hey it’s a commissions post

hey so there’s a thing that i want really bad (it’s this)

and i want to earn it through my own work instead of dipping into my savings because i want to prove something to myself i guess

anyway! here’s the downlow:

character pencils: $5-10 for head, $10-15 for bust

character inks: $10-15 for head or bust

character ink: $20-30 for full body (depending on the complexity of the character ofc)

character digital: $15-20 for bust, $25-35 for full body
*will add simple bg (see middle pic) for free

wanna add some color?: additional $3 for head, $5 for bust, $10 for full body traditional, $15 for full body digital 

of course not everything will come under the umbrella of ‘character’ commissions, so i am open to price negotiation! 

what i will do:

  • your favorite show character
  • your oc
  • tattoo designs
  • character sketch sheets
  • if it isn’t explicitly on my ‘no’ list feel free to ask

what i will not do:

  • nsfw (i’m just not feelin’ it lmao)
  • kink/fetish related stuff (especially pedo stuff)
  • possibly gore but i’m open to discussing it

my email is at but I would rather you messaged me on here first if at all possible! also please be prepared to give me reference material if you’re wanting me to draw your oc or your fursona or whatevs

thank you guys for your time! 


maybe commissions??? ??

hey so there’s a thing i want and i want to earn the money for it thru commissions instead of dipping into my savings!

if u guys would be interested in commissions could you like/reply to this post? you can look through my art tag #magdoodles if u wanna see examples of my stuff!