mage bff

Potion brewing day.

2 nb mage nerds exchanging recipes and trying to figure out which ingredients are the same things with different names.

we need to talk about Aeonar

Aeonar is a secret magical prison located somewhere in Ferelden, a place where suspected maleficars are held, sometimes indefinitely.

The Templars bring those who are accused, but whose true nature cannot be proven. Aeonar is the final, terrible test.

Aeonar was once a magical Tevinter laboratory, but when Andraste died, her disciples overtook the fortress for some reason. They slaughtered all the mages there while they were in the Fade, leaving the Veil pretty much tattered beyond repair. The Veil is so thin in Aeonar that, according to The World of Thedas, Vol. 2, even those without magic can feel demons crowding to get through.

So why send mages there again?

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Part 1 from the super serious Dragon Age photoshoot at AKon28. Click each photo for captions.

Alistair is me.
Mage Hawke is @ser-charlemagne
Anders is @thepretext
Cullen is @jhyena
Fenris is @we-are-trickster
Rogue Hawke is @arctech-fire

Part 2 is here.