magfest shenanigans

The Peepo Family

Okay so while at Magfest @maniaknight and I went exploring and found the Computer Museum room, which was this amazing space filled with all these old computers and really retro games (which you could play, and play we did!) that were played on them back in the day. While reminiscing, we found the original Sims game and we couldn’t resist:

Introducing the Peepo household!

This is ManiaKnight and Xedra Peepo! We are…kids :D We are the only ones living in this house, haha.

Mania was in charge of furnishing the house with the money we obviously stole from somewhere acquired. If my memory is correct, we are the proud owners of two campfires, a pinball machine in the bathroom, a parrot, three art easels, a computer (for tumblr, of course), like 10 various cakes placed delicately on the floor, and a pink toy chest. We also have a barrier of 5 balloon bundles that was meant to keep people off our property. You can see the school bus arriving to take us away from our wonderland because we are kids with no income to pay our bills.

Obviously the balloons did not seem to work, because who the hell are all these people AND THEY KEPT BREAKING INTO OuR HOUSE TO TAKE OUR CAKES

A pile of wild cats that came by when we were at school.

And here we see Xedra and Mania Peepo trying to escape the inevitability of starvation and foreclosure by playing with our pet parrot and painting invisible paintings.


Team Skull shenanigans @ MAGFest 2017