maggie q let me love you


So last night I finished the final mini-season of Nikita. I hadn’t watched the show since the end of season three, however long ago that was, but I bombed through these last six episodes in a few days and damn they were good. I never seriously watched previous versions of the character (on TV or in movies), aside from catching bits and pieces of the movies on cable over the years, but I would recommend this show to anyone whether they’re a fan of the original/previous versions or not. Sure, it’s not high art, but its fun, and sometimes that’s all you need, right?

In order to share the love, let me lay out my case as for why you need to watch this show:

Maggie Q:

Someone give this woman her own starring role in a major action movie right now. Not only is she convincing in the action scenes, but she nails the drama and pathos, and brings energy to every scene she is in. If there was any fairness in Hollywood (HA!) she would have producers banging down her door. Where do I sign the petition for her headlining a Jessica Drew Spiderwoman movie?

Female Representation:

Although we may have more good female characters on TV than ever before, there is still a lot of work to be done towards better representation in mainstream media. So in that context its refreshing that in such an action-heavy genre show the main character, her partner/sidekick, and one of (arguably the main) antagonist are all women. You heard my spiel on Maggie Q above, Melinda Clarke again makes an amazing villain who is is alternatively moving and downright terrifying, and I can see that you could be skeptical about the girl from How I Met Your Mother playing a dramatically heavy action role but I say Lyndsy Fonseca pulled it off.

And it is not just about the individual characters, but while so many movies and shows cast all female characters as emotional rivals or jealous of one another, this show also goes to great lengths to ensure that the audience knows that the most important relationship in the show is the friendship between Nikita and Alex. As typical in a spy thriller pretty much every relationship involves at least a handful of double crosses but no matter what it is clear that Nikita and Alex really do care for one another, and even when they are enemies it is never in a “catty” way.

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