maggie feel better

Ok ik there’s a lot of headcanons about sick sanvers but here is mine
When Alex is sick she’s a little adorable disabled nugget tries to stand up by herself to make herself some tea but she fails and Maggie wouldn’t let her move and she brings her everything she needs and measure her fever and puts a wet towel on her forehead and gives her pills and watches her when she sleeps
When Maggie is sick she’s trying to hide it so Alex wouldn’t tell her to stay at home because “I feel good Alex really I swear” but she doesn’t fool anyone and Alex dragging her back to bed and trying to make her soup and burning three pots in the prosses and finally brings her something (probably a takeout) and just lying in bed with her to warm her up to make Maggie feel better and then Alex fell asleep and Maggie feel better and gets up without waking Alex up

Q and A: Are you satisfied with TWD?

Hello TWD tumblr family, 

This fandom is divided and I want to know specifically why? I’ve read the vague comment about the show being boring and the storyline not moving fast enough. When has the storyline ever moved fast enough. We’ve got people comparing Ricks group to the Saviors. We’ve got people hating on Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Tara, Carol, Carl etc. 

I’ve mentioned before that TWD isn’t my favorite show, but I love it. There’s something about these extremely complex and flawed characters that I love and identify with. I really think this show is more character than plot driven.

Maybe that’s what eating at me. I feel like I just don’t know where the show is going. What’s the end game. I honestly don’t think the showrunners know. Which is a damn shame because that’s usually when shows end up getting cancelled and I really want TWD to end on it’s own terms.

Anyways, I really want to know people’s opinions. I need a candid discussion about the walking dead. What’s wrong with the show? What is it doing right? How many times can we rehash the same storyline (find a safe place/safe place burns to the ground or a “villain” wants the safe place/team family goes to war with said “villain”) before it gets old?

Why are you still in this fandom? How do you want it to end or do you want it to go on forever like the Simpsons?

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okay but i just love carl grimes so much???? he gets the most hate out of anyone of the characters but like he is so so so fucking iMPORTANT

  • he is a fucking sexual assault survivor!! he was sexually assaulted when he was fourteen years old. the lack of male representation when it comes to sexual assault victims is so low and carl fucking survived that! and for whatever fucking bullshit ass reason we got no mention of it aside from that throw away “something bad happened to me too” line 
  • he’s a disabled character and there’s also a lack of representation with that. of course, they’ve barely showed the effects that that has on him and hopefully they will next season but lol @ the way this show treats carl
  • his relationships with the women in his life are so important for young people to see. sophia was his best fucking friend - he never tried to ditch her or whatever to hang out w the men at the camp. his little sister is his tie to morality. when beth died, carl tried to make maggie feel better and was the first one to try and cheer her up. and then there’s michonne, who is HERO. carl fucking loves michonne. she’s his best friend, he confides in her and trusts her with his life. carl also knows that the women he’s surrounded with are just as, if not more powerful than he is and that’s important. 
  • one of the few things i respect about twd is that they let fathers and sons hug, which many other shows don’t. carl is rarely one to show emotion because of how emotionally stunted he’s become with everything he’s seen, but he will always hug his father. he doesn’t think that he’s beneath loving his family. 
  • back to judith. has anyone else noticed that as carl became more hopeful in s5 it was because judith was alive and he had her back? judith is the reason carl has faith in people and in the world. he loves her more than anything and i love them.

carl grimes is fucking important. fight me.

11 pm
You think of him when you know you shouldn’t, this all consuming love that is only a fantasy, only a possibility or a dream or a hope.

12 am
You think of him when you lie awake, the music of crickets and wind outside your window, a song or a lyric or a memory.

1 am
You think of him when the rest of the town sleeps peacefully in their reality, no cars or voices or busy life.

You think of him when you tune out the world with your music, you want his lips or his hands or his love.

You think of him when he’s the only one you’d ever bother to think of, and pray he isn’t asleep or uninterested or unlovable.

You think of him when you pick up the phone and dial, hearing the line ring on the other end, will he answer or let it ring or-
‘Pick me up. Let’s drive somewhere.’

4:07 am
You think of him when he shows up in front of your house.
And you realize, that he thinks of you too.

