maggie plz


I’m so proud of this



If they don’t play this song when Alex and Maggie slow dance, then someone is gonna get hurt.

who should you fight: monsterkind edition
  • roy: just dont. who sees roy and wants to fight him. hes too soft and kind. dont.
  • kip: again why??? hes just nervous and sad dont fight him. also he has like no control over his powers so who knows he could wreck ur ass just dont
  • molly: ok shes so great why would you want to fight her? also she could dunk on u so hard. dont
  • wallace: hes such a baby you could kick his ass so easily but why would you ever?
  • ben: dont fight ben he has been through so much please dont
  • pascal: he is so large and probably really sweaty and could probably kick your ass but hes really sweet please dont
  • charlie: charlie has been through so much please be nice to charlie plus he could absolutely end you. dont fight charlie
  • Louise: let louise live their life
  • sal: ok who even is sal? we may never know. fight him
  • maggie: whats wrong with maggie dont fight maggie shes too kind
  • kate: kate would kick your ass dont fight kate
  • mr crimmins: kick mr crimmins ass hes the worst
  • eno: please fight eno i love him but his dramatic ass needs to be taken down a notch

anonymous asked:

SOOOOOOO tired of seeing all the monel hate. why cant we focus on the sanvers/maggie scenes plz. like there are posts focused only in monel and im so annoyed

You see, I would focus on the Sanvers scenes, but unfortunately, they happen to be quite non existent. They get maybe 3 minutes of screen time at the most during each episode and after seeing that promo for the Valentine’s Day episode, we’ll be lucky if they double that