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Headcanon: Dating Scott Lang/ Ant-Man

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  • Him being a massive nerd over the Avengers and listening to the cool stories he tells you
  • Being just as sarcastic as he is
  • Telling him bad ant puns to piss him off
  • Having to be on the look out for random ants
  • Meeting Cassie and her instantly liking you - looking after her with Scott for the weekend, so Maggie and Paxton can go out 
  • Being friends with Luis, Dave and Kurt; you being am official member of their little group, that helps Scott 
  • Constantly worrying about him
  • A lot of PDA 
  • Hugs, cuddles and hand holding is a must with him 
  • Him being protective over you
  • Telling your ant puns to Sam Wilson
  • Having a very silly but natural relationship
  • Scott being awkward - ends up ruining potential romantic moments between you both
  • A very punny relationship
  • You both being serious when needed to be 
  • You being around Luis so much you end up telling stories like him - resulting in Scott giving a lot of eye rolls
  • You yelling “relationship goals” at Scott
  • A lot of watching bad movies with one another - quoting movies to one another a lot

Let me know if I missed any 

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