mage of genesis

So there’s a chance I might do some 2HG at prerelease tomorrow, but it’s been so long since I touched standard in any form, I just want the Nissa Genesis Mage deck aaaaaaaa

Trying to figure out a card to take out of my RUG deck for when I get Nissa, Genesis Mage (at this point the deck is Nissa tribal with red). My friend keeps telling me Grip of Phyresis but I think he’s just salty about how often I’ve used it on his stuff to win the game. I can post a list if anyone would like to help?

anonymous asked:

Ah it's nice to see a fellow eldrazi lover here. I'm not sure if you're a fanatic like me, but I'll go under the assumption that you are. Anyways, I just read your theory on Emrakul and Nissa, and it all makes so much sense. I would love to see if Emrakul is freed by the Gatewatch (and plz Wizards, don't tell me Ulamog and Kozilek are really dead), and that the Eldrazi aid the Gatewatch in some way in an epic Gatewatch and Eldrazi vs. Ultimate Evil or something.

I’m convinced atm Emrakul has something to do with Nissa becoming a genesis mage so for now all we can do is wait… and see…