—  “Drive me mad(ly in love).”
(m.b, a bluesey poem)

I’m gonna be devastated if Maggie Duval dies this season. She deserves so much better. She is constantly disrespected by Emma, which in the first season I almost understood but Maggie is kind and patient and understanding with Emma. She doesn’t punish Emma for sneaking around and lying to her. She didn’t even tell at Emma when she was super disrespectful to her face because she knows Emma is struggling. She made sure her daughter got proper mental care after the first killings. She believes her when she says there was stuff at the house and even went back to investigate with her. She tried to find ways to keep Keiran in town because she knew what he means to Emma. She is a great mother. Sure she had lied but only to protect Emma and keep her safe all those years. Plus she has had to lose the man she has loved twice, been through two murder sprees that were heavily because of her, give up a child, watch one of her children try and murder her other, see the father of one of her children shot right in front of her, see the man she loved organs spill all over and onto her, see one of her children shoot the other in the head, and almost be murdered by one of her kids. Smh Maggie deserves more I hope she doesn’t just get killed off to hurt Emma and never get a happy ending like she deserves. Protect Maggie Duval 2K16!! She is so underrated and under used and I love that strong woman!

Robin Hook FF: Two outlaws walk into a bar...

A/N: A silly drabble inspired by my beloved yaytessamae, who just wanted to know what would happen if Hook and Hood had a little bro time at a bar…and is gonna get so much more haha. :) Robin Hook brotp, established CS - Outlaw Queen is still in the formative, mutual crush stage.

Words: 1175

Rating: T - sexual innuendo


Two Beers

“Does it still surprise you,” says Killian, “when you flip that tiny toggle and the glass bulbs illuminate?”

YES,” Robin replies, setting down his empty glass with a little too much enthusiasm. “This sorcery Regina calls electricity…brilliant. And it never runs out!”

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              Gotham’s Poison Ivy Won’t have Powers Or Romance

Ivy “Pamela” Pepper has undergone a transformation at the beginning of Gotham season 3, and with the aging of the character, some fans assumed that would mean a new love interest for Bruce Wayne.

While they definitely will have a relationship, it won’t be a romantic one. Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz clarified as much in a recent interview with IGN.

“They’re definitely going to have a relationship with each other. It’s not going to be a romantic one, necessarily. It’s going to be more of a sister figure to him. They’ll be very involved with each other. And they will have major influences in each others lives. She will be a major part of his life, especially towards the middle of this season.”

Maggie Geha, who will be playing the grown up Ivy, also mentioned in the same interview that the age change doesn’t mean she will start using her superpowered abilities that fans know from the comics, at least not yet.

“I don’t think we’ll see any super powers stuff. I think that would be way further down the line especially since this is an origin story show,” said Maggie Geha, who succeeds Clare Foley in the role of Ivy “Pamela” Pepper. “So I think it’s going to be more about discovering how other people perceive her and what means. A lot of people are focused on her sexuality. I think Ivy, in my opinion, doesn’t really feel sexual about anybody. I think if she notices this person is attracted to me, finds me appealing in a sexual way, I’m going to use that to my benefit. It’s more of a manipulative thing than anything.”

Having lived through the Great “OMG JEMMA COULD BE HYDRA PANIC” of 2014, I would like to remind everyone that Agents of SHIELD promotional material is NOTORIOUSLY misleading. They do whatever they can to rile us up and make us worry.

If, indeed, Jemma was someone who could not be trusted, then that would not be in the promotional release, it would be something we discover. Please think back to everyone we’ve read in releases…and what has actually happened! Many a time promotional materials have overhyped plots (how about the midseason finale of S3?), arcs, etc - only to have the plots moved by fairly quickly or really not been a big deal at all.

Therefore, I suspect this whole “Jemma is the Director’s confidant” will be a plot that will quickly be dealt with and resolved. 

Am I frustrated that promotional material is again antagonizing Jemma for the sake of tension? Of course, but that’s a story for another time. In the meantime, I promise that it will all be ok.

if you must mourn (don't do it alone)

the one where alex dies

Maggie’s hands are stained with blood.

She scrubs and scrubs until her palms are raw and it still doesn’t feel like enough. She can still see the red around her fingernails, can feel the blood seeping into her skin. She swears she’ll never be clean.

words: ~2.5k
ship: alex/maggie
summary: maggie’s been alone before. but it’s different now. now she’s known what it feels like to be ridiculously, overwhelmingly happy, and all of a sudden, that’s ripped away
warning for major character death

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