankly at the Admiral, preparing your body for what he was about to tell you.  Your knuckles white as you gripped onto the arms of the chair.  “Are you alright doctor?  You look pale.”  Straightening up in the chair, you tried to look more natural, compared to the hollow mess you were on the inside now.

“I’m fine, sir.  You were saying… The Enterprise?”  Somehow, it had come out even sounding in your ears. He nodded slowly but looked at you with concern.

“Yes, the Enterprise. You may not be aware but the Enterprise has been missing for just over a month.  Contact was lost and we feared the worst.”  The thudding in your chest quickened as you clasped your hands together tightly.  “We received word from them last night.  The ship has been badly damaged and some of the crew injured with two casualties. They are requesting aid and new personnel.  One of which is a new doctor, you specifically.  Doctor McCoy was adamant about that.  If you agree to the transfer you would be leaving on the Cerberus in the next few days to be one of the new permanent crewmen of the USS Enterprise.”  You stopped listening after you heard the part about Leonard.  He was alive. The thoughts running through your mind and weakened body were getting to be too much.  You stood quickly from the chair.

“Excuse me one moment Admiral.  I think I need some air.”  You almost made it to the door before your knees gave way and you blacked out.  Some time later, you awoke staring at a familiar ceiling.  The sounds of monitors beeping quietly, around you.  As you tried to sit up, a hand stopped you pressing against your chest, forcing you back down onto the bed.

“Oh no, young lady. You stay put until I clear you to even go to the bathroom.  [Y/N], how could you let yourself get so run down?  You are dehydrated and bordering on being malnourished.  I missed the signs but damned if I let you continue like this.  Crazy girl do you know this could keep you grounded from the new assignment?”  Doctor Baush looked down at you with his hand braced on the bed.  The threat of not seeing Leonard caused your heart to beat erratically.  The biobed let you both know it.  “Calm down, calm down.  Take a breath for me before I have to sedate you.”  Doing as instructed you took a slow deep breath in through your nose and exhaled slowly out of your mouth.  The alarm fading as your heart rate decreased.

“Please, sir.  I need to see him.  Moreover, it is the Enterprise.  It is an important assignment.  Maybe once in a lifetime to be aboard the fleet’s flagship.”  The pleading in your eyes did him in.

“Promise me something, my dear?”  You sat up quickly steadying yourself now that you were upright.

“Anything.”  Doctor Baush gave a short laugh.  He picked up your hand in his.

“Promise me, you will take care of yourself out there.  Come back to visit me sometime and tell me about the wilds of space.  And tell that man… tell that man he had better take care of you too.  You need someone looking after you.  Might as well be another doctor.”  A laugh escaped your lips as you jumped forward hugging him tightly.

“I promise I will do all of that.  You have done so much for me over the years.  I know I wouldn’t be here without you.  Thank you.”  He returned the hug then sent you on your way with strict instructions to eat a large dinner with an equally large glass of water.  By the time you arrived home you had already send your confirmation to Command that you would take the post on the Enterprise.  Next, you messaged Maggie telling her about your new assignment. She, of course, was so excited for you that she wanted to help you start packing that night.  Along with an order of food from one of your favorite places, she came over to oversee the task.

The official orders came in later that evening.  In thirty-six hours, you would be departing with the crew of the Cerberus on an aid mission bound for the Enterprise.  Even though you knew it was late, you sent a message to your grandfather.  More than likely, he would message you back in the early morning. You were not sure how he was going to take the news.  It was one thing that you were in York Town.  Farther than he had ever been away from you since your parents died.  However, the Enterprise on its long term mission to explore the galaxy.  Now that was a whole other story.

The morning came quickly, as did the message from Grandfather.  While he was not happy with the idea of you being so far out in the stars, he could not fault you for wanting to go.  He wished you safe travels and demanded that you had better contact him often.  Or else he would use his connections as a retired Admiral to come find you.  You knew it was not a threat.  He would do it, and that thought made you smile.  The love he had for you was strong and binding. Nothing would ever change that. The rest of your day consisted of packing the few things you had not the night previous and getting the apartment cleaned up so it would be ready for your departure.  By that evening, you had worn yourself out with cleaning and sheer excitement.  Being able to see Leonard, again had made the light feeling in your stomach last the entire day.  You were to report to the docking facility at 0500.  Departure was set for 0700.  

The trip was estimated to take forty-nine hours at half warp to make it to the Galos System.  The Enterprise had dragged itself somehow out of a nebula is had been pulled into that had all but drained its power.  They had spent the month trying to get word back to Star Fleet.  So the supplies that were going on the Cerberus were desperately needed.  As were her skills.  One of the casualties had been a doctor.  Leaving Leonard and Doctor M’Benga as the two sole doctors aboard. You, still, could not believe that you were going.  It had been a dream for a long time to explore the expanse of the galaxy.  Now it was coming true.  The fact that you would get to do with Leonard by your side was icing on the cake.  Sleep did not come easy that night but finally your exhausted body let you drift off dreaming of the days to come.

