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First Anniversary: Shoes

Jefferson didn’t sleep very well the night before his first anniversary with Madison. In the first place, he was excited. Back in France, depending on emails and video chats just to communicate, Jefferson could only imagine what it would be like to share his life and his heart and his bed with Madison and now that had been his reality for a year. It was truly mind-boggling and every time Jefferson laid eyes on Madison’s sleeping form he couldn’t stop his heart from racing.

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DIY LazyTown costumes

Dark blue vest
White shirt
Light and dark blue striped pants
Blue boots
Blue bracers
Pointed mustache
Blue hat with white and black stripe
Light blue goggles
Two-piece suit of maroon and purple with gold pinstripes
Black formal shoes
Navy blue shirt with cuffs and cuff links
White socks
Purple eyeshadow
Bubblegum pink hair color
Pink dress with vertical stripes
Pink and white sneakers
Magenta socks
Three pink bracelets
Purple headband with silver sequins
Long sleeved white shirt
Short sleeved blue shirt
Red cape
Red shorts
Blue sneakers
Blue-striped dress shirt
Yellow sweater vest
Yellow shorts
Red bow tie with white polka dots
Black belt
White knee-high socks
Black dress shoes
Piggy bank
Rectangular, black-rimmed glasses (optional)
Long sleeved white shirt with red sleeves
Red jeans
Red and yellow sneakers
Orange hair color
White short sleeved shirt with orange sleeves
Blue long sleeved shirt
Baggy jeans
Navy blue belt
Black sneakers
Blue headphones with microphone
Mayor Milford Meanswell:
Light orange business suit
Plaid sweater-vest
White shirt with collar and tie
Brown shoes
Socks with red stripes.
Miss Busybody:
Bright blue hair color
Red lipstick
Red business suit
Shirt with a floral design
Red skirt
Blue belt
Blue heels
Pearl necklace

LazyTown Kitten:
Black cat ears
Black cat tail
White cat paws

Pint Sized Chapter 1: A Small Problem

Chapters: 1/6

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: R … .FOR REALLY CUTE  (It’s PG/K+ guys don’t worry)

Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug

Summary: “Honey? Someone shrunk the kids."In which the dorks become even smaller dorks.

**Also available** on AO3 | FFnet

Cover by @edendaphne

This was definitely not how Ladybug expected her day to go.

It was supposed to be just another normal day of summer break. No responsibilities beyond the ones her parents gave her, no homework, no babysitting, and no akuma. Just a trip to a butterfly garden so Tikki would have a chance to fly around for a while in a comfortable environment where she wouldn’t be in danger if she was glimpsed. It was going to be a nice, relaxing day free of stress.

Would’ve been nice if she and Hawkmoth could’ve been on the same page.

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Day 4- exposed

Day 4 of this 15 fic challenge! Killugon for the win.

A/N: Ah, I hope you guys like this one! It’s suppose to be kinda a humorous romance. This is also aged up! Enjoy!

Summary: Killua and Gon switch clothes upon Gon's persistence and Killua can't help but feel exposed in the outfit.

(art credit goes to rightful artist. If anyone comes across exact source, please message me so I can place it on here.)


Killua felt exposed.

Uncomfortably he fidgeted, pulling at the too tight material that gripped his too revealed thighs. The shorts were a loud green, his shirt black, and he felt as though his entire body was on display.

Grumbling, he shifted on his feet once more, face tinting pink as he scowled.

How in the hell does Gon wear this?!

Killua scrunched up his nose irately before turning for a different angle of the mirror to catch his reflection, and he winced at how much of his legs were showing for crying out loud.

“Killua? Are you dressed yet? Come out!”

Turning to glare at the door, where he was sure Gon stood somewhere behind, he gritted his teeth. “I can’t believe I agreed to this! I am not coming out!”

Looking back to the mirror, his face flushed once more. “How can you wear these things?”

He could hear Gon’s pout through his words. “Eh, Killua! That’s mean! And anyway, why are your clothes so baggy? And you have so many layers!”

