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Undercover King

Every week, we follow the boss of a different organization as they go undercover, and figure out what’s really happening. Are things going as they seem? Or is someone keeping a secret from the chief? You’re watching Undercover Boss: Castle Krakenburg.

King Garon sat on his throne, scowling.

This is King Garon, the current monarch presiding over the kingdom of Nohr. Right now they’re fighting a war to conquer the land of Hoshido and bring glory to the homestead.

Garon stepped out of a closet, dressed as a butler, with no crown, wearing one eyepatch, and with his hair styled into a ponytail.

Today, Garon will go undercover as a butler named Ryan.

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I really couldn’t resist.

(Yeah no writing inspiration for Gruvia week so- I had to do something)

freedthedark  asked:

’ i’d trust you with my life any day. ’

“Well I would certainly hope so - we’ve been a team long enough, mind you.” 

Despite her visual nonchalance and jeering tone, Ever was truly touched by Freed’s admittance. Of course she had known that her teammates held nothing short of absolute confidence in one another regardless of the task, but that did not make the verbalization of such a deep trust any less precious to the stone mage. 

She still was not pleased that he and Laxus were taking a dangerous mission by themselves, but she could see there would be no convincing them to allow her to tag along after all. 

At first she had silently feared it was due to their believing her to be incapable of fending for herself or the others. Silly as the fear might have been, it was eased immensely by the rune mage’s simple assurance - eight measly words that somehow dosed out any flames of doubt she may have had pertaining to her reputation in her team’s eyes.

“Naturally I feel the same. You idiots are my life, so don’t go do anything reckless, you hear?”

Arms rising to rest gingerly on her hips, Ever offered the other a small smirk to lament the fondness behind her statement. Perhaps she was not the strongest out of her teammates, but that did not mean that she would not fight till the bitter end to keep her family safe, regardless of what it meant to her own safety. 

“You better come back in one piece…”

So, how do we get to Hell exactly?

Our campaign was coming to an end soon, and our final quest was supposedly to travel to Hell in order to fight Hades, who would be the final boss. Our Atlantean water cleric, Kermin had communications with the Gods, and so he was able to travel there with their assistance. My character and another were also able to get there due to reasons that would take too long to go into, but we had to figure out how the rest of us could. Kermin was already at the Gates of Hell at this point and was scared shitless, so he decided to call Armstrong (a stone-skin mage) on his “shell-phone”, an invention of Kermin’s to help the party communicate.

Kermin: Hello, Armstrong? 

Armstrong: What is it, Kermin?

Kermin: Well I’m kind of in actual Hell right now, and it just occurred to me that I have no Gods damn clue how the rest of you guys will get here. Dick (our sorcerer) and Gawaine (Dick’s Blue Dragon son) said they could get there I think, but I don’t think they arrived in the same level of Hell if they’ve already left.

Armstrong:….Ah….Yeah we didn’t really think about this whole plan very much, did we?

Kermin: Nope. 

Armstrong: Well, I’m sure Gabs (our rogue) and Destryn (one of our fighters) can figure out a way there in time. But if you need help, just call me again and I’ll be on my way.

Kermin: Wait, you have a way to travel to Hell?

Armstrong: *places arms around head in neck-breaking position* Yep! *hangs up*

let me just be honest there’s at least one vanilla dragon age 2 romance option (and we all know who) that i would replace and if i could pick anyone to replace them it would be meredith stannard

i would romance the knight-commander. i would bring her flowers. we would marry. me, a mage hawke, set in stone in my magey ways, adamantly anti circle in every way, i would wine, dine, bed, wed and carry on a passionate affair with the Supreme And Beautiful Dark Lord of Everything Herself, meredith stannard. i would be her paramour. her kept man. her girl friday. her sordid secret whispered about by bored socialites who are jealous that i would be special enough to catch her eye. i would do nothing but lounge in her office wearing frilly lingerie, regardless of which gendered hawke i played, eating grapes and cheeses, we would have gross pet names and be smitten and it would be beautiful cos i would love her

and i know in the end she would inevitably betray me for the red lyrium idol. i know she would attempt to slaughter me yelling about how she knew i, her fire flinging blood magic practicing mage loving best-friend-to-all-7-of-my-companions, world’s greatest older sibling to my grouchy middle brother who would trash talk templars too if he had as little sense as me, was no better than the other mages in the circle.

i know in the end that would happen

but i don’t care. because i love meredith stannard. she’s the greatest antagonist of all time.

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