Time was dragging aboard the Cerberus.  You had been here just over twenty-four hours and it felt like a year.  There was only so many times you could walk around the small ship without going insane.  The mess hall had very little room, so few people actually stayed there to eat their food.  You had taken to bring your meals back to your temporary quarters and staring out the port window at the passing stars.  The only thing that was helpful while waiting was that you were able to catch up on needed sleep.  The last thing you wanted when you finally got to see Leonard was to be so tired you could not keep your eyes open.  That man would be lucky to peel himself away from you for any length of time in the first month.

On the second day of the trip the captain made you aware, they had been in contact with the Enterprise. As medical personnel, you would be transported over first to the damaged ship to report directly to the medbay. Your skills were needed immediately. Arrival time would be in three hours and it was necessary to pack your belongings soon and stand ready in the transport room at your assigned time.  There you now stood, waiting for confirmation that you were in transporter range of the Enterprise.  The ops officer standing ready, waiting on word from the bridge.  “Captain Evers to transporter room one, we are within range. You may begin transfer of personnel.” The ops officer nodded to you to take position on the pad.  With your bags over your shoulders you stood there as instructed, feeling the familiar tingling and seeing the golden beams of the transporter.  Mere seconds later you were staring at new faces, feeling your boots make contact with the hard surface of the pad.

One of those faces smiled up at you.  Well any of them could have been smiling at you, but the only one the matter was Leonard’s. Seeing him alive and in one piece caused the emotional damn to break.  You ran off the pad dropping your bags on the deck and jumped into his arms. The sobs shaking your whole body as you buried your face in his neck, holding on for dear life.  He wrapped you tightly in his arms, running a hand over your hair.  “It’s okay darlin, I’m here.  I’m safe. I have missed you so much.  Shhh, [Y/N].  It is all right, I promise I am not letting you go again.  I love you so much.”  His words causing you to pull back.  The ugly crying quieted a moment.  Leonard smiling that bright beautiful smile at you.

“You do?”  He laughed rubbing a thumb over your cheek.  

“I love you so much it hurts darlin.  I have since that first night.  I knew I was a goner when you came running around that corner all flustered and late. This month has been hell.  Jim threatened to throw me out the airlock more than a few times.”  You wiped your face hoping you did not look as bad as you feared.

“Leonard, I love you. I wanted to tell you so long ago but it felt wrong over the telecoms.  But now I am here.  I am going to tell you every day.  I swear it.” He kissed you then.  Just like, he had that first night in the park.  The warmth coursing through you all the way to your toes.

“Oh thank God you made it safely, [Y/L/N].  I was going to have Scotty launch Bones out of the torpedo bay if he didn’t stop talking about you.”  Jim stood there with a smirk on his face and his hands on his hips.  “As much as he needs a good night in a quiet dark place with you,” he waggled his eyebrows at you, “you both are needed in the medbay. Still a lot of injuries.”  You wiped your mouth still holding onto Leonard with one arm.

“Yes, sir.  We are on our way.”  Picking up your bags you looked over to Leonard.  “We can finish later.”  Leonard being the Southern gentleman he was took both bags from you, surprised for a moment at their weight.

“Damn woman, what do you have in here, rocks?!  Come on I will show you the way to the medbay.”  You laughed following behind.

“I couldn’t live without my rock collection.”  Leonard glanced over his shoulder at you before realizing you were joking.  Jim laughed from behind both of you.

“Oh Bones you have met you match. Good you need someone to keep you in line.  You sure as hell don’t listen to me.  Maybe you will listen her.”  Leonard just glared a moment a Jim before continuing towards the medbay.  He waited for you to catch up beside him.

“Hopefully tonight after we finish the mess of patients, I can show you how much I missed you, properly this time.”  His low voice sending thrills and shivers all over your body.  You grinned clasping your hands behind your back.

“Doctor McCoy, I do believe that is a request I would be glad to accept.”

Part 5

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anonymous asked:

If you had a moment, could we see Maggie/Alex reaching out to find their own support when the other is going through a rough patch, please? My girlfriend's struggling with depression a lot and I'm getting there with the whole support-her-but-still-look-after-myself thing, but it's a struggle because I'm really not good at asking for help. Thanks in advance, Mum! :)

Maggie’s used to taking care of people.

She’s used to it because it’s really all she ever does.

She overempathizes – she always has – but not deep, not hard, not desperate.

Because what she told Alex is true: there aren’t a lot of people that she cares about. Like, really cares about.

Abstractly, she cares about everybody. It’s why she is who she is.

But personally, passionately?

She cares about Alex.

A lot.

