maggie smith is a perfect human


So. The time has come. One week left till we find out who has won the best season of the best telly show ever. Its had tears! Maggie Smith! Journeys! Idiots! Rapping queens in bin bags falling over!

I drew Bianca Del Rio a few weeks ago because, well, she’s the most beautiful, perfect human who ever lived. This post was originally going to be a rather creepy list of all the reasons I love her.*

But then the weeks went on, and I grew to love Adore’s airhead sweetness, and became increasingly obsessed with Courtney’s legs. So I felt compelled to draw all three, which was kind of interesting because they all have such different aesthetics. The three of them have such different ways of approaching drag – although the bitter daughter of Joan Crawford and Bozo the Clown will always be my style icon.

I’m not going to lie. This wouldn’t have been my dream Top 3 (Why BenDeLaCreme? WHHHHYYYY?), but now its all done I’m not sure we can deny the most charismatic, talented queens are there. I mean, I could’ve ended up having to draw Magnolia Crawford’s nose. Eeesh. 

So who do you think is going to take the crown with just a week to go? Bianca, obviously, but who do you think?

*Don’t worry, I’ll save the handwritten list to give her in person when I go to Meth Lab in July.