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American Horror Story: Freak Show Based On Zodiac

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Jimmy Darling: Libra or Taurus 

Elsa Mars: Leo or Gemeni 

Bette and Dot Tattler: Virgo or Taurus & Pisces

Maggie Esmerelda: Taurus or Scorpio

Stanley: Aquarius or Leo 

Desiree Dupree: Aries or Scorpio 

Gloria Mott: Cancer or Leo 

Dandy Mott: Libra or Sagitarrius

Ma Petite: Leo or Virgo 

Amazon Eve: Aquarius or Gemini 

Pepper: Sagittarius or Pisces 

Ethel Darling: Capricorn or Pisces 

Dell Toledo: Capricorn or Aries


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