So when Alex sinks into a deep depression after Jeremiah, after almost losing Kara again, again, again, and when Alex tries – hard – not to drink, and fails once, and fails again, and Maggie picks up the pieces, she’s happy to do it.

Happy to do it, because god, she loves her, she loves her, she loves her.

Which is precisely why it’s so hard to watch Alex gasp for breath, tears streaking down her face, apologizing, apologizing, apologizing, her words slurring and the kisses she tries to give her sloppy – kisses that Maggie doesn’t accept because “not like this, baby, not when you’re drunk” – tasting like whiskey.

Which is precisely why it’s so hard to watch Alex sit on the couch, remote in hand, bottle of club soda open next to her, eyes vacant, not moving, not doing anything but staring at god knows what on the television, for hours, hours, hours on end.

She and Kara develop shifts.

To be with her. To take care of her.

Because alone time is important.

But right now, for Alex, alone time is a bit dangerous.

It was going to be Maggie’s night – they were going to watch movies and cuddle.

But she watched a child nearly die in the field today, and she can’t, she can’t, she can’t, be even partially responsible for someone else’s mood, for taking care of someone right now.

She calls her, though, because she needs to make sure.

Needs to make sure Alex feels loved. Feels cared for. Feels adored.

Because she is, she is, she is.

“Hey babe, how you doing?”

“Bored. I want an invasion or an explosion or something.”

Maggie grins and shakes her head faintly. “You’re in a league of your own, Danvers. Listen, I was thinking about tonight – would it be okay if I duck out of movies and Kara comes over instead? I had a rough case today, and I kind of just wanted to blow of some steam and lose my cool a little bit – “

“No, no, of course. Kara’s here right now, I – hey, wanna do a movie tonight?”

Maggie pulls the phone away from her ear at the sound of Kara’s excited squeal. There’s shuffling and static and then Kara’s voice takes over from Alex’s.

“Hey Maggie! I have just the musical in mind for me and Alex to watch! But um…”

Maggie hears footsteps, and Kara is clearly walking rapidly away from her sister.

“Are you okay?”

Maggie sighs. “Yeah, Little Danvers, I just… I need to take care of myself a bit, I need – “

“Yeah. Yeah, of course Maggie, whatever you need. Should I send Winn and James over to your place with boxing gloves and beer?”

She’s ready to say no.

No because she already feels horrible – like she’s abandoning Alex, pawning her off onto Kara, like she’s being a terrible girlfriend, like she’s being unsupportive and insensitive and a general, all around selfish asshole – by canceling their date, but she can barely breathe because her own depression is so strong, she can barely fight the gravity pulling at her chest because the weight of her own hurt is so heavy.

But Kara would die to protect Alex.

Hell, Kara has none of Alex’s ruthlessness, but she would kill to protect Alex.

And Kara isn’t angry. Kara isn’t calling Maggie selfish and accusing her of abandoning her sister.

Instead, Kara is offering to send in the cavalry to make sure that Maggie, too, is getting what she needs.

And the idea of Winn with boxing gloves really is hilarious.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay, ask them. Please.”

“Great! Okay, let me give you back to Alex – “

“Little Danvers – thank you.”

“Thank you, Maggie. I’m proud of you. Here’s your girl.”


“Hey beautiful. I’m sorry – I think Kara’s gonna make you watch another musical.”

“Pfft. That’s what she thinks.”



“You know I love you, right, babe? And you know I’m so proud of you for how strong you’re being, with everything that’s going on?”

There’s a long silence, and she thinks she hears Alex sniffle.

“I love you too, Mags. Have a good time unwinding with the boys tonight, okay? Maybe we can get breakfast in the morning?”

“I’d love that.”

And, in the morning, she does.

But she also winds up loving her night.

Because James and Winn don’t ask questions when they come over.

Winn has pizza and beer, and James has a gym bag, and he admires the heavy bag Maggie has set up in the corner of her studio while Winn bustles through her kitchen grabbing plates and tugging through drawers for her bottle openers.

They don’t talk about anything real until James and Maggie have finally taught Winn to throw a proper punch, Maggie showing him how to align his fist, James helping him rotate his hips properly.

Winn begs for a break – “I finally did it right! Gotta go off on a high, right?” and collapses onto her couch with a slice and a bottle in his hands. He watches Maggie wrap her wrists, James steady the bag, and Maggie dig into it with perfect form, with perfectly dispassionate passion.

Of course Alex is in love with her.

Winn cheers her on around mouthfuls of pizza and gulps of beer and she grins and punches harder.

But her punches become less about form and more about rage after a while, and James and Winn exchange glances. Winn changes tactics.

“So how’s she doing? Your woman?” he in between Maggie’s blows and James’s soft encouragement.

Maggie freezes and James gently reminds her to relax her shoulders, and her nearly clips the side of his face with the force of her next punch.

“Not great.”

