Would I Lie to You?

The party are disguised as drow and speaking to a drow Arch-Mage. I, the bard, spin this long and involved tale of how we know what a plant is, since regular drow don’t go to the surface. I have also cast glibness for a total bonus of 57 to bluff.

Arch-Mage: Hmm…. that is certainly interesting information… Provided you are telling me the truth.

Bard: Of course I am. I wouldn’t dare lie to such a powerful Arch-Mage.

I then proceed to roll a 1.

Strength In Tears (Carry On Countdown Nov 29)

I realize that the girl power prompt was probably hinting at awesome fight scenes. But I think girl power means a lot of different things and I wanted to use this prompt to illustrate that, hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Penny knew she was strong; she had fought countless battles by Simon’s side. In fact, most of the time she was the person who found a way out of the messes. But she hadn’t ever foreseen herself tasked with this kind of mess.  
Agatha stood in the doorway, her jaw open and her eyes wide. She had a few bags at her side and she seemed to be waiting for someone else to speak.
Simon and Baz were sitting on the couch, oblivious to her. Penny was standing in the doorway, attempting to greet Agatha but failing when she saw the other girl’s expression.
“Who’s at the door Penny?” Baz’s voice was warm and relaxed.
“Um,” Penny mumbled.
“It’s me, Agatha.” Agatha’s expression was confused but animated once again.
Baz swiveled around, his face surprised.
“Oh, hello. I didn’t know you were coming by.”
Penny bit her nail nervously. “Yeah, Agatha, what’s up?”
Agatha walked in slowly, her gaze resting on Simon curiously.
“I’m home for the holidays. I was hoping I could come by and stay at your flat a few days. My dad gave me the address.”
Simon’s expression was kind but controlled.
“Hey Agatha. Why didn’t you call? We could have gotten a bed set up in the living room for you.”
Agatha sat on the armchair across from the boys.
“I lost my phone a couple months ago. And well…none of you have called so I wasn’t able to contact you.”
Baz looked at Simon. “Well, you going to tell her?”
Simon sighed. “Not sure if the timing is appropriate Baz.”
Agatha watched the two of them. “So you two…are friends now?”
Baz smirked. “Seems like perfect timing to me.”
Simon glared at him before turning back to Agatha.
“Um, you see, Agatha, a lot has changed since you left.”
She nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, of course. You two were getting a bit chummy even before I left.”
Simon scratched his head. “Well, yeah. So, we’re actually dating.”
Her blonde eyebrows lifted. “Dating?”
“Baz is my boyfriend.”
Baz subtly reached to hold Simon’s hand.
Agatha’s cheeks warmed and her expression went blank. After a few moments she looked away, her shoulders hunched.
“Well, I guess that makes sense.”
Simon looked at Penny pleadingly.
“Boys why don’t the two of you go and grab us some dinner. Agatha is probably starving. “
Baz mouthed a thank you as they left the apartment. Penny turned to find that Agatha had hunched in on herself. Her body was shaking slightly and Penny just knew she was crying. Penny had fought monsters, aced the hardest tests out there, and had been a part of saving the magical world. She had done all of this, yet she had no clue how to save the day this time.
“Agatha, I…are you okay?”
Agatha sucked in a short breath.
“I’m not crying because I’m jealous. Or because I want either of them.”
Penny reached a tentative hand out to stroke Agatha’s silky blonde head.
“Okay. Then why are you crying?”
Agatha looked up at her, tears streaming delicately down her face. She looked beautiful even when she cried.
“I thought it would be easy to come back. That I could just slip right back into how we all used to be. But it’s all changed.”
Penny struggled to come up with an encouraging response.
“Change can be for the better though. Simon is happier than he has been for a long time.”
Agatha bit her lip. “I know that. I can see it in his face. But it made me realize that you all, well you didn’t miss me.”
Penny’s hand froze in Agatha’s hair.
“What do you mean?”
“You and Simon never needed me, I knew that. The two of you were like super heroes and I always felt like the sidekick. When I left last year I left because I needed a break from magic. Not a break from you guys.”
Penny stayed silent as she watched Agatha’s eyes scrunch shut.
“But you never called.”
Penny frowned. “I tried to talk to you loads of times.”
Agatha glared at her. “About magic. The one thing I told you I needed to get away from. You didn’t care about me, you just cared about making me like you guys.”
Agatha stood, her arms ramrod straight. Penny had to admit that she hadn’t been too concerned about Agatha or her life in California when she had called her before. And then she had stopped calling entirely as life went on.
Agatha whipped back around.
“I was your friend. And you stopped calling. Both of you. I thought if I came back you would explain, tell me it was a mistake, that something had happened.”
She gestured wildly to the couch.
“And Baz? You both hated him. You were convinced he was evil! When I talked to him you were both so angry with me. But him, he got invited to the super hero club and I didn’t.”
“You never wanted to be invited!” Penny shouted.
“I just wanted to be included! I didn’t want to have to die for it though. And you should have never expected me to think that I should.”
Penny felt a thousand memories reshape themselves. She remembered Agatha begging them to go with her to Normal fairs, her terrified expressions when she joined them on their adventures, and her face whenever they kept her out of the loop. Penny didn’t regret fighting but she realized that she should have never judged Agatha for not throwing punches herself.
“I’m sorry Agatha. You were right. We didn’t do enough to support you, to make you feel included. And we should have kept trying, even if you did move away.”
Agatha shook her head.
“I always knew I wasn’t right for you guys. That I wasn’t good enough. I shouldn’t have dragged you down.”
Penny walked over and gripped Agatha’s hands tightly. She forced the other girl to look her directly in the eyes.
“Never say you aren’t good enough. You were and always will be good enough. We were just too caught up. We thought we had to sacrifice everything to save everyone. But that never should have meant sacrificing your friendship too.”
Agatha’s eyes widened. “Penny…”
Penny brought their hands up and pressed her forehead to them.
“You are more than good enough Agatha.”
Agatha nodded as more tears streamed out of her eyes.  She rushed forward and hugged Penny as tight as she could. Penny realized that in her own way Agatha was just as strong as the rest of them. She stood her ground and said things that Penny would never have felt confident enough to say. Agatha wasn’t the world’s strongest magician, but she was a strong woman, just like Penny.

