mage draws

Name: Navira
Race: Human (elf-blooded). She lived in Antiva City with her mother for a few years when she was a child.
Class: Shapeshifter and elemental spells (mage)
Physical description: a tall well-fit woman, with long red hair always tied in a messy chignon. She has different scars on her body (the most visibles are one on the corner of her mouth and on her left eye).
Background story: Her mother was an antivan elf crow. She doesn’t remember much about her childhood and she consider herself as a Tevinter citizen. In the country she has many friends and contacts with different guilds and a heavy influence on them, thanks for her skills and her clever mind, but she never really trusted anybody. She met Dorian Pavus once, and she still think that “he was a funny asshole. Too bad he is gay.

Motivations and goals:  she likes drink wine, fight, discover secrets and gossip about nobility of Tevinter, and make weird jokes about death and Templars. To survive alone into Tevinter society, she’s had to be a powerful woman and this lead her to be both a respected as hated woman, with with various affairs to lead, but she never wanted any of these. She thinks that the manager of all this is the Magister government and their bad influence on the Tevinter, so one of her deeper desires would be to see the Magisterium collapse. (!!One of her goals would be fight with a qunari!!)

Romance: even if she keeps this hide, she hate to feel so alone in a messy world like this. She is an available romance for both male and female characters and as other characters from DA (like Bull and Isabela) her romance begins as a physical one instead of a romantic one, and it will hard to get her complete trust, but it will be worth it.



i say fantasy au but i really mean fire emblem au