Jab, jab. Uppercut.

“I mean, of course she’s great. She’s amazing. I just… It’s never hurt me this much.”

Jab. Uppercut. Jab jab. Kick. Hook. Hook. Kick.

“What’s never hurt you this much?” James asks, eyes on Maggie’s, hands bracing the bag.

She slams into it until she can’t anymore.

“I love her. I love her. I love her like I’ve never loved anyone, and watching her hurt? It… it makes me want to… to murder people, you know, but… but sometimes there aren’t any people to murder, sometimes it’s just… brain chemistry or something, you know, and I can’t do anything about it, at all, so it’s helpless, I’m helpless, and I just… I love her. You know? I just love her so much.”

She rests her forehead on the bag for a moment, panting, sweating, staring at nothing in particular. At anything but James or Winn’s face.

The boys glance at each other, James with a soft smile on his face, because god, Alex has long deserved someone who loves her like this.

Winn swallows a gulp of pizza – he’d stopped chewing while Maggie was talking – and stares at her for a long moment.

“You know what makes everything better, Maggie?”

She grunts and halfway turns her face in his direction.


“You know I can still toss you in lockup for fun,” she deadpans, but she tugs off her wraps and grabs a slice, collapsing on the couch next to him anyway. James follows suit and settles on the floor in front of them.

“You know Lois almost died. A lot. When Lucy and I were together. Hazard of being Superman’s girlfriend, I guess. And Lucy would really get… well, down. She’d collapse in on herself, kind of like Alex tends to do.”

“It’s not a coincidence they’re both soldiers,” Winn chugs his beer, and Maggie toasts him silently, thoughtfully, with her own bottle.

“And it was hard. Watching her going through it, and feeling like I couldn’t do anything about it. But what you’re doing right now, Maggie? Taking a night to take care of yourself, to make sure you have the boundaries you need? Letting yourself acknowledge when you have your own tough day, and do what you need to do for yourself? That’s just as important as taking care of Alex directly, Maggie.”

“The man speaks the truth, Sawyer,” Winn chimes softly, and Maggie exhales slowly, softly.

“I’m not abandoning her?”

She keeps her voice steady and she keeps her voice invulnerable, but the question itself almost tears her throat on the way out anyway.


“Absolutely not.”

“Anyway, Alex told me she’s going to make her watch Not Another Teen Movie.”

“Alex hates that movie,” Maggie’s brow furrows.

James grins. “Kara hates it more.”

“That’s… unexpected.”

“The Danvers girls are unpredictable,” Winn declares, and Maggie grins.

“And lovable. Super, super lovable.”

The boys both sigh with soft, resigned grins, and all three of them drink – deeply – at the same moment.

“Yep. Yep, they are.”

anonymous asked:

Future married Maggie and Alex deciding to adopt an Alien child that Maggie found on a case. I just want to see Maggie being amazing with the child and Alex being really impressed.

I finally had time to write today! Hope you enjoy!

read on ao3 or keep reading

Maggie picked up her phone, knowing exactly who she needed to call.


“Sawyer. What’s up?” Alex responded cheerily on the other end, instinctively playing with the wedding band on her finger when she heard her wife’s voice.

“Look, I need you to come down to the station. Some of the guys picked up an alien when they were out on patrol, and I need you to come take them to the DEO.”

“Maggie, I know I said I’d do anything for the NCPD, but we’re in the middle of something big over here. I can’t leave. I’ll send another agent over.”

“No! Alex, I need it to be you.” Maggie pleaded.

“Maggie, really, I can’t. Not right now.”

“She’s just a kid, Alex. I- I can’t send her with just anyone. She’s so small and so scared. I need to send her with someone I trust. And that’s you. That’s only you.”

Alex heard the love in Maggie’s voice, and knew that she wouldn’t be pushing this hard unless she felt strongly about this.

“Ok, Maggie, I’ll be there when I can. I don’t know when that’ll be though. Can you keep an eye on her until I get there?”

“Yeah, I’ll watch her. She’ll be safe with me. Thank you, Alex. I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


It was a few hours later when Alex was finally able to sneak away from the DEO to get over to the precinct. She found Maggie on the couch in the officer’s lounge, with a small child’s arms wrapped around her neck. The child was fast asleep.

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Code Blue (Calum Hood) - Part 2 *

Part 1

Warning: This imagine contains mention of self-harm/suicide, so if that triggers you in any way, please don’t read this.


Calum’s POV; The next morning

Calum couldn’t tell you why he was walking into the hospital – for all he knew, his soulmate lived on the other side of the world – but at least he would know.

He hadn’t gotten any sleep since the night his soulmate’s heart stopped and, to be honest, he wasn’t sure he was going to get any until he found her. He knew she was alive – he could feel it in his finger every time his ring beat in time with her heart – and he just hoped he wouldn’t have to search for very long.

