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Things that are true:

Alex Danvers started adding color to her wardrobe when Maggie Sawyer moved in because she kept grabbing the wrong grey or black shirt at asscrack o’clock and crop tops are not DEO approved no matter how toned your stomach is. 

This is a fact brought to you by the BTS of Season 3.


Things are getting tense in Act III of Drown!

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Here’s a sneak peek!

Cat launched out of the DEO elevator so quickly Kara almost thought she’d developed superspeed. Reaching the command table, Cat slammed her black Fendi handbag onto the surface with a bang that had Alex going for her sidearm. Kara grabbed her sister’s wrist, keeping the weapon from clearing Alex’s thigh holster.

“She’s freaked out and really mad, and if you point a gun at her right now, I’d be worried for your safety,” Kara warned her quickly and quietly.

“What. The. Hell?” Cat’s voice boomed impressively off the concrete and glass. “I told you it was Lillian, and every one of you convinced me I was wrong, that I was out of my damn mind. It was the one thing I was sure about when I woke up after my visit to Cadmus’s little torture spa.”

Beneath Kara’s grip, tension coiled in Alex’s muscles, and Kara belatedly realized Cat wasn’t the only one ready to hit something at this latest development. “Alex…”

“We had every reason to find your memories suspect,” Alex spat out in return. “You were drugged. Experimented on. And we could never find definitive evidence to put Lillian in National City while your mind was being fuc–”

“O–kay!” Kara said, before Alex made matters worse. “We’re all upset, but we’re on the same team here. Lillian is who we should focus our anger on, right?”


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jynxblock  asked:

Ok but do bird victor and bird yuuri raise an egg together?? bc now every time I close my eyes I imagine bird victor seeing one of those 'Gay Penguins Become Parents' stories on the news and deciding he Wants That. yurio keeps making the kill bill siren noise at the egg

I want to say yes because Viktor has Dreams. That being said, I’m not sure how the acquisition of parrot eggs works but here’s an idea:

Yakov finds an egg on the ground and brings it inside just on the off chance that it will hatch. He does his best to make it warm.

Enter Viktor, who just waltzes in and sits on the egg.

“I never taught him this,” Yakov swears to Lilia.

It hatches into a pigeon. Viktor keeps trying to teach his small son how to sing. All the pigeon does is coo. So Viktor and Yuuri coo back.

Yurio screams.