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😍🌄 Labradorite lovers, this one is for you! Sunset shaded jumbo Labradorite freeform stone–see previous post for size and price info. 😍🌄 #labradorite #spectrolite #pink #purple #polished #freeform #rocksandminerals #mineralspecimens #mineralogy #healingcrystals #nature #sunset #rainbow #magenta #goldenorange #collection #display #labradoritelovers #madagascar #phenomenalgems #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram

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Mindless (M)

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Min Yoongi. 5 048 words. Rated M for adult content. Brother’s best friend AU.

❝“Look, his roommate just moved out and it’s a pretty good place–“

“Jin, I’m not sharing an apartment with Min fucking Yoongi.” There’s no mistaking the cringe on your face, as though the name on your tongue tastes too bitter for your sweet little tooth.


“I promised Seokjin I’d take care of you.”

“Then take care of me.”

“Like a brother would.”

━Desperate to get out of the god forsaken dorm and get as far away as you can from your slob of a roommate, you find yourself knocking on the smooth white door of apartment 104 that belongs to you brother’s best friend who just so happens to be your arch nemesis for as long as you can remember.

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sick day

((hello again, my friends. i come bearing more fluff, hahaa, because i am obsessed. ♥♥♥ this takes place abt 2 months after sleepyhead.))

summary: Victor is the first to get sick, and Yuuri responsibly makes soup. The next day, both of them text Yuri Plisetsky to let him know that they are dying.

Later, Yuuri coughs and manages to send the teenager an SOS message. We need crackers and nail polish remover. I will give you 600 rubles. You’re our only hope.

When Yuri finally makes it to their place, face mask secured on his ears, he chokes at the scent of death inside and rolls his eyes at the sight of the two skaters groaning, albeit with gloriously lacquered nails.

word count: ~1.9k
rating: g
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things magnus must wear next season:

  1. sheer shirts
  2. a choker
  3. some of those little delicate rings that sit on your first knuckle
  4. gold eyeliner
  5. MORE earrings
  6. those saint laurent black glitter boots
  8. a choker
  9. every single shirt unbuttoned to the naval
  10. the magenta nail polish has gotta make a comeback
  11. one of alec’s sweaters
  12. a choker
  13. a choker
  14. a CHOKER