Calum took deep, slow breaths as he approached the front desk, the nurse sitting there looking at him curiously. He was clearly nervous, and she could only assume he knew someone currently admitted there.

“Hi,” he smiled shyly, “This might be a weird question, but… Do you… Do you have anyone here whose heart stopped at 11:42 last night?”

The nurse gave him a confused expression at how oddly specific he was being, but when she looked down at his hands and saw him playing with his ring, she knew why he was asking. She nodded for him to follow her to the side of the desk her computer was on.

“The fourth floor had a code blue last night,” she said softly, essentially letting Calum know that she probably wasn’t supposed to be sharing that information with him. “They were able to bring her back, but she hasn’t woken up yet.”

“C-Can I… Am I allowed to see her?”

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Spoiler alert!

Okay. I’m just finished watching the leak episode of The White Princess, which is somehow surprised me in many ways (except the witchcraft subplot bullshit).

The witchcraft bullshit is back at it again, but Lizzie is doing just fine being queen who does something in her husband’s absence.

And Henry’s becoming more and more stubborn child who believes and trusts his wife more than his annoying mother means the beginning of her end? Margaret’s obviously being possessive mother, and it feels like she and her daughter-in-law are fighting each other to win over him. What a soap opera!

However, the episode to me is absolutely Margaret-centric more than anyone else.

Henry’s clearly trying to be himself and break free from her by wiping away her power and separating her from Jasper by sending him to make peace envoy with Stanley. And she’s shocked by that decision!!

Oh yeah, you know what? He did that because he thought she spent too much time flirting with his uncle! I mean he really did SAY IT.

(what??? they just held hands, was that considered a flirtation to ya? do you know they’ve had kissed? and she referred to you when she was with your uncle ‘our boy’?)

Moreover, Thomas acts just like he’s happy torturing his mentally cheating wife and her lover as well! Like, you of all people, why do you look like a jealous husband when you’re the one who made a decision to never bedded her for the first place??? Come on! I watched the White Queen!

Plus, I don’t know but I always feel like there’s more than possessive between Margaret and Henry, it has some scent of an incestuous relationship and some of mother knows best-weak stupid son complex.

So, it’s canon now that older!Margaret and older!Jasper flirt a lot?? I told ya.

dream supergirl episode

int. shot: early evening, sunset in the windows. kara’s apartment - kitchen
alex & kara sitting at table drinking smth

alex, smiling: “how is the love of your life?”

kara, confused: “what? mon el? we broke up”

alex: “you were so good together. mon el loves you. he is good. he is kind. he is trying.”


kara: “you’re right alex, i should give him another chance.”


int. scene. DEO headquarters.

kara is in her supersuit now. she looks uncomfortable but that could be the lighting. winn approaches.

winn, happy: “supergirl! come to pick up your hubby?”

nudge nudge wink wink scene silent banter from him. kara smiles.

kara: “not right now. i came to see you, actually.”

winn: “uh?? im honoured ! what can little ol me do for you”

kara: “show me what you’re working on? i just want to get my mind of this whole mon el situation for a while”

winn: “you should give him a chance. he’s good. he’s trying. he really likes you.”

kara: “o kay thank you winn”


ext. night: warehouse

james in full guardian suit steps into the warehouse. in the centre is a raised platform with some weird glowing alien shit


int. scene: night. lenas office

lena is working late. supergirl flies to her balcony & knocks on the door

lena, clearly pleased to see her: “supergirl! what a nice surprise. im not being threatened again, am i?”

sg, laughing: “no. i actually came to ask for your help”

lena: “of course, anything”

shot of kara talking to her from what appears to be a nearby building. nothing can be heard. the shot moves quickly with a buzzing sound like a drone. it moves closer to sg & lena.

sg: “thank you so much for this lena”

lena, smiling: “what are friends for?”

the buzzing sounds resumes as the shot moves out again. supergirl seems like she might hear it & turns to look. she doesn’t seem to see where it is coming from.


int. shot day. catco offices

kara is in james office. he is talking to everyone about job stuff bc he is the boss of catco. he is very good at it.

james: “Kara, stay behind?”

kara closes the doors & comes to the balcony to join him. james shows her photos of the strange alien shit he found.

james: “weird right? should i take it to alex:”

kara: “NO! no, um, take it to maggie. or i will. a tip from a confidential source.”

james agrees to send her the photos & gives her the sample he took.

kara looks at her phone & photos with a dark look. she pauses outside James’s office & looks back, clearly torn. she walks back in.

kara: “thank you for showing me this”

james: “of course. i thought maybe you would know what it was. those symbols look almost kryptonian.”

kara: “i can’t tell you what it is just yet, im sorry”

james, standing, comes around his desk to sit on it so he’s the same height as Kara: “hey that’s alright, you’ll tell me when you can. i trust you, kara.”

