maggie o'brien

Does pillowtalk mean what i think it means?

Yes, clearly they’re having sex. *smh* Get it together, man!

Jules: I’m a tad behind on this post, but who are we kidding, would it really be me to have been on time? Happy #nationalsiblingday to my baby brother. You were my everything growing up- my teammate, my roommate, my confidant, my pillow talk partner, my best friend, and a most worthwhile competitor- and as adults I get to have you as my role mode and my protector no matter how far a part we may be geographically. I will forever have your back and give you all of the squishes. I love you endlessly and miss you everyday 😁☺️😘 

And some of Jules and Dob with Maggie for pets day! RIP Maggs!

Maggie Smith as Virginia Woolf - Virginia (1980)

Virginia is so exquisite it leaves one intoxicated: I could take no notes during the second act of the world premiere of Edna O’Brien’s Virginia. The first act had been so overwhelmingly exquisite as to be, in the precise sense of the word, intoxicating. For myself, there was no choice but to abandon all resistance and pretense of being an objective observer (in other words put away the pencil) and let myself be swept away by the indescribable charm of Maggie Smith as Virginia Woolf.
She is a consummate performer. She can stand in one place on a stage and yet it is not accurate to say that she stands still. Her entire being is animated and with the greatest economy of motion she is as active and compelling as a whirlwind, or a lit stick of dynamite. She is constantly in touch with the ineffable, and can make us understand the most enigmatic of characters as if they were transparent. - Maureen Peterson (theatre critic - Montreal Gazette)


Heart broken Maggie Grace had Liam Neeson call her ex-boyfriend as Brian Mills from Taken as a prank