magenta all the things!


When I’m sick, really sick, can’t get out of bed sick, there are a few key healing foods I crave: Pho, and ginger tea, and coconut water, and elderberry elixir. My favorite elderberry elixir is a blend of syrup from the tart, richly flavored fruit, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and honey. It’s exceedingly potent. It makes me feel a bit like a superhero. And it makes my lips and throat tingle and dies them a deep magenta. And I happen to love all of those things.

Today, I set out to change the fact that elderberry, in all its medicinal glory, is rarely used in food. First stop on the mission? The healing power of waffles, and my obsession with elderberry infused OLLY Super Foods Multi vitamin gummies. A match made in superfood breakfast heaven.

But wait. These aren’t just any waffles—they’re made with whey, the liquid that remains after you make ricotta or yogurt.

Read more and get the recipe here.