kara, still hesitating: “maybe i should tell mon el? he might know about this.”

james: “of course. mon el should know. you should tell mon el about these things. mon el IS a hero.”

kara, surprised when her phone starts to ring: “i have to-”

james: “yeah of course, i have to get back to work too. boss never sleeps”

shot follows Kara into empty office. she answers her phone

kara: “maggie? hey i have some samples i need tested on the um down low?”

maggie: “that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. sure, bring them in. and hey have you heard from alex at all?”

kara: “Not since last night. why?”

maggie: “no, no reason. she just hasn’t texted me. i’m probably just being clingy…”

kara: “i’ll check on her on my way.”


ext. shot desert old DEO headquarters

j'onn in hank form meets supergirl on the hill

j'onn: “supergirl. i think we have a problem”

kara: “i agree. im so glad you said it”

j'onn: “i have the core group here. alex. vasquez. some of the senior agents.”

Kara: “are they alright?”

j'onn: “im not sure yet. i do know they’re better here than in the city. do you know what’s causing this? they…aren’t themselves”

kara nods, a grim look on her face: “i think i know. I’ve seen it before. once, a long time ago.”


shot: obviously krypton

alura looks pale & sick. she is sitting in the living section of her home. little kara sits with her.

Kara: “are you alright? can i get you something to drink?”

alura: “i just need to rest, my kara.”

kara looks upset. her mother smiles.

alura: “a drink would be lovely”

kara fetches her a tray with a jar & glass. she sits very still & nervous & watches her mother carefully.

Kara: “you’d tell me if something was wrong. wouldnt you, mother?”

alura, smiling. her voice is too soothing to be true. “of course, Kara. rub on to bed now”

Kara exits.

alura sits very still, stares out the window.


Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming ~ Part 1

Rating: Mature

Relationships: Dean Winchester/Original Female Character (sister Winchester)

Additional Tags for this part: Teenage Drama, Wincest - Freeform, Teen Dean Winchester, Fluff and Angst, Pining, First Kiss, First Love,Young Winchesters, Female Winchesters

Author’s Note: I took the original version of this story down so I could post the reworked version. Hope you all enjoy this new version. Thank you to my beta and cohort on this story’s progression, @helvonasche. She’s one helluva plotter and beta. Also, thank you to the gals on skype who listen to me grumble through plots, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @when-the-day–met-the-night @trisscar368 @formidablepassion.

Reader tags are below. If at any time you wish to be removed or added to this story’s tag list, don’t hesitate to send a friendly request via IM or ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Summary: The Winchester twins, Dean and Maggie, have enough on their plates with keeping track of Sam and learning to be hunters, but then they had to go and fall in love.

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Maggie Sawyer, Grumpy Love Guru

There was a lot that Maggie Sawyer could deal with.

Kara being Supergirl? Maggie could deal with that.

Supergirl and her girlfriend working for the same super-secret organization hunting and helping alien life on Earth? Maggie could deal with that.

Sharing a movie night with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s puppy of a sister who eats like a high school football team? Maggie could deal with that.

But sharing her girlfriend’s excellent cuddles in her girlfriend’s ridiculously large bed? Maggie definitely could not deal with that.

It had all started out with Mon-El and Kara getting into yet another argument over something that the asshole had done completely against Kara’s wishes. The details of it, Maggie didn’t know, but when she had received a text from Alex informing her that Kara would be joining them on their movie night tonight, Maggie bought four times the ingredients for dinner than she was planning and a shit ton of tissues for Kara’s waterfall of emotions.

It had ended with Kara practically licking the lasagna dish and all 200 tissues in the box scattered across the coffee table as the credits of Homeward Bound rolled across the screen.

And that’s how Maggie found herself lying in Alex’s king sized bed with a scowl on her face as Alex became the human pillow for her younger sister on the far side of the bed leaving Maggie cold and touch-starved.

“I just don’t know what to do, Alex.” Kara sobbed. “I mean, I thought having someone who understand how I feel would be great, but he isn’t anything like me. He isn’t compassionate. He isn’t understanding. He says he loves me and then blatantly disrespects me!”

“I know. I know.” Alex coos, rubbing her little sister’s back as she sobs into the crook of her neck. “I think that it’s time and you and Mon-El went your separate ways.”

This initiated another round of tears from Kara and Maggie fought the urge to roll her eyes.

Don’t get her wrong, she cared about Kara. A hell of a lot. Growing up and only child and having been kicked out of her parent’s house as a teenager only made her that much more grateful for the family that being with Alex had given her. She now had two slightly irritating little brothers (James was a little less irritating than Winn, but she loved them both equally), a spectacular Space dad that really cares for her, and an incredible little sister that she was grateful for. Not to mention the most amazing, caring, understand, perfect girlfriend that she was head-over-heels in love with.

