maggie lauten

So.. I got bored and started rewatching season one & i’m noticing that Maggie, Denise & especially Jaleesa & Dwayne subtly bully Whitley. Whitley is very shady and outtapocket in her own right but I feel like they do too much when dealing with her. Like in the episode when Dwayne got caught sneaking out of her room. Maggie & Jaleesa were too hype to bust her and Dwayne & Denise were ready to let her get expelled over something that didn’t have shit to do with her. It’s like they feel they have the right to treat her like straight up shit cause shes annoying

signs as characters from a different world
  • aries: jaleesa vinson
  • taurus: lettie bostic
  • gemini: whitley gilbert
  • cancer: maggie lauten
  • leo: denise huxtable
  • virgo: kim reese
  • libra: vernon gaines
  • scorpio: lena james
  • sagittarius: terrence taylor
  • capricorn: dwayne wayne
  • aquarius: ron johnson
  • pisces: freddie brooks