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The King’s Game! Pt.2

*Slowly edges back into the room now in the maid dress* …….there….are you assholes happy with yourselves….?

Kobo: *Covers his mouth trying to hold in his laughter* Pff….

Maemi: Well…only one thing to do now….*Takes her notepad and starts sketching* You’re as great a muse as always, Yokozawa-kun.

Yuuki: Don’t worry though, Yokozawa-kyun. *Appears behind him* I think you look fine, though I suppose I’m biased whilst you’re dressed like that.

Oceanis: So Kurosaki-kun’s into maids…

Can we please just wrap this up?!

Naomi: I mean, you still have to wear it for the week. We can count on Orochi-kun to make sure you wear it.

Leave it to me!

Karma: You look great though! I like it!

Yeah….thanks, Karma…..

Sadao: Well, I suppose we just have to finish up with a few words!

Ryuu: Huh…? Does someone have something to say….?

Sadao: Yeah! Me!

Toson: This should be good….

Sadao: *starts handing out glasses of punch as he speaks* It’s….been a long time since we’ve all been gathered as a class. The first time we’ve all came together by choice…its weird to think that we all may have never came this close to each other if the tragedy never happened. I’ll be honest….I don’t really think of you all as friends anymore. I see you all as family now…..a little dysfunctional, sure, but I like that.

Sly: More than a little dysfunctional…

Sadao: *Smiles* Yeah…so, I can’t sit here and keep something to myself when it’s been eating at me.

Kumi: What’s up? Did something bad happen?

Sadao: …when we were all in the mansion….until the day Naka-chan and the others arrived, I was hypnotised as a despair…..

Mage: I-Irunami!

Dragonous: *bites her nail*

I-Irunami-kun! Why are you talking about this here?!

Wait you knew?!

K…Kyoji told me….he said I was to keep it to myself…

Rock: ….why are you telling us this…?

Sadao: Because….it hurts….the thought that I might have hurt one of you….that really scares me. I wanted to put everything out in the open. I want everyone to trust me full-heartedly, so I needed to be honest so I can accept that trust…

Rina: Irunami…you’re our friend….of course we trust you. I mean, you’re not a despair now, right?

Sadao: R-right! Thanks to Yoko-chan! He broke the hypnosis put on me!

Emi: Y-Yokozawa-kun d-did…..?

Sadao: Yeah. Yoko-chan saved me….so I’m really happy he’s back with us! *blushes* Thank you for everything, Yoko-chan!

Yeah…..glad to help.

Sadao: W…well, anyways! I’ve said what I wanted. Then…here’s to Sly-chan, Kami-chan, and Yoko-chan coming back to us safely! Cheers! *Raises his glass*

Everyone: Cheers!

*Walking back to the dorms after the party*

Man, I’m seriously exhausted….

Yeah, it feels like I’m not gonna wake up tomorrow. I think I might end up sleeping through the day….

Could help those bags under your eyes.

Oh, shut up.

….still….it feels good to have friends after so long, you know…? Looks like we really struck gold after being accepted into Hope’s Peak.

Yeah…..though we’re not the only ones, I’m sure plenty of them feel that way.

You’re probably right…*sees a shooting star pass overhead*

Oh hey! That’s rare…make a wish!

(This is gonna sound so cheesy, but…) ….*Takes Orochi’s hand* I….think I might have everything I could wish for.


Pfft! What was that? That was so corny!

I was trying to be romantic! Don’t laugh…! Geez….

Well….*gives Junpei’s hand a small squeeze* Let’s just go to bed for the night, yeah….?



In a building in Akihabara, at a place called Adores, the entire 4th floor has been dedicated to Dance with Devils! The rooms and walls have all been decorated. Even the hallway! Along with the decor, they’ve come up with some original dished and even have character goods! Amazing!!

Funny how Mage still doesn’t have sleeves XD Is he allergic? Lol


This is something I’ve been working on for Light Grey Art Lab’s Halloween show, Rolemodels! It’s gonna be this super awesome showcase of self portraits, only done as if everybody were fantasy RPG/D&D characters. All the participating artists are sorted into classes and have generated stats, fancy titles, and hero/villain names in order to leak clues about themselves, as much or as little as they please ; 3. You can find out a lot more about it here -

I picked to be a mage, and I definitely wanted to work this into a character who makes things. My whole life is making things, coming up with stuff, doodling, and working all the time. If at all possible, I really wanted to channel something about my own process in the way this character would go about doing what she would do with her fancy!powers. I scribble for miles trying to come up with my work, and I smash a lot of different materials together to get it done.

And so, Osprey’s a mage who magics stuff together out of other stuff, like just bits and bobs and odds and ends. I’d originally thought oh man, she should totally make like giant huge fighting garbage monsters, but that wound up evolving into a tiny bird situation. Mostly because birds, but also because I felt like this told a better story. Most of my own time gets spent making things for others, so Osprey here is helping a fledgeling stay safe until its ready to fly by crafting it together a flying birdhouse fortress. (It can evade predators, fight squirrels, and go fetch the poor little booger if he falls out too early.)

I can’t share the final art until the show’s up, but these are (some of) the thumbnails, and then the sketch and color comp for this piece. I’m hoping to finish it up in a few days. Still, theres a lot of PHENOMENAL process floating around Tumblr from the other artists! So if you’re interested in seeing more of these, just do a search for Light Grey Art Lab. It’s gonna be an awesome show. I can’t wait for October!