Deepest Darkest Secret

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 Chapter 14. Simon.

‘Simon –’ he calls as I run out of the room.

Oh, so now I’m Simon again? I don’t stop.

I run down the path towards the front gate, and I’m halfway across the courtyard when I feel it – the dry, sucking feeling that means the Humdrum is nearby. My heartbeat picks up again and I fight the urge to draw my sword, standing in the middle of the courtyard and looking wildly around. (And up. I learned way back in first year never to forget to look up.)

‘Hello,’ says his voice behind me. I whirl around and find it – him – standing in front of the fountain. He looks just like the last time Penny and I saw him – he’s me. Except now I know that he isn’t just wearing my face to taunt me.

It’s strange, seeing my own eleven-year-old face in front of me, like some strange mirror that looks into your past. There’s two of me now. The one that I am, and the one that I left behind.

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Classpect theories

Author’s note

this is quite a lengthy post about my ideas on class behaviours in the mechanics of Sburb considering how a player interacts with the world rather than how he identifies themselves.

EDIT: I have removed the cut since it had been causing posting problems, I will try and see what is causing it shortly, but for now here is the post without any cuts. Enjoy!

Class grouping

I have noticed a tendency of different classes being grouped in 3 different ways; one being the function, another the subject and last the target. Through these different subdivisions of class, a player can identify with a class can be more easily by knowing how one behaves rather than how someone is.


The Function here would be characteristic of what the class does, or how it impacts reality. Therefore a form of method; it can be noticed in the 3 grand branchings of class inversion, these branchings being the witch-heir/mage-seer branch, the prince-bard/maid-sylph one and the thief-rogue/knight-page one.

These three branches have already been grouped off into 6 parts, but I found interesting to see how the inversions were connected to each other.

Therefore, the “change” and “know” classes (witch-heir/mage-seer) are linked by the idea of Form. Form, in this case, would touch how an aspect is seen; the understanding of an aspect deepens its’ Form whereas a manipulation of it would broaden its Form.

We can see this chemistry of Form seen through the movements of Science. Researchers work to find new theories that have yet to be explored through using different perspectives and approaches to already known concepts, a good example of change classes. Form is deepened through knowledge in other disciplines, such as philosophy; a thinker will approach an idea which has been only seen from its’ surface by delving into the complexities of what it implies and how it interacts with other concepts.

The “destroy” and “create” classes (prince-bard/maid-sylph) are linked through Matter. Matter, in this case, would be in consideration of presence of an aspect, its importance and impact on reality. A destruction class would stunt an aspects’ Matter whereas a creation class would increase it.

This dance of destruction and creation is as simple as the laws of offer and demand in economy. In the consideration of classpect, we will use this analogy by symbolizing the offer with Reality and the demand with the Player. In this case, were Reality to be offering too much of an aspect, a destruction class Player would reduce it substantially to their needs. Inversely, were Reality to offer a limited amount of an aspect, a creation class Player would allow a greater supply at hand.

Last but not least, the “move” and “use” classes (thief-rogue/knight-page) would concern Ratio. Ratio would be affecting how an aspect is needed throughout reality. A moving class would alter the Ratio in their favour while a using class would work with the current Ratio to impact reality efficiently.

We could compare this system through an exam in a classroom. The moving class players during this exam, depending on how much they studied and their alignment, they would mostly have a tendency to cheat in the exam, either giving away answers or taking them for their own to their need. A using class player would work with how much he has at hand to fulfill their exam and fill in the blanks; they would use what knowledge they have at hand  to remember the rest, like an unlocking system.


My concept of subject might seem abstract at first but hear me out; Subject would deal with whether the player would use their powers on “What is there” or “What could be,” aka Concrete or Potential.

Concrete, in this case, would effect how Reality is at the moment. It is a force that acts on the present. It is a more structured and controlled impact and is mostly immediate. This behaviour can be seen through the way Concrete players Function; the understanding classes deepen the current Form so it may be clearer, creation classes nurture the current form so it may grow stronger, using classes exploit the current form so it may be most efficient. In all cases, what Reality has to offer is what Concrete players make of it. When life gives concrete players lemons, they bite the shit out of those lemons, grow more of them and make them a sustainable energy source, becoming a healthy little community, but blind to some Potential. This kind of Subject can be observed through the classes of the Mage, Seer, Maid, Sylph, Knight and Page.

Potential, contrarily to Concrete, would effect how Reality could be. It is a force that acts so it may pay off later. They tend to be more intuitive and seek the optimal future all things considered. Potential players use their Function in a Potential way; the changing classes shape Reality to how it should be (to them), the destruction classes limit Reality to how it should be (to them), the moving classes redistribute Reality to how it should be (to them). I have put emphasis on the terms “to them” considering how they impact reality differently according to their Target. Overall, Potential players see what Reality has to offer and alters it for the best outcome. When life gives potential players lemons, they make lemonade and grab capitol over lemon commerce letting them be the only source of lemon for others, becoming rich bastards atop their lemony fresh empire, making them blind to Concrete consequences. This kind of Subject can be observed in the classes of the Witch, Heir, Prince, Bard, Thief and Rogue.


Target will be a whole lot easier to explain considering how it’s a spin off the active/passive axis. In this context, Target deals with WHO the player impacts with their actions, this being either Interior or Exterior. It can be commonly observed by knowing your own locus of control.

