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“I thought I’d die alone.”

“How often do I have to tell you, old friend? You are never alone!”

[X-Men headcanon] When Erik dies, Magda, Anya, and Charles are waiting for him. 

They all look like in Erik’s happiest memories: Magda healthy and with long hair again, years after their escape from Auschwitz. Anya as the cheerful and laughing daughter he had with Magda, before she died in their burning house. Charles in his favourite cardigan, as in the night he convinced Erik to stay and build a future together.

Okay, I ultimately decided to upload the version with the warm colours. Here is the monochromatic one: 

A Word on Magda Maximoff(Or how Hollywood doesn't want a perfectly good Romni)

The character of Magneto has gone through a lot of variations throughout time just like any othe comic book character and movies tend to distort that even more, the basics of a character can’t change however. Magneto was sent to a concentration camp for being Jewish and it was at said concentration camp that his powers were awakened. X-Men First Class even showed the touching story of his powers and his mom.

In the comics however, Magneto’s powers get awakened due to his love for a Romani prisoner named Magda. He falls in love with her and their love is what awakens his powers and allows them to escape to the camp.

Magneto is a villian as his views stand in direct contrast to that of the X-Men. He views mutants as superior to humans and thinks they should be treated as such.

Magda was completely human. And Magneto loved her more than anything else on this planet. He even had a child with her. This child, their daugther was killed by angry villagers because they thought Magneto was a monster because of his powers.

Magda could never look at Magneto the same way and soon left, however by the time she left him she was pregant with twins, Pietro(Quicksilver) and Wanda (The Scarlet Witch). Magda dies in childbirth. Magneto begins to develop his hatred for all of humankind.  

Pietro and Wanda are very important characters to the world of Marvel. Wanda’s sons Billy (Wiccan) and Tommy (Speed) are both part of the Young Avengers, the youth branch of the Avengers and therefore connects the Avengers superheros to the X-men once again.

Pietro’s daughter Luna, is the result of his marriage to the Inhuman Crystal. It should be noted that Luna is a complete human like her paternal grandmother Magda.

The character of Magda had so much potential, she is connected to every branch of the Marvel comic book world. She is everything one could want in a movie. She is a mother, a love story, a abandonment story, the meaning for Magneto’s anger. There is so much that could be done with her.

Hollywood never gives her a chance despite all that her character could do and be worked with. Magda is one of the most influential fictional Romni of all time and yet the most obscure.