“ Maggie is self-conscious about her extra eyes so she often covers them. She had a hard time with other owl folks making fun of her. It was Timber who helped her understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. now you know why these two are such good friends now. Timber actually gets her, and knows what it like to be different from the rest. She has more free spirit than anyone else.”

-Submitted by flamebite66

  1. carmilla and laura // carmilla series
  2. nomi and amanita // sense8
  3. alex and maggie // supergirl 
  4. kelly and yorkie // san junipero - black mirror 
  5. waverly and nicole // wynonna earp 
  6. laurel and michaela // how to get away with murder 
  7. annalise and eve // how to get away with murder 
  8. cosima and delphine // orphan black
  9. clarke and lexa // the 100
  10. root and shaw // person of interest