This theory is about how people perceive the outcomes of events to be either caused by themselves or others, hence the Interior or Exterior.

Interior players would have a greater tendency to blame themselves for their actions; be that positive or negative actions. They will tend to feel very guilty about current events in their lives. On the other hand, they would turn out to be very responsible players who know when to admit they did wrong. In consequence; these players will impact reality through themselves. They will be the ones to be out there doing shit, getting their hands dirty and pushing forward. These players include the Witch, Mage, Prince, Maid, Thief and Knight.

Exterior players would be more subject to blame others for their actions; be that positive or negative actions. They will be the ones to tell someone off for their own mistakes even though said person did nothing to deserve it. On the other hand, they would also attribute their success to others, they’d be the ones having a list of “special thanks” that is way too long for their award ceremony. In consequence, they will impact reality through others. They will be the players that will literally play; they will make sure to get what they want by pulling threads from a distance, they will conduct their melody and their friends will play along with glee. These players include the Heir, Seer, Bard, Sylph, Rogue and Page.

Overall, the best analogy i’ve read for this concept would be to send a letter. An Interior player would go straight to the person’s house to give them the message or just call them. An Exterior player would pass the letter to different people so it eventually gets to the person’s house, or they would entice the idea in said-person that they had a message for them and let them find it laying around.

I haven’t played Dragon Age for a while but every so often I pause and double-check that I still hate Cullen “mages aren’t people but oh wait I have a romanticized addiction arc so that means I can be as prejudiced as I want and never own up to my horrific wrongdoings uwu” Rutherford with all the passion of my soul

And I do


· Tevinter mage ·


· Dorian screenshots [link]

Breaking the Divide, Ch. 1

(Cullen x Mage!Trevelyan)  AO3 link.  (2493 words)

A slow burn novelization of the romance between Cullen Rutherford and Kaitlyn Trevelyan. 


“How many men did we lose?” Cullen picked up the report, recognizing several of the names among the dead.

“Not as many as we could have,” Leliana said. “Our scouts were particularly fortunate that the prisoner insisted on going through the pass to get them.”

Josephine cleared her throat.

“Herald,” Leliana corrected with a sigh. “She should be with us shortly.”

Cullen blinked. “She?”

“You didn’t know?” Leliana asked. “I thought you’d checked on the prisoner earlier.”

“I sent several of the Templars we have to check on him–her. I knew she was a mage but little else. When the reports returned with no sign of possession, it ceased to matter.”

“No curiosity?” Josephine asked. “I’ve already contacted the various branches of her family as well as the Circle to which she belonged.”

Cullen chuckled to himself. Of course she had. Give Josephine a stranger and she’d know who their best friends were before the day was done.

“Very well, then,” he said when the ambassador gained an excited gleam in her eye that demanded to be shared. “What should I know of her?”

“Lady Kaitlyn Trevelyan–though I suppose the Lady part is in name only–the oldest child by ten years, she has two twin brothers, Marcus and Anthony. Her parents sent her to the Ostwick Circle when she was–”

“Wait. They sent her there? Voluntarily?” It was uncommon for any family to simply hand over their child. For a noble family to do so–especially with a firstborn–it was nearly unheard of.

Leliana spoke up. “That’s what her Grand Enchanter said in his letter. And yes,” she added when Cullen opened his mouth, “I had the source verified. The Herald was sent as his representative which is why he still lives.”

“Lucky for him,” Cullen muttered. Questions swirled on his tongue like ashes rises from a prodded fire. He sighed and let them fall when the doors of the war room opened with a loud creak. Setting the report down, he glanced up as Cassandra marched in with a woman at her side. The stranger had a straight nose, high cheeks, and skin that reminded him of the trees he’d used to climb as a child. Her brown hair was kept short, brushed away from her face. But it was her eyes that caught his attention. Yellow: a flaming gold that seemed to burn even as she looked at him. A thick, gnarled scar curled around her left eye and he wondered what could have caused such a deep wound.

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"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

nalu week day 6 - effulgence

THIS IS A COLLABORATION WITH THE LOVELY fairy-mage (link to her post HERE))!!! I wrote the story, and she drew the pictures to accompany it! We both helped give inspiration to the other aswell;)

The moment he launched the attack he knew it was a mistake. Seconds later, he was slammed through the remains of what had once been a brick wall, and continued rolling through piles of rubble for what felt like miles. The sharp rocks ripped numerous gashes into his already bruised skin, making him leave a trail of blood along the way. Finally, he came to a halt, facing the ground and spitting out dust. Damn, that guy was actually strong.

He scrambled to his feet, just in time to dodge the attack that came his way. When the smoke cleared, his enemy became visible, calmly walking towards him, a cold smile edged into his features and an ancient book pressed to his body.

Marde Guille himself had decided to join the final battle, picking out the one person he knew everyone was drawing their hope and strength from. Humans were so easy to see through, after all. Though, he had mentally noted, he also was going to vanquish the annoying blonde girl. No one could be allowed to escape Alegría and live. They actually had managed to anger him enough to make a move; nevertheless, this would be over quickly. Nobody here was anything more than a pawn in his little game – and he was the king.

“Don’t think that any of you pathetic mages can actually change anything about the outcome of our little encounter. No matter what you call yourselves…Faeries…Tigers… in the end, all you are is weak.”

“Oh yeah?? Say that again after I’ve turned you to ashes!! Karyu no Hoko!!”

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