Spot Illustrations
(Note: Some statistics may be outdated)

  • Chance that an American believes his or her phone has been tapped by the federal government: 1 in 5
  • Pounds of toxic chemicals released during each space-shuttle launch: 77,000
  • Chance that both members of a married U.S. couple are obese:1 in 6
  • Ratio of the number of New Yorkers bitten by rats in 1995 to the number bitten by other new Yorkers: 1:3
magentamee replied to your post:the amount of times Kensi has had to use her sex…

what show is this??

ncis: los angeles


airing on CBS

which is notorious for having icky shows

that are usually popular and/or acclaimed

My worst class by far is Painting. Not to say that I don’t like the class- in fact I RELISH IT. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m horrible at it. Lol… if you’re thinking, “Ew,” then, know that this is my greatest accomplishment thus far! I can’t wait until I can actually DO things with paint. I’m hoping to be a white-afro painter by Christmas. Wish me luck, skill and perseverance.