Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone 

Hey guys! Thank you so much for 1k! I’m so happy and thankful for all of you guys! So here’s my follow forever, I’m so sorry if I didn’t get all of you guys:(

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D-F: demmagconboys dontbenashty dreamagcon drewsland espewnosa espinosa-my-nosa espinosabeanies espinosamatt espixosa espniosa fagcon flawlesshawn flawlesspinosa fonnor-cranta frickmematt fuckyeahmagcon fytaycaniff
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Thank you for 1k! I love you sorry if you’re not in this!

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We are so grateful for all the amazing followers we have and we want to thank you guys so much for making us feel welcomed and appreciated in this fandom. The Magcult has truly changed Brooke and I’s lives. We love you guys so much. We wanted to make this post to show our love to some of the perfect blogs we follow. You guys are the best, magcon fam 4L :)

the sexy faggits we talk to that understand us

magcons    mylovelydallas    fuckmecamerondallas    carolinegrier

everyone else that is amazing

mattespinosasbae    magconconfessions    o2lwoaah    dallasaddictmagconofficial    camdawgdallas    ohmymendes    mrsgilinskyy   lolespinosa    matthewxespinosa    magcongurl    iconsmagcon    espixosa    matthewespinxsa    magconordie    carterr-reynolds    dailymagcon    h4ynes    hayesbae    awespinosa    taylor-caniffs-bandana    thosemagconboys    narcisisstic    taylorcasniff    taylorcaxniff   magconboys    magconholic    vineimagines    caniffornia    sixsecondsnineboys   thematthewespinosa shawnmendes    graceelizabeththefab    shawnsbae    zamnbae    espinosah    espinosuh    cameronbae    magconvamps    magconfans    fyeahshawnmendes    themagconfamily    nineboyz    shawnmendxs    magc0n    magcon-sluts    theyoungestoftwo    younashty    cameronxdallas    jacks-crouton    nashsangels    shxwnmendes    yanashtypuma    nashed-potato    vineboysforever    supshawnmendes    macgonboys    jackgilinskyy    camdxllas    vine101    themagconfam    mendesmerized    caniffsbandanas    ughshawn    mrs-mendes    nashxgrier    mattsespinosa    dontbenashty    magc0nboys    mxndes    ofcamerondallas    caniffobsessed    holymagcon    itscamerondallas    magconmadness    woahtheredallas    boys-of-magcon    mendescaniff    salutetoespinosa    

I love each and every one of you, even the ones not listed here



1k Follow Forever

Hello! Here is my follow forever for 1k! :) I know I said I would do one for 1.5k, but I made the edit earlier. Okay I know the edit looks so bad and it’s probably the worst edit ever.

I never thought I would come this far in like a little over a month. I don’t even know why people follow me, haha. I just want to thank everyone for following me, I love you all and if any of you ever need anything, I’ll be right here. My ask box is always open! :) 

Go follow these people please. They’re the best people in the world and their blogs are amazing. :)

hoppinrivers ollieandivy zayyummendes lolespinosa fonnor-cranta frickmematt pumalover2001 magcock taylor-caniffs-bandana magicalmendes ourmagcon pumamagcon theaaroncarpenter gilinskers espinosa-my-nosa camdawgdallas camdallus totallymagcon iconsmagcon themagconfamily baematthewespinosa shawnmendes magcongurl suptaylorcaniff  cutelikegrier espixosa gilinskymendestbh samwilkinsons ilyshawn magconslife jackgilinsexy nashmygrier hayesbae nashtybabe nashtyfornash blesspinosa c-dallas drewsland espewnosa espinohsa flawlesshawn flawlesspinosa gilinskybae jackjismybae jackgilinksys kinkygilinsky lovingxshawn lolmagcon oh-my-mendes o2lwoaah ofcamerondallas puma-army rxynolds sassgrier shawnsmirk magcon-or-nahh vinerbaes matthewsepinosa magconbabies fagcon ughshawn espniosa just-magcon magconboyyz nashtymira thejackgilinsky supcaniffs shawnslay magconaustralia camerondatass thosemagconboys woahvineguys vine101 woahtheredallas zayumgrier mrscarterespinosa mattespinosabr matthewasspinosa matthewespinxsa matt3spin0s4 younashty nashty-is-perfectxxx magc0nboys mxgconboys mxndes magconfans magconpizza pumagcon

Bolded are favs :) || Italics are baes <3 

I’m so sorry if I forgot you. I still love you alot okay. I would like to say thank you again, and I love you all, so so so so so much. :) xxx

Alright Fucking PSA Right Here (Spread This Like Wildfire To End This)

Alright… I made one of these awhile ago but it looks like it’s time to make another one. All on my dash I’m seeing nothing but hate.

Oh no it’s not toward any of the boys or anything. ITS US. FANS! IN THIS FANDOM WHICH HAS NO NAME!!!

Why are people in the fandom hating on others? We’re all here doing our own thing, so why bother trying to ruin that?

I’m seeing anon after anon (or the same anon if that’s the case) going around and sending hate. Hate to these beautiful wonderul people.

What’s the point of it? Just shut up already. Seriously. Would you enjoy the hate? I’m going to turn all 1st grade teacher here for a sec but… “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Remember that golden rule? Oh wait if you’re sending hate you probably never even heard of that saying. But guess what, you heard of it now. So follow it. Shut your mouth already. Stop typing in your keyboard. And stop hitting that ask button.

Or… here’s another alternative… you can stop hitting the anon button.

If you’re going to send hate do it off of anon. Because already with you just hitting that anon button and sending in hate, that makes you an asshole.

So here’s a message from me… Anon. I hope you see this. And realize what you’re doing is wrong. You’ll get no where by hurting people. Find another way to make yourself happy. Don’t bring other people down just to bring your own happiness up.

It’s disgusting and horrible.

So Ima send this out there. This message goes out to all my ladies out there. Sorry to those who are affected by this and hopefully you’ll get better. even though i know youll get better. come to me if you want/need help. My ask is open.

(Even to you anon haters come on bring it on I’m ready to take you on)

So ladies lets go, help me spread this. Hopefully this anon will get some sense knocked into her.

mattismysmile teachergilinsky jackjismybae xjackxjohnsonx nashsanaconda smileygrier skizzymaloley sammywilkssmile shawnstolemymuffin wtfwilkinson doyougotawilk daddywilkinson darlingjohnson rebelsoulwithagypsyheart taylorcaniffuckyou teenfictionwut yeetgrier omahahotties omahasexgods
o2l-magcon-omaha pimp-daddy-jack
pleasingilinsky pleasingjohnson paradise-jackandjack fadedwilk fvckingilinsky griershamilton jackxgilinskyy jackgilinskysluts jackjohnsonomaha kinkygilinsky kaylamoffitt16 champagnejacks camdallasxxx mccallsbootycall magconpreferencesbruh magconfans magconslut

(Yes I literally tagged everyone I follow, sorry to those who aren’t involved just trying to help out the fam)

Bullying needs to stop. You wanna bully someone come to me. I’ll put your ass into place. End of discussion. I’ve said my peace.