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American Horror Story: Freak Show Based On Zodiac

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Jimmy Darling: Libra or Taurus 

Elsa Mars: Leo or Gemeni 

Bette and Dot Tattler: Virgo or Taurus & Pisces

Maggie Esmerelda: Taurus or Scorpio

Stanley: Aquarius or Leo 

Desiree Dupree: Aries or Scorpio 

Gloria Mott: Cancer or Leo 

Dandy Mott: Libra or Sagitarrius

Ma Petite: Leo or Virgo 

Amazon Eve: Aquarius or Gemini 

Pepper: Sagittarius or Pisces 

Ethel Darling: Capricorn or Pisces 

Dell Toledo: Capricorn or Aries

American Horror Story: Freakshow - This Season’s Victims 2.0

here’s some tasty discourse that no one else has mentioned but i think should be brought up:

next to the obvious problem of casting fl*riana l*ma as maggie sawyer, it’s not even brought into account that in the comics maggie is a butch. she’s got short hair and wears gay ass pant suits

(in bombshells they made her femme which is in and of itself Offensive bc prior to that publication she is always seen as butch. like as if there weren’t butches in the 40s ??? tf)

but i just feel like supergirl REALLY LET US DOWN not just bc they said maggie sawyer would be latina and she’s not, but bc maggie is one of the few butch lesbian characters in media and still we get some sweet long-haired lesbians played by straight women bc it’ll make the straighties who watch the show feel less threatened

and i mean even tho i think they’ve done great with alex and are stamping down homophobic stereotypes i still feel extremely underrepresented as a butch

when will i see a beautiful butch on screen ??? when will i get to see myself ???