maggie bard

So if you ever want to picture the way Tibby came into the world – It was a very stormy night, wee hours of the morning. Meyrin had already been in labor about 14 hours. With no physician to attend to her because of the storm (and said physician’s insensitive remarks) the servants have to take matters into their own hands. Sebastian rolls up his sleeves and begins ordering everyone to their tasks. Finny’s just standing there looking lost and precious with a pot of hot water. Meyrin is grunting, groaning, screaming, swearing. Bard is essentially the “catcher” as it were as Meyrin has both Finny and Sebastian in deathgrips. Snake’s kinda staring wide-eyed like “It is LOUD in here” and says, “It looks almost like you’re blowing a bubble, says Emily.” And Meyrin kinda wants to laugh but also rip everyone’s heads off. Tanaka is dabbing at the sweat pouring off of her with a cool cloth.

Sebastian’s using any kind of leverage he can manage to help her push. And finally Bard holds up this squirming, bloody, screaming baby. And Meyrin’s so delirious at this point she says “O-oh, she looks like a little drowned mouse.” before she just collapses in Finny and Sebastian’s arms from exhaustion. They all start fussing about cleaning Tibby up and praising Meyrin and making sure she’s ok. And she’s going “give her to me, please!” until Bard’s got everything taken care of and has the baby all swaddled up to put in her mother’s arms. Then Meyrin is just SOBBING and then Tibby starts crying and they’re both crying together. Tanaka kinda motions for everyone to slip out quietly to leave Meyrin, Sebastian and the baby alone.

Based on conversations with @turquoisewave

Flood the Art Market: Art Basel Miami Beach

Exhibiting artists: Cey Adams, Maggie Bard, Beastie Boys, Alexander Cavaluzzo, Martha Cooper, Janette Beckman, Danny Clinch, Cycle, Morning Breath, Anthony Gaicolea, Veronica Ibarra, Chelsea Rae Klein, Greg Lamarche, Paul Madonna, Hally McGehean, Bill McMullen, Ellen Schinderman, Jamel Shabazz, and Tommy Turner. 

All proceeds to to the NYFA Emergency Relief Fund, a major relief effort to assist artists in the aftermath of the hurricane with leading support by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts, The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and the Lambent Foundation (a project of the Tides Center).