“Really Jack it’s not even that serious.”
You and Jack had just come back from a night on the town. While you guys were out you kept seeing the same guys staring at you. Being the nice person that you are, you just kept smiling and waving at the guy. Jack kept insisting that you knew him, and that you were flirting with him.
“I honestly can’t handle you right now y/n.”
“FINE THEN DON’T I BET THAT GUY COULD. You honestly don’t have enough pride to claim what’s your. Act like a man Jack, not a little boy.”
When you said this Jack gave you this face that you’ve only seen when his is beyond pissed. Knowing that he would say something he would regret, JJ walked into the bedroom and shut the door. You knew you were wrong for coming at Jack’s pride, but you couldn’t take it. You and Jack were both stubborn, but when you were wrong you knew it. You go upstairs to your shared bedroom, and knock on the door.
“Baby I’m so wrong for what I said. I shouldn’t have attacked you like that. I’m wrong in every possible way. I swear I didn’t know that guy I was just being nice. And I doubt he could treat me like you could, because you treat me like I am the world.”
You waited for Jack’s response. Instead of responding, he pulled you into his chest so that you cuddle. All night long, you guys cuddle and talked, knowing that in the morning everything would be perfectly chill.
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So I’m going to shawn’s show in march and I wanted to show him how many people love and support him on tumblr. Everyone that reblogs this will get their username put on a poster which will be given to him. I’ll post a picture of it when I’m finished :)

If no one does this then it never happened ok  

12/12 snapchats plus others

So I was kinda keeping these private but I’m just kinda yolo

Nash: lifeofnash
Cameron: camerondallas
Matthew: notmattespinosa
Shawn: shawnmendes1
Jack G: Jackgilinsky
Jack J: Jaaackjohnson2
Taylor: taylorcaniff
Carter: reynolds.carter
Aaron: aaron-carp
Jacob: jacobontour
Mahogany: itslox
Hayes: yaboyhayesg
Sammy: sammywilk11
Dillon: dillonrupp1 // dillonrupp

Andrea Russet: andwizzle
Andrew Lowe: lowecow
Brent Rivera: brentrivera // thebrentrivera
Christian Delgrosso: christiandelg
Daniel Skye: danielskye123
Dylan Holland: deezyontour
Jack Gilinsky’s Dad: dgilinsky
Jake Foushee: drfoosh
Bryant Eslava: eslava
Willie Jones: heywilliejones
Grant Landis: grantstourlife
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Jerome Jarre: jeromejarre
Kenny Holland: kennyholland
Princess Lauren: lglaurennnn
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Maggie Lindemann: magsmoneymil
Nate Maloley: natemaloley
Dylan Dauzat: ohdauzat
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Sam Pottorff: sammpott
Sierra Dallas: sierra-dallas
Sebastian Olzanski: spaceshipseb
Kian Lawley: swifferme
Trevor Moran: trevormoran

You’re welcome ✌️



Dance moves that don’t match the music (x)


if your private parts didn’t tickle at the sight of this …..

re-evaluate everything you are


She Bad Music Video (x)