The Gatewatch as Representatives of The Color Wheel

Yesterday I was tagged in a post by @shorewall. That post can be found –>here<– . To summarize it, the way I understood the piece was that @shorewall believed Jace, Chandra, and Liliana to be “iconic representatives of their colors. ( @shorewall)” Additionally, I understood that post to express @shorewall‘s  thoughts that Gideon and Nissa are not good icons of their color representation.

Interestingly enough, those are the two least popular members of the Gatewatch (”least” popular does not mean unpopular). While it may not seem anyhow correlated to @shorewall‘s argument, as a Psychology Student, I will have to argue that there is indeed some influence between the “least popular” nature and the idea that they don’t represent their color. However. I will be talking about this but not dwelling on this as I want to focus on @shorewall‘s actual argument.

The “least popular nature” of Nissa and Gideon stems from the fact that their personalities aren’t as crystalline, as discernible, as the other three. Gideon suffers from the “True Lawful Paladin” misidentification. Nissa suffers simply because she’s isn’t that big of a talker. But Gideon is far more than what he seems. Just because he doesn’t vocalize his struggles doesn’t mean he’s not a fully developed person. Nissa doesn’t need to chat. Introverts and shy people are people too. 

While this post may have originated as a response piece, I will use it to help address many of the stereotypes about the Gatewatch members. The questions you presented, @shorewall, will be answered. But this article isn’t intended solely for that purpose. I want to educate and entertain everyone as well discuss with you.

So. Let’s talk about the members of the Gatewatch as icons their color pie slice.

Gather ‘Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

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kawaiivegeta  asked:

For Cabba: Missletoe *smooches his cheek* For Caulifla: Meat locker For Kale: Jigglypuff plushie For Hit: Knife set For Frost: Ice blower For Botamo: Wninnie The Phooh plush For Mageta: A choo-choo train

“Oh? Uhhh… thanks, I guess.”

“Hell yeah!! All the free meat I can eat!”

“T-Thank you so much for the plushie… i-it looks really cute and I’ll be sure to keep it safe.”

“I don’t see what use I can have with a knife set… I’ll give it to someone else.”

“An ice blower, huh? Well, this might be good for some pranks I can pull on the others and maybe even on Universe Seven.”

“Seriously… why does everyone always think I’m this guy? I’m nothing like him, so stop giving me this stuff.”

“My very own choo-choo? I always wanted one… thank you so much.”