Cursed Love (Writing Prompt)

Anonymous said to alloftheprompts: Some urban fantasy/fantasy/high fantasy prompts with forbidden love? Not actually forbidden but like cursed or smth. Thanks!!

  1. Character A’s ancestor cursed Character B’s family. 
  2.  Character is cursed to kill the one they love.
  3. Character is cursed to forget their loved one.
  4. Character A can see their future and it looks like they’ll bring doom to Character B.
  5. Character A’s touch hurts Character B.
  6. Character A is in love with Character B who, however, is betrothed to a powerful mage.
  7. Character A has powers which prevent Character B from using theirs.
  8. Character A and Character B are both cursed to change shapes and they’re never their selves at the same time.
  9. Character A can see future and see Character B with someone else.
  10. Character A is in love with Character B, who is cursed and receives a true love’s kiss from someone else.

i know those yoi rpg pictures are for like a pre-established game but consider a yoi au where they’re all playing DnD as those kinds of characters and yakov is their very put upon DM


“yuuri i swear to god you don’t need to roll for a magical girl transformation into your eros costume every time you use your mage powers it’s OKAY WE GET IT”

“yura you do know you can try to attack the hobgoblin with things other than kicking right”

I’m almost at a point with Dragon Age that i prefer the idea of it, rather than the reality. It’s a universe that has interesting elements, but BioWare just can’t grasp how to utilize them.

I mean, my repeated refrain with Inquisition is that it is a game based on moments that are flimsily tied together. And at this point, I’m inclined to call that Dragon Age’s issue as a whole. There are ideas that work well enough in isolation, but when they’re placed in the tapestry of the universe, things about them fall apart – we have the mage-templar conflict, which, you know, when we can see the abuses of blood magic and the things that mages can do, the power at their fingertips, yeah, there’s a moment where we can agree it’s a morally ambiguous situation. But then you sit down and see that the mages are rounded up and effectively imprisoned from the moment their magic manifests in childhood, the templars rampantly abuse them in varying ways, emotionally and physically, and just the overall sense that they are effectively being treated this way for the ‘crime’ of how they’re born… The grey gives way to black and white.

Or the elves – on its own, the idea that an ancient society torn itself apart and its bones were picked clean by scavengers is interesting, and the twist could have come off really well… IF we hadn’t spent the last several years seeing the modern elves struggling to reclaim anything of their lost heritage, a heritage that humanity had only torn away from them. In context, rather than being a subversion of audience expectations, it plays as victim blaming, saying that the elves are somehow responsible for their own oppression.

