Made it back to my apartment and had Christmas cards waiting from lovely clara-watchmerun, cute sifki baby headcanon from teslatricity, and adorable denial of sifki love from magdalenarivera! Thank you thank you!

Also waiting was this COMPLETELY ADORABLE I AM SCREAMING AND FAILING ARTWORK from led-lite! Thank you Lauren you are amazing!


“I can’t be racist towards white people, because some of my best friends are white. [..] I take them to parties sometimes to show them off to my other friends.”

mexicanprincessbrienne said: i feel like theyre seeing arya/walt as killers and thats it. like, yes theyre killers but what motivates them and the circumstances are so different, you really can’t compare them.

There is so much bad intentions in comparing a little girl to a line of the worst of the worst abusers and killers on tv 

that was not an innocent harmless comparation and it was absolutly full of terrible connotations agaisnt an abused little girl