So she could understand that Kara needed Alex right now and she wasn’t going to get in between that, but she had grown used to the way Alex held her at night and the sleepy kisses she got until the agent fell asleep. Not to mention her and Alex were usually naked in the large bed and the flannel pajama pants she was wearing were incredibly itchy.

And so Maggie was just grumpy.

“I just don’t want to hurt him. He loves me, Alex.” Kara sniffled.

“And how do you feel?”


Maggie cracked a grin at the hesitation. She knew that Kara had a pretty big hard-on for Lena Luthor, but who was she to push someone out of the closet…again? (To be fair, she really just wanted Alex to come clean because she wanted, well, Alex.)

A sigh came from Alex before another round of tears from the super.

Now it was Maggie’s turn to speak because she’d be damned if Kara got to hog Alex all night. That was just selfish.

“Listen, Little Danvers, because I have something to say and you might not like it.” Maggie huffed.

“Maggie…” Alex warned.

“No, Alex, it needs to be said.” Maggie lifted up on her elbow to look into Kara’s eyes, illuminated by the moonlight. “Kara, Mon-El is an asshole, okay?”


“No.” Maggie put a hand up to stop her. “It’s the truth. Mon-El doesn’t respect you and he thinks he loves you because you’re the first person to truly believe in him. Sometimes when people show us attention, we get really excited and our emotions get the best of us, and I think that he’s been growing through. He’s infatuated with you.”

“Maggie, I don’t see wh-”

“Danvers, hush. I’m being frank with Little Danvers here because someone has to be. I’m sick of you all tip-toeing around the subject like Kara’s a child. She’s a grown ass adult and I’m gonna be honest with her.” Maggie stated in annoyance. “Like I was saying, he’s an asshole and he doesn’t actually care about you. People who only do things for you when they are also convenient for them aren’t really looking out for you.”

“But he’s trying.”

“No he’s not, Kara! He’s only trying to make you think that he deserves you, which he doesn’t!”

“So what do I do?”

Maggie didn’t resist the eye roll this time. “You take your own advice! You’re stronger than anything on this planet, Kara, including all the fuckboys that are going to make their way into your life. You’re Supergirl, for crying out loud. You don’t need that frat boy.”

“But I want to be loved and be in love…like you two!” Kara whined.

“And in order for this to happen, your sister had to go through a shit ton of heartbreak until she realized what was really good for her.”

To that Kara had no objection. She saw the pain that Alex had to go through in order to be happy with Maggie.

“I just…I don’t know.”

Alex rubbed her back again for good measure. “What I think Maggie is trying to say is that forcing yourself to feel for Mon-el isn’t going to make you happy. It’s only going to make you miserable.”

“Yes, and you owe it to yourself to finally do what you want. Not anyone else.”

Kara nodded slowly as Maggie’s word sank in.

“Good. Now break up with the frat boy, be the reporter you wanna be, tell Lena how you feel-”

“-wait, wha-,”

“-take control of your life, and please, for the love of god, share!” Maggie grumbled, scooting over in the bed to bury her face in Alex’s neck.


“Now is not the time for a life crisis, Kara. Sleep.” Maggie husked.

Kara nodded again and took a deep breath, snuggling deeper into her sister. “Thanks, Maggie.”

“Anytime, Little D.”

Alex chuckled, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads. “My girls.”

And they all drifted off to sleep together.

And Maggie had no idea how Alex managed to be wrapped around only her mere minutes after Kara had fallen asleep.


She had no clue.

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Hope you liked it! Please send me prompts!!

anonymous asked:

There's an art journal (not spiral bound) on its way to you courtesy of Amazon Prime. Plus a few extra things that I thought you might enjoy.... :) You can do this!




im crying and i know i’ve posted about crying like 298342948 times recently but seriously……what

i hope you included your information when doing this because i need to thank you non-anonymously (also this thank you applies to the people that have offered to send me a journal, i truly appreciate it) (i do have one non-spiral bound one i have been using!)

 it’s just that i was working on @maggietries give-a-way one that was was 99% done is now locked away, maggie i am trying to figure something out!!!

and had three more that i brought that were very special to me so i think that’s why my reaction was so strong 

my mind is not comprehending this

i honestly just am amazed by you guys, the amount of kindness i have been shown, every time i open my inbox i am anxious it’s going to be hate bc of being in treatment again but it’s been people being so, so nice and it’s just….yeah i’m crying lol

The Plunge

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Alex/Maggie

Rating: Strong T

Author’s Notes: It starts angsty as hell but ends in major fluff.

This is a prompt fill for @chakayoh who requested prompt #37, “Don’t you ever scare me like that again.” No cliffhangers this time. ;)

Thanks to @zennie-fic for the edits and suggestions! 


Everything went to hell.

Alex caught a bullet in her right shoulder, spinning and dropping hard.