And it’s the same with various characters – I’ve seen some incredible theories about character growth and development, ones that utilize the lore and knowledge of previous games to expand and grow these characters in ways that the games have failed to. Inquisition’s characters specifically fail to have proper growth and advancement – most of them are just spinning their wheels as events happen around them, but they don’t actually grow, evolve, or change because of them. The little bit that does really only comes about through Trespasser, where they’re changed mostly because the audience spoke up loudly on the subject, and even that is telling, not showing.

Dragon Age’s universe is wonderfully complex and interesting. But I am honestly at a point where I care about canon only as a baseline, while fanon actually builds the world up and explores it and treats everything about it with respect.

On Dalish Mages

ALTERNATE TITLES (-I just used them as section headers-):

     Not Every Dalish Mage Is A First

     Seconds Are A Thing Too (For Good Reason)

     Three Strikes And You’re Out Isn’t A Universal Truth

     Why You Want Mage Keepers

Hello all, here is some meta, after a long while <3

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Shoutout to the short period of time when; on a certain popular server hosting capricious trickster gods, unrestrained blood mages, numerous powerful witches and thaumaturges, and more than one technologically nigh-indestructible authoritarian…

…I of all people was considered the most evil and dangerous. Just a friendly little witch living in a remote and humble little well


carry on countdown

what if after romeo and juliet came out if you said “you minion, you saucy boy” the person would (temporarily depending on the mage’s power) turn into a jar of pasta sauce

or “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” would basically disguise something. it would be noticable by anyone else who knew the spell/line but it changes the appearance of the object

since memes are cultural shifts too, there meme spells would probably work for a window of time. just imagine a mage summoning a gorilla into battle

Peg and Sylvia in Kingdom Hearts

Man I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to upload this baby, but now is as good as a time as ever! In celebration with the long awaited release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and in celebration of Kingdom Hearts’s 15th Anniversary, I give you Peg Pete and Sylvia Marpole Nomurafied!

Thanks to @aeolus06  when I commissioned him a few years ago for this idea, I always liked to picture some other Disney characters not only being a part of Kingdom Hearts, but also how they might contribute, so how else than give them different classes as you would in most RPG’s?

Peg is a fighter, ala Tifa Lockheart of FF7, where she uses her strength and sheer willpower as a force to be reckoned with when protecting those she loves…though still might wanna watch out for her secret weapon as she points out how she deals with Pete…

Sylvia from An Extremely Goofy Movie I figure would be more of a white mage. She’d casts powerful spells to protect her friends and provide reliable healing spells (hey, she outta be a better healer than Donald in the actual games, am I right guys?)

Hope you guys enjoy this fun bit of imaginative lunacy as I go play 2.8!

Tomione Meme | Eight Fanfic’s you’d love to read [3/8] | An Elemental Magic AU

In a world where magic is split into four elemental sources, people trust in their magical school institutions to teach children which elemental runs in their veins. Sometimes you’re an earth mage who can cast minor fire spells to heat an oven, sometimes you’re a water-mage with the ability to cast a little wind - but usually your DNA won’t accept more than one element in your magical helix. While junior students get taught in all of the elements until they reach 16 years, the ceremony for senior students of Hogwarts provides the need to put the so-called guidance hat on their top. People say the hat lives and it will run with force through your system and magic channel to choose the suitable element for your future and classify you in one of the four senior houses: Gryffindor the Fire-house, Ravenclaw the Water-house, Hufflepuff the Wind-house and Slytherin the Earth-house. Once Hermione Granger reaches her 16 years, an incident occurs during her ceremony which leaves her unconscious and with several serious head injuries in the medical wing of Hogwarts. When she wakes up, she accidentally overhears a conversation between headmaster Dumbledore and several dark persons, who talk about her as an abomination, a so-called element-waver. She heard about the term before, people who are able to control all four elements in a perfect balance - dark mages. Once she realises, that they want to lock her up to run experiments on her, she does the only right thing that comes to her mind: she flees.

Wrenched from everything she knows, she remembers fearful whispers and tales, a name spoken with respect and terror at once; Lord Voldemort, an element-waver like her who vanished years ago after his power nearly destroyed half of magic Britain. With the magical SWAT team on her tracks and an untamed power she can’t control, Hermione will have to confront the darkest mage of the new age - if he’s still alive.