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1- Why did you choose your URL?

I play league of legends. When I play video games, which I do a lot, I tend to say silly things. Sometimes the things stick, I keep sayin em, and sometimes they don’t and simply exist for a single gaming session.
Maokai is a walking tree, who was the first character I truly fell in love with, and the first I was good at. I started getting used to saying YO GUYS IMMA TREE. 
Since I was thinking about what sort of presence I want people to know me as from an online perspective, a name or motif I can build something around, I decided on something to do with trees. I like trees. I like being silly.
IMMA TREE. This is the name I want to have a reputation online someday.
(It was going to be FLYING trees but that was taken. I have a flying tree mao build. It is awesome and has won me many games.)

2- What is your middle name?

Feliksas. Lithuanian version of Felix. I dunno why I have it but I think it’s a hilarious middle name.

3- If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Without thinking, a Djinni, so I can just have wishes granted all day erryday.
If I was to sort of think about it, It’d be great to own a fuckin kraken, yo. 
If I was to REALLY REALLY think about it, I would never be able to decide.

4- Favorite color?

Black, because fuck you I hate colors.
Actually anything earthy is nice, but camo green is best.

5- Favorite song.

-LONG DRAWN-OUT GROAN OF PAIN AND FRUSTRATION- I LISTEN TO TOO MUCH FUCKIN MUSIC. I been asked this too many damn times. I just give a list of my top five current faves. At this point in time, this is the list-

Carnivool- Sleeping Satellite
Soundgarden- Burden in my Hand
Sun Kil Moon- Alesund
Rishloo- Eidolon Alpha
Chad Vangaalen- Molten Light

But for the record, you’ll hear me whistling Caroline Rau by the Chieftains very often.

6- What are your top 5 fandoms?

… Never ask me that again.

7- Why do you enjoy tumblr?

Sometimes theres stuff I laugh at here, sometimes theres excellent and amazing art here, sometimes people post science stuff and stuff I can learn from, and sometimes theres really weird shit I like. I dunno.

8- Tag 8 of your tumblr crushes. They do this too.

uh… Im sorry in advance, guys.


Spot Illustrations
(Note: Some statistics may be outdated)

  • Chance that an American believes his or her phone has been tapped by the federal government: 1 in 5
  • Pounds of toxic chemicals released during each space-shuttle launch: 77,000
  • Chance that both members of a married U.S. couple are obese:1 in 6
  • Ratio of the number of New Yorkers bitten by rats in 1995 to the number bitten by other new Yorkers: 1:3

My worst class by far is Painting. Not to say that I don’t like the class- in fact I RELISH IT. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m horrible at it. Lol… if you’re thinking, “Ew,” then, know that this is my greatest accomplishment thus far! I can’t wait until I can actually DO things with paint. I’m hoping to be a white-afro painter by Christmas. Wish me luck, skill and perseverance.