Ok so I’m tyring to change up my world state, and have my Warden romance Leliana, but I feel so bad for forcing Alistair onto the throne with Anora without my Warden as his actual gf, but it’s the only way to keep him alive without sacrificing Hawke or making him a drunk. I could put just him on the throne I guess, but those two ruling together seem like the best option to me. I just … BioWare, why?

Continued rant from previous post:

Apparently brown skin “doesn’t work” or “doesn’t fit”. BioWare wanted a certain aesthetic and it just messed it up, guys.

And usually the people who want a white Vivienne are not the ones who want brown Sera/Solas.

I’m just saying …

I wanna do the inquisitor as companion meme but the tarot card stuff confuses the fuck out of me. I thought I had a pretty good idea but different sites give each cards different meanings and it’s all so flimsy and pointless to me so I’m not even sure what to do tbh.