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‘Maggie’s Apartment’

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okay headcanon time what if bucky comes to avengers tower with steve and meets everyone and is so goddamned ashamed to have killed the person who took him in’s parents right but tony just kind of waves it off and moves on because he realizes that bucky was not himself and while he’s not happy he’s not going to hold it against him

and tony doesn’t have a grudge against him like he did with steve and they end up having similar tastes in music and long story short they hit it off and become friends

so they decide to go out for a night of heavy drinking and partying and the next morning that’s about all bucky can remember but he has a helluva headache and tony is not looking him in the eye anymore

so he jumps to what he thinks is a rational conclusion of ‘oh shit i slipped back into the soldier while drunk and threatened him’ or something and believes that tony sees him as dangerous

and he’s so guilty even though he didn’t know what he said but it had to be absolutely horrifying because he actually killed this man’s parents and this is what got to him

so he goes to tony with his findings and says he’ll leave as soon as he can find an apartment that will allow the masses to be safe from him and tony just stops him and is like

‘no. i don’t want you to leave. you just. ah. told me a bit about the…uh…nature of the relationship you had with dear old dad’

and bucky stares off into the distance and is like


i told him i fucked his father