You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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X-men pokemon go headcanons

-       Peter love’s Pokémon go he’s speeding around trying to get as many as he can to beat Scott

-       Scott can only find magikarp, he is not enjoying this

-       Jean just likes collecting ones she thinks are cute but there all so high and no one can beat her

-       Kurt doesn’t really know what is is or how to use it and when Jubilee tries to show it to him he wonders where the Pokémon are and gets scared when they make noises

-       Warren pretends he doesn’t like it but you catch him playing outside

-       Storm’s main aim is to beat Warren

-       Erik hates it because he keeps walking into kids playing it and he’s tried of having to wheel Charles around outside all day

-       Charles thinks its amazing, cat get enough of it, ‘wants to be one of the kids’

-       Alex is like the dad playing it, he just thinks its really cool but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing

-       Its Jubilee’s favourite thing, makes everyone go one trips to find them and will pull you out of bed at 3am because there’s a meowth outside

-       Hank has a how army of pidgey’s, he just thinks there quite cute

-       Sean is constantly trying to battle anyone he can, isn’t as good as he likes to think he is

-       Logan can be seen occasionally cursing at the screen and later coming up to you to show you his Cubone named Steve

-       Darwin is gloating that he is a real life Pokémon and will challenge anyone if they say hes not ‘hey I bet I can do what ever he’s doing’

Chick Magnet

***Erik (Magneto) using cheesy pick-up lines on you***

I’m really sorry that it’s so short, I actually know less about the X-men than I thought! Plus I thought this was a cute idea that didn’t need a big story. P.s first pick up line is from here

Erik grins at you devilishly and you try to hide your smile from him. He’d been hitting on you since you entered the bar.

“Are you made out of metal?” He asks.

“Why?” You laugh, taking a sip of your Long Island Iced Tea.

“Because I’m attracted to you.” He winks and you nearly choke on your drink. 

“I may be able to control metal, but I can’t control my feelings for you.” He places his hands over his heart. He really makes you laughs.

“I know if I could-” You can’t stand it anymore and you cut off the rest of what you’re sure would have been an excellent pick up line with a kiss.

When asked who your favorite actor is...
  • Me: That's so easy, it' Evans!
  • Person: Oh ya, he's such an incredible actor
  • Me: But there's also Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Person: He's a really good actor to-
  • Me: But there's also Tom Hiddleston
  • Person: That's nic-
  • Me: And David Tennant...and Jared Padalecki....and Chris Hemsworth....and Grant Gustin...and Hugh Jackman...and Martin Freeman...
  • *5 hrs later*
  • me: and James McAvoy...and Michael Fassbender...
  • *10 hrs later*

“(y/n), please, you won’t have to hide anymore, none of us will. We’ll be by each others side and we’ll conquer everything and anything. I promise you, you won’t regret doing this."