Colorless lips fell agape at the complaints. Gon had the gall to question his clothes? His comfortable and modest clothes?

Officially at his end, Killua yanked the knob and stalked out of the room.

Gon turned and revealed himself to be tugging at Killua’s usual attire. A long sleeved turtle neck tucked beneath a white tee, with blue baggy shorts reaching his knees, and magenta and white sneakers to match. He did indeed look out of place in such clothes; they were simply too plain, too quiet for the extravagant and adventurous boy who wore them.

Loosely, the material draped from his features, looking oddly pastel against his tan skin.

“What'ya think Killua?” he asked playfully, looking up and grinning before he froze.

Killua opened his mouth to retort before his words caught and his anger dwindled upon realizing that Gon was, in fact, staring blatantly at him.

He flushed. “W-what? Stop staring, idiot!”

Embarrassment gripped his chest as his rib-cage thrummed.

God, he felt naked. And did Gon have to stare at him like that? What was wrong?!

“G-gon!” he finally called, pulling the other teen from his stupor, noticing that earthy eyes were scraping up and down his form, petal red twin blushes heating on tan cheeks.

Finally, his gaze caught on the blue pools.

“Heh, sorry Killua. You look-” a swallow, “you look good in my clothes.”

Completely unraveled, Killua pressed his face into his palms and groaned.

He couldn’t take much more embarrassment. If only Gon would stop looking at him like that.

“Ugh, stop lying! Can we switch back now?”

“No!” Gon wailed, lower lip jutting forward. “No, I like you in those clothes! You look…really, really, good.”

Brown eyes darted around the lithe body, causing both blushes to blossom further. There was silence as Killua refused to even look at Gon, feeling vulnerable and revealed under such a weighted gaze.

Slowly, warm hands took lean wrists, gently prying them from the pale face and piercing globes.

“Don’t hide your face, Killua,” Gon chided lightly, his smile returning small and fond. Lightly, he tapped his chin in indication to face him; the compliance hesitant and coy.

Annoyance laced through Killua at knowing he wouldn’t even be in this situation if it wasn’t for Gon’s insistence that they exchange outfits for a day, but he let him guide his limbs anyway; allowing sweaty palms to press against his own and pull him towards the door.

“Now, let’s go!”

As he was pulled through the threshold and out to the world where everyone could see him, Killua stifled the urge to bury his face once more. He was thoroughly sure his ears (thank goodness they were hid under his hair) were stained pink by now

Indignantly, he huffed, adjusting his fingers more comfortably between Gon’s as they headed off.

“Fine, but if I get my own creepy perverted clown stalking me, I won’t forgive you.”

Gon outright laughed at this, squeezing Killua’s hand affectionately.

“Hah, okay. But you won’t. Because if anyone else looks at you, we’re going back to the hotel and making out.”

“Tch. You’re so selfish.”

This came up on my dash, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea! So kudos to everyone above! I kinda changed it up a bit, but I hope you guys still like it!

