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Hayes Grier-Trick or Treat


I rang the door bell and not more than a minute later the door swung open.

“Trick or treat.” I smiled.

“We’re all out of candy so you’ll have to take a kiss instead.” Hayes joked.

My eyes knitted together in fake disappointment as Hayes slid his arm around me. “But I want chocolate.”

“If you chocolate all you have to do is ask;I’m here if you need me.” I heard Tez joke. I threw my head back in laughter.

“Sorry Tez, this cute little woodland fairy is all mine!” Hayes was referring to my costume he was Peter Pan and I was Tinkerbell. I fell back on my heels as Hayes dipped me kissing my like in one of those romantic movies.

“Hey you guys can’t be doing all that with a bunch of kiddos around out there.” Tez put his hand between us.

“Are they seriously going trick or treating?” Nate came out of the kitchen.

“Yea and don’t complain when you can’t have any of our candy when we get back.” My eyebrows raised as my arms came together crossed.

“Well excuse me.” Nate grumbled.

Hayes grabbed two pillow cases out of the kitchen and off we went.

Later that night

“I’ll trade you a kit kat for,” Hayes peaked over into my bag fiddling around in it. “One of these.” He pulled out a box of dots.

“No thank you and how many times do I have to tell you we’ll trade when we get home.” I snatched my box of dots out of his hands and rang the door bell to the next house. The door flung open.

“Oh well it’s Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Wait a minute, are you guys teenagers?“ The lady raised her eye brows. Not another one. So far Hayes and I had only encountered a couple of unimaginative adults who didn’t give us candy because we were “too old”.

“Yea.“ I sighed as if I was disappointed with myself for growing up.

The lady sat the bowl down on a table behind her door and then pulled out a box. In it were long brightly colored wrappers, that’s right full sized candy bars. My eyes darted to Hayes who had his mouth open before I took one.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“Best Halloween ever.” Hayes smiled.

The lady chuckled as we placed our candy in our bags.

“Have a nice night.” She smiled.

“Thank you, you too.”

“You too.” Hayes waved as we walked away.

Hayes wrapped his arm around me as we went to the next house.

“Now isn’t this way better than sitting at home.”

“Yea, but I could be locked in a empty room but still have fun if I was with you.”

“You’re so cheesy you should’ve been a cheese ball for Halloween.” I said trying not to smile.

“You love it.”Hayes kissed me.

A/N: I’m going to try to stay up until midnight making Halloween imagines so send in a request.


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Hayes Grier- Warm

Request: could you do a Hayes Grier imagine where his girlfriend is depressed & suicidal?

AN: If you ever feel lonely just remember there are people in your life you can talk too and if not my messages are always open. I don’t judge, I’ve been there, and if not me please someone.

TW: depression



I took note of how my feet felt when I rubbed them against eachother as I clenched the throw from the couch, noticing every fiber. I had already uploaded a video on YouTube earlier this week but I still had to do some of my homeschooling assignments; I guess they’ll just be late. Looking back up at the tv to see another infomercial, I scanned around my house and then my tired eyes went back down at the blanket, whom’s fibers were more interesting. This had been my routine for the last who knows how long. An ear shattering banging sound came from the door.

“YN!” It was Hayes. “YN are you home? Please open up if you are, your mom is worried about you, y/bf/n is worried about you,I’m worried about you!” He went on. “You haven’t been answering your phone; I just want to know that you’re okay! I have your favorite ice cream and snacks!”

Don’t get me wrong I love Hayes but I just need time to myself. Maybe a couple of days or weeks or months but I just needed freedom from my so called life. I just need it all to stop. Part of me wanted to open the door but another just wanted me to stay like I have for how many ever days I was here and I knew it had been days because the leftover light from the curtains would wake me up in the morning.

His fist pummeled my apartment door. “I hope your in there because I’d feel real stupid if your not. Maybe you’re just in the shower? YN please baby if you’re in their open up and then I won’t ask anything else, I don’t even have to stay; I just want to know your okay.” I don’t know if it was me not wanting to get yelled at by my landlord because of a noise complaint or the fact that that the desperation in Hayes’ voice plucked on my heartstrings like a toddler playing a harp but I mustered the energy to open the door. I slid my body off the couch wrapping myself in my blanket. The mahogany floor was colder than I had expected, in a way it was refreshing.

I unlocked the door and cracked it open. I looked Hayes in the eyes but they were too much for me, my insides cringed at the sight. The hollow echo from the ice cream dropping followed by crumbling plastic gave me an excuse to look away. I tilted my head down in defeat; I couldn’t figure out what he was feeling. Was he tired or disappointed in me or angry or…

“Thank you for opening the door.” His subtle accent broke through the silence.

Say something YN. He deserves you to say something. I took a deep breath. What do you say? I’ve been ignoring him for days which is bad enough but he knows, he knows about my— moods.

His calloused hands gently combed through my hair before he brought me in. For a gentle hug, like I wasn’t a person anymore and my body had been replace with sand that he was afraid would crumble before him.

YN hug him back please; make him feel wanted. I took a deep breath inhaling his scent, I missed how he smelled. Hayes unwrapped himself from me as gently as he did before. Picking up the bag from the ground he handed it to me.

“I got you a salad too, besides the ice cream and candy, um and one of those cups of fruit. I just didn’t know when the last time you ate was.” Hayes nervously rocked between the ball of he feet and heals. “Um I guess I’ll go, not forever though, just until tomorrow maybe to check on you. Okay bye YN, I love you.” He kissed my forehead and pivoted. I grabbed his arm and once again the ice cream was on the ground. We both dropped to the ground picking up the contents of the bag, our hands fell upon each other as we both reached for a Snickers making our faces snap up. Hayes’ eyes pierced straight into mine and thus I was trapped. I had to say something or move or look at his sunken face.

I glanced down at his pink lips and bit mine . Leaning in was the only option I had to escape his blue eyes which had served as wells of emotions. As our lips met and that’s all it took. At first, he was caught so off guard he probably didn’t know if this was real. Hayes pulled me into him with such passion and care. I wasn’t a sand castle anymore.

He was so warm: his lips, his cheeks, his neck, I could even feel the heat radiating from his head when I tangled my hands in his hair. I pulled away unwantingly but I needed to say something. It didn’t have to be something profound but I need to say something. He needed something, he deserved something.

“Thank you.” I croaked out looking down at his eyes again, they were different this time. Instead of unintended daggers that made me feel guilty they were soft and warm.

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m here for you. I’ll alway be there for you. YN I love you, like I’m in love with you. I don’t care what happens between us but I’ll always be there for you. Please don’t ghost everyone again; it worries people. Your mom was about to fly out.”

“I’m sorry.” I dipped my chin into the nape of his neck.

“I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, I’m saying this to remind you you are important and you have people in your corner. It’s not you against the world, babe. It’s not you against the world.”

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