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I love when the straights™ response to shipping wlw is usually “can’t two women just be friends?” Or “not EVERYTHING has to be gay.”

To that I respond “can’t a man and woman just be friends?” “Can there be more than two queer characters without you rioting over how overwhelming it is for you?”

Literally if two age appropriate heterosexuals breathe in the same room people call it “tension.” Two women could be kissing and writing poetry on each others arms and these same people will say “#friendshipgoals”


I’m a lover of books and The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series of all time I AM OBSESSED!
I was planning on recreating a scene from the book but then I found out they were making the series into a tv series…I flipped out when I heard this because I am excited and nervous. Mostly because I’m worried that I wouldn’t get a chance to audition for Blue.
Tiny resume: I’ve been performing for 11 years, I’ve been in theatre competitions where I won best in show at district level and straight superiors at state level, and I am in the international theatre thespians society.
I hate talking about myself like that but it is to show that I am experienced in acting!
Blue and I both have a different sense of style, and strong personalities. I was hoping that I could get the support from the fandom because it would break my heart if I don’t get a chance to at least audition for a character I love and relate to deeply.
Fan cast
Blue: Vanessa John aka @mistyxaesthetic

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“Love is about letting yourself be saved… It’s not just about saving other people - even if you are superheroes”