GoT 5x09 Musings

My reaction to “The Dance of Dragons.” Warning: this is based only on spoiled plot points. I haven’t watched the episode yet, so if it’s wrong, please forgive.


  • Okay, real talk: I’m not that huge of a Stannis fan. He just doesn’t grab me. And even I am like “what the actual fuck.” BURNING Shireen and then only managing to look vaguely grumpy?
  • First of all, they actually just scripted a scene where Stannis hugs her to make this moment more horrifying. theculturalvacuum and I both kind of agreed after watching it that it almost felt…OOC from what we knew of Book!Stannis? I’m not saying the guy wouldn’t hug his daughter. But he really was never that, like, warm. It was an OOC change that I didn’t mind so much (and I don’t think she did either), because frankly Stannis has been rather inscrutable on the screen. But knowing now that it was tossed in JUST to make us feel more of a connection to Shireen? What, we wouldn’t have thought this was another hard choice for him otherwise?
  • What kills me the most is that this entire situation, once again, services Ramsay’s situation. Ramsay was so super effective with his 20 best men that Stannis was forced into this position. The only fucking character who’s had any kind of arc in Winterfell has been Ramsay Fucking Bolton. Do I seriously need to explain how monumentally messed up that is?
  • Like, seriously. They’ve ruined Sansa, Theon, Roose, Littlefinger, and now Stannis’s characters for this guy? Are you kidding? WHY are we watching an adaptation where Ramsay is the protagonist? What is happening?
  • This felt like a character 180 for the Stannis the show established. Not that character 180s are something new on this show. But. Jesus. I’ll be ranting about this more later. I think the Stan-Stans may be able to do a better job though.
  • And of course D&D would need to burn the only person who bothered to read about the dance of dragons. Or to talk about the poetry of books. It’s seriously too fitting, isn’t it.
  • Who do we root for now? The rapist or the child murderer? At this point I just want Sansa alive and I really don’t give any shits past that.
  • Also Selyse breaks down and tries to stop it, but not Stannis?? I feel like this plays into a pattern of D&D’s.
  • Look, maybe Stannis burns Shireen in TWOW. But context 100% matters. And this…just trust me, if it comes to pass it won’t be like this. For one, Shireen and Stannis are in two different fucking places right now, so…

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Char goes to DCC2015 full album
Click the link for 150 photos. I've included Gundam highlighs below in the post!
By Imgur

I found a Lego Sazabi!!

Look at all that detail!!!!!

The talented guy that built Lego Sazabi!

18ft Gundam Costume!!(Photo via: Nuriko455) I missed seeing this guy since they apparently made them move into a side room to stop blocking foot traffic with a huge crowd. Sailor Planet Hulk of the Sailor Avengers flagged me down later that day and asked if I’d seen it then gave me “Drunken Bob Productions” as their info. Definately need to see them the next time they plan on setting it up!

I ran into another Newtype on vacation!! Much Zeons were Sieged!

My “Zaku Dangerous”(+”Magella Top Booster”) and “Char’s Oggo”(A.K.A. “Psycho Ogoo”) came in 2nd place at the model kit competition!! There really wasn’t much competition in all honesty - 2 shoe-box diaoramas of Riker and a Ferangi playing Monopoly on the Holodeck and an AT-ST at the Battle of Endor that came in 1st place and a Dinosaur that came in 3rd. Hooray free T-Shirt and not coming in last place!


It was good times. Met a lot of kickass Cosplayers and Gundam fans!!

Char vs. Predator


Full album here:

Thank you for a wonderful time, Denver!! See you at NDK!