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In a building in Akihabara, at a place called Adores, the entire 4th floor has been dedicated to Dance with Devils! The rooms and walls have all been decorated. Even the hallway! Along with the decor, they’ve come up with some original dished and even have character goods! Amazing!!

Funny how Mage still doesn’t have sleeves XD Is he allergic? Lol

Because I’m absolutely IN LOVE with The Art of Dragon Age Inquistion and the artbook is filled with interesting little facts, I decided to share a few of them with you :D

  • the Inquisition’s style was inspired by Babylon and Mesopotamia, the team also studied early Islamic armors and traditional Sikh warriors’ outfits
  • the massive war table in Skyhold was made from The Peace Tree - a symbol of peace between two forgotten factions that had been cut down before the fortress was built
  • at first Skyhold was supposed to reflect player’s choices even more than now; everything would depend on Inquisitor’s approach to solving problems (military might, social influence, secrecy and intrigue), so if the player would mostly choose Leliana’s way of getting things done, there would be more “shadowy accessories” around Skyhold to reflect Inquisition’s dependence on spy games and subterfuge
  • Josephine wears rich materials, so she constantly looks ready to meet important dignitaries
  • Cullen’s armor shows that he’s the type of the leader who spends as much time in the dirt with his soldiers as he does on planning stategies in the war room
  • Leliana’s scarf hood represents two sides of her character: the rogue and the devout believer
  • Varric was initially given a short beard in DAI to make him look more harsh, but the idea was abandoned because it didn’t play well with his attitude towards dwarven culture, so they decided to keep his face quite smooth
  • Solas wears all that he owns, because he’s a typical lonely wanderer. He’s bald because the artists decided that other hairstyles didn’t “evoke the sense of ageless wisdom required by the character” (yes, he’s basically a bald egg, because he’s too wise :P)
  • judging by the concept art, King Alistair was initially present during the fight with Alexius
  • Dorian is described as “a rock star mage” and “a good black sheep” with a unique style
  • blue, gold and white are colours typical for Orleasian nobility
  • early concept arts of Val Royeaux included a drained canal system inhabited by a slum class, but the idea was abandoned because it resembled Kirkwall too much
  • Blackwall, as the sturdy and weathered warrior, is an example of “the ideal Warden”, the kind of hero from old stories for children
  • The Fade was designed to be a place where players can’t feel safe (“you’re watched by a thousand eyes”), a place where no mortal foot was meant to step
  • The Arbor Wilds was inspired by primal forests in New Zealand and Vancouver Island
  • Morrigan was imagined in several different outfits designed for different climates in DAI, but the final decision was to keep her traditional outfit known from DA Origins
  • Iron Bull is Dragon Age’s answer to “a badass action hero” that you want fighting by your side

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There were reports of Noxians in the shuriman deserts were being violently assaulted by pebbles. These reports have been the most amusing and depressing things Swain has ever read. Hearing about how highly trained killing machines were disabled by a little girl is truly a joy to read but then again he is their leader. Someone such as this girl should be dealt with but in the end, it is one person… potentially just increasing defense to the convoys would easily fix the problem. Maybe this rock mage could be useful, but if they are already attacking Noxian soldiers they are probably not willing to cooperate. He just might have to send a unit out specifically for dealing with them. Tsk, killing is routine in Noxian conduct but it simply feels like a waste of resources. Maybe he himself should confront this potential threat. His soldiers are not going to become preoccupied with it and he is fully capable of handling himself. This allocation of resources is a little risky but he needs to get out of the castle.

If traditional tabletop RPG parties were rock bands

Mage –> Lead Singer

  • controls the crowd
  • attracts the most attention
  • gets attacked the most

Rogue –> Lead Guitar

  • performs the coolest solo parts
  • will inevitably get laid
  • inexplicably makes the most money

Fighter –> Drums

  • heaviest equipment
  • loud and impossible to ignore
  • not particularly subtle

Cleric –> Bass

  • primarily a support role
  • no one appreciates him/her
  • only noticed when absent

This is something I’ve been working on for Light Grey Art Lab’s Halloween show, Rolemodels! It’s gonna be this super awesome showcase of self portraits, only done as if everybody were fantasy RPG/D&D characters. All the participating artists are sorted into classes and have generated stats, fancy titles, and hero/villain names in order to leak clues about themselves, as much or as little as they please ; 3. You can find out a lot more about it here -

I picked to be a mage, and I definitely wanted to work this into a character who makes things. My whole life is making things, coming up with stuff, doodling, and working all the time. If at all possible, I really wanted to channel something about my own process in the way this character would go about doing what she would do with her fancy!powers. I scribble for miles trying to come up with my work, and I smash a lot of different materials together to get it done.

And so, Osprey’s a mage who magics stuff together out of other stuff, like just bits and bobs and odds and ends. I’d originally thought oh man, she should totally make like giant huge fighting garbage monsters, but that wound up evolving into a tiny bird situation. Mostly because birds, but also because I felt like this told a better story. Most of my own time gets spent making things for others, so Osprey here is helping a fledgeling stay safe until its ready to fly by crafting it together a flying birdhouse fortress. (It can evade predators, fight squirrels, and go fetch the poor little booger if he falls out too early.)

I can’t share the final art until the show’s up, but these are (some of) the thumbnails, and then the sketch and color comp for this piece. I’m hoping to finish it up in a few days. Still, theres a lot of PHENOMENAL process floating around Tumblr from the other artists! So if you’re interested in seeing more of these, just do a search for Light Grey Art Lab. It’s gonna be an awesome show. I can’t wait for October!