Heart in her throat, Maggie tackled the alien shooter, his gun bouncing over the damp planking before he could finish Alex off. They staggered back a few steps, and Maggie used her momentum and lower center of gravity to her advantage. Her foot caught the edge of the pier and she pushed, sending them toppling off and plunging below.

The water closed over them, dark and cold. With a sudden, sick certainty, Maggie knew she wasn’t coming back up alive, but she’d be damned if she let the bastard hurt Alex again.

They grappled as his greater weight sank them quickly, pressure building unbearably in Maggie’s lungs. She couldn’t even see the sonofabitch, only feel his hands on her, the slash of the alien’s claws through her vest. Maggie struck out blindly, hearing a muffled crunch, and he suddenly released her.

Scrambling away, Maggie thought of Alex, praying she was all right, praying that the other woman knew how much Maggie loved her. She ached for the life they could have had, still trying desperately not to let it go.

It was too dark. Maggie didn’t know which way was up but she kicked hard, choosing a direction, trying to shed her Kevlar vest as she chased the possibility of air, of life, of Alex.

She didn’t make it.

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anonymous asked:

sanvers hc that maggie never got read bedtime stories because of her parents, so when maggie has trouble sleeping/sick/sad, alex will cuddle up next to her and tell her a bed time story. at first she will say "really danvers?" and turn her back but by the end of the story maggie's so into in her story that alex has to tell a few more to get her to fall asleep.

swdhhfsgjhf WTF THIS IS SO CUTE (a lil sad bc of maggie parents being assholes but) if i have time ill write a oneshot dfbsdkjh thank you anon ily

send me cute sanvers headcanons

A Little Lesson in Time: Part One

Authors’ Note: Happy Sunday, spectacular readers!!! The births of Hazel and Holly Barba are right around the corner, but before that @vintagemichelle91 and I have a two-parter centered around a promise that Rafael makes to his muñequita. And the complications that ensue. This is our way of thanking @yourtropegirl for her most amazing mood boards!!! Enjoy!!!

          “Atticus? Can I have a word?”

           “Only one?” Rafael quipped, exiting the bathroom to find Natalia starting to step out of bed.

           “No, no, no,” he said, his hands on her shoulders as he eased his wife back to the pillows and brought the blankets over her lap.

           “But I need to get up,” Natalia protested.

           “Not just yet,” he said as his kisses dotted her brow, his lips nearing hers when Natalia cupped his chin and leaned back.

           “Are you dressing like that to play nursemaid?” she teased, tweaking his suspenders. Almost instantly, Rafael took hold of her wrist and placed a kiss on her palm.

           “I would honor you with a far sexier costume if that was the plan,” he said, lifting one eyebrow and watching his wife blush as the memory of their last Valentine’s Day filled the room. Along with the most recent holiday where Natalia sadly picked through what little lingerie she could still wear until her husband honored her with an impromptu fashion show.

           “I don’t think my mother would appreciate seeing you all dolled up,” Natalia said. “Even though she’s always saying that you have the loveliest eyes.”

           “And what do you say, hermosa?” he asked, reclining at her side and running his long fingers through her hair.

           “I’d like to live in your gaze.”

           Tempted to call it a day and hide with her under the covers, Rafael groaned as Natalia stroked his cheek.

           “My mother will be here soon. So we can pick yet another date for the wedding,” Natalia said.

           “Why don’t they just wait until Spring at this point?” Rafael asked.

           “She wants a winter wedding, and the twins will be here by the end of March,” she insisted.

           “And you’ll all be up for a party?” he challenged.

           “With your daughters? Absolutely. Which brings me to…” Natalia’s voice trailed off as her hand drifted down his tie, and Rafael nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck before she turned his face to hers.

           “You are going to pick Violetta up from Maggie’s and take her to lunch, right?”

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Snapped. Pt Five, Delirium

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+

Word count: 1500 ( I know so short for me )

Notes: Well well, there’s finally a new part out. I am soooo sorry that you guys had to wait so long, but if you’ve been following me for a bit you know I’ve been going through some stuff the last few months. So thank you so much for being patient. And thank you so much to Lauren @thelittlestkitsune for also being so patient with me. I know she’s been wanting to write another part for a while. Love you boo. And I know its short, but at least its something, xx

Parts: Captivated Flustered Infinitesimal Disquietude


  • a state of violent excitement or emotion.

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hilariously-tragic  asked:

hey hi i really like your drawings and poems, they're really interesting. what books do you like?

thanks! This is off the top of my head but im on a weird science kick so ill say Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and im in the middle of Dune by Frank Herbert. if you like nonfiction i like Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky it’s very relevant. if you like comix go Maggie the Mechanic by Jaime Hernandez or any of the Love and Rockets books If you like just great fascinating books my favorite book right now is Wisconsin Death Trip. if anyone has any recs for me send em!