A Speculative Introduction

It had not been an easy road to Fenris Keep. A portal had crossed most of the ground for the maid, but at least a portion of her path had taken her across hostile grounds. Thankfully, she had not been called upon to put to task whatever talents of self defense she might possess. There was a bitter, ugly grey rain pelting down from the heavens, and it showed little sign of abating. It seemed to be keeping indoors even the Horde and whatever wayward brigands roamed the paths.

Evermore a reason to be thankful for the coat her mistress had bought for her. The thick wool was both treated with oils, as well as a minor enchantment to ward away the worst of water and snow. And despite the moisture that saturated the landscape, the roads had held firm, not a one washing away.

Silverpine had held a different sort of mystery for her. The grey fugue of the rains had turned Hillsbrad desolate and miserable, but the woods beyond.. they charmed her despite the bleakness of the day. There was a call in the air, though she couldn’t quite place what it was. Perhaps it was what drew the ferals to the place, as she’d heard they still roamed between those towering trees.

She was endlessly glad to spot the walls of the Keep, when her journey finally brought her there. She quietly spoke her business to one of the guards, before taking shelter within those high walls. The swept roof over one of the outbuildings sheltered her further, as she drew to a pause. To consider herself, and her task.

In the open ground behind the wall, there was a familiar clamor. The sound of sword steel began to ring clear across her surroundings, and she could not help herself. She meandered closer, keeping beneath the edges of roofs whenever she could. Her efforts were not unrewarded.

A woman, perilously and imperially tall, sparred with three seperate souls in the muck and the mire that the weather had brought. She seemed not at all bothered by the chill, and held her own against the uneven assault. If they were not so clearly sparring, the maid might have been stirred to do something.. but instead, she simply watched. Admired her form, the scything power and reach of her arm.

She quietly wondered at the spectacle for many moments. She considered herself, in turn. Would her own arm reach as terribly far, threaten a strike so well, if she was possessed of such height? If only it were so easy as to meander into a shop somewhere and gain seven inches of height.

Somewhere in the course of her fascination, she had wandered out from the protection of an outbuilding’s eaves, the hood trimmed in white fur slowly slipping from her head. She was getting soaked through for the lack of it, and didn’t notice in the slightest. Indeed, she’d have watched and stared until noticed, either partway through the spar, or at its conclusion.

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right before Maggie was born, Homer having settled all his debts, quit his job at the nuclear power plant, and took his dream job at a bowling alley. However, when Maggie was born, his salary was not enough to support three children, so he had to return and beg Mr. Burns for his old job at the plant. Mr. Burns accepted and placed a sign in Homer’s office, to remind him that he’ll be there “forever.” When Lisa asked where all Maggie’s photos were, he said that they were where he needed them the most.                       Season 6 Episode 13