Oliver smiled as he looked up from the kitchen sink, his smile widening as the familiar sound of laughter trailed through the window. He watched as a familiar blonde skipped through the backyard, a similar smile on her face. She slowed just enough for a young brunette to catch up, and when the little girl’s hands gave her mother a shove, Felicity gasped and sped up again.  “Mommy!” The girl squealed, giggling as her tiny legs thudded faster against the grass. Her magenta Nike sneakers contrasted against the green lawn, a recent present to her from her Aunt Thea and Uncle Roy. Oliver was sure that his daughter was the only four-year-old he knew that could already tie her laces; but considering who her mother was, he wasn’t entirely surprised. He took another moment to thank the appropriate deity for giving his daughter her mother’s brains.  He watched them a few moments longer, his eyes following them as they ran back and forth across the backyard. Suddenly, the little girl froze and looked up at him, a giggle escaping her lips. Piercing blue eyes, identical to his, met his gaze and she waved, her ponytail swinging happily behind her.  “Hey!” Felicity cooed as she jogged back to her daughter. She lowered herself to her and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Whatcha lookin’ at, Liv?"  Olivia laughed when Felicity’s hands wiggled against her stomach, and pointed to the window as her mother picked her up. “Daddy!” "Daddy?” She furrowed her eyebrows in feigned confusion, until her daughter used one of her tiny hands to face her back towards the house. Felicity gasped, making her giggle. “Look! Daddy!” Oliver laughed, returning their waves before he gestured with his head to come back inside. He was almost finished with lunch, and they still needed to clean up. Felicity winked, acknowleding his gesture, then whispered something into their daughter’s ear. The little girl broke out into another smile before Felicity put her down and took her hand to follow her back inside.  “Keeping secrets, are we?” Oliver smirked. He was leaning against the kitchen counter when Olivia came running to him, gesturing for him to pick her up. “Hey, how’s my little lady?” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before pointing to the sink. “Daddy! Clean!” She shook her hands in front of him for emphasis.  “Hang on, hang on,” He replied, repositioning her so she could lean over the counter. He gave his wife a confused look after he pumped a dot of soap into the tiny pair of hands and turned on the faucet. “Since when is she this willing to clean up after playing outside?” If their daughter had gotten her brains and her love of pink from her mother, she definitely got her love of playing outside - and her preference to stay outside - from her father.  Felicity only shrugged, then watched as he set their daughter down. She pulled the tiny step stool they kept for her towards the other side of the counter, where the plaster jar of cookies were.  “You bribed her?” He laughed, crossing the room to wrap an arm around her and press a kiss to his wife’s temple. “She is definitely your daughter.” They watched the little girl reached into the jar, only to pull it back out, completely absent of a cookie. Her smile fell and when she looked up at them, her little eyebrows furrowed together. “Who eated the cookies?” She demanded, her lips falling into a frown. “The twuth pwease!"  Oliver blinked at her, and Felicity broke out in laughter, only to be cut short by her daughter’s grimace.  "And she is definitely your daughter,” Felicity smiled, patting him on the chest. 
Pint Sized Preview

LOL well since it’s already gotten two fanarts before even being released (x and x)  by @qookyquiche​ and @edendaphne​,  I should probably go ahead and announce this fic properly, huh?

After a botched fight with an akuma, Ladybug and Chat Noir find themselves stuck as eight year-olds. Shenanigans ensue. There will be adorable children, wingwoman/babysitter Alya, oversized clothing, costume changes, blushing and embarrassing squealing, and I #LetAdrienEat2k16. Ladynoir/Adrienette, slight DJWifi.

I’ll be using the tag ‘Pint Sized ML’ for anything related to this fic. :3

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drewsketchers  asked:

[fandomstuck-is-magic] *a young man suddenly crashes through the roof and lands right next to Ani. he has a mess of brown hair and rainbow bangs, sky blue wings and unicorn horn and ponylike ears, a rainbow tail, purple tee, black jeans, and magenta sneakers. and this man is you. your name is MLP and boy did that hurt. you sit up* MLP: ow! Celestia damnit why does this always happen? *you look at Ani with your magenta eyes* MLP: opps. sorry for disturbing ya ma'am. i didnt mean to burst in here.

You sit back, pressed against your bed the last moment as you had flattened yourself the moment you heard your poor roof cracking. You’re limbs were stiffed with surprise, saw dust and broken bits of wood showering you. You sat wide eyed as you stared at the drop in guest who was now sitting on your cabin floor on large broken slabs of shingles and flat wood. Of all things, you clearly were not expecting that. Your current worried where shooed quickly from your mind from the shock of it. As the guy curses and sits up a bit, you are stuck in a bit of muteness. It’s only when he turns to address you that you slowly relax your muscles a smidge. 

+AF: Uh.. no I mean,

You glance up to the gaping hole he made then back to him. Your poor roof… 

+AF: It’s a… alright, I guess. Are, are you okay?

You ask, familiar concern enveloping your voice and blue gaze.