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Prompt: Kara finds Lena’s sexual bucket list. As for what’s on the list? Idk. Back of Lena’s Town car? Mile high club on the L-Corp private jet?

“Lena, I’m home, where are -” Kara stopped herself short as she walked from the foyer into the living room, dropping her keys automatically into the little porcelain bowl that sat on the mantel for that purpose.

Lena was sitting on the floor in front of the couch, her head cushioned comfortably against Maggie Sawyer’s knee. She was holding a wine bottle, and there was another one sitting on the coffee table that looked empty.

“Hi Kara,” Lena beamed at her. Maggie smirked, looking very amused and also reasonably sober - Kara was willing to bet that the bottle and a half of wine had not been shared fifty-fifty.

“Hi sweetheart,” Kara answered, even though pet-names weren’t really their thing, because a lifetime of involuntary sobriety had gotten Kara into the habit of talking to drunks as though they were small children. She turned a stern look on Maggie, who leaned back comfortably on the couch and looked even more amused. “Why are you getting my girlfriend drunk in my living room at three o’clock in the afternoon?”

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Watching Chyler Leigh change throughout the years is like watching the most satisfying Pokemon evolution

She went from totally adorable 

To totally hot

To earth shatteringly SEXY AS HELL

If she changes any more, we may just see the face of God.

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).


sexual tension: the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.