(You and hayes were in bed together cuddling)
“STOP!” You screamed at Hayes while he tickled you.

“Ok ok fine” Hayes said. Hayes pulls you on top of him so you’re sitting on him and you guys lock hands and lean in for a kiss. When you get back up Hayes says “your my princess remember that” of course that made you blush. Carter swings the door open and says “HAYES I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR PRINCESS!” You could hear the other boys laughing in the back. Hayes threw a pillow at carter “get out” hayes says rolling his eyes but still chuckling.

“Wanna go on a walk princess?” Hayes askes you. “Sure” you say. You get ready in the bathroom and hayes got ready in the room. You threw your hair in a messy bun, you wore one of Hayes’s sweatshirts, then put on some shorts and plain converse. You walked out of the bathroom and Hayes told you that you looked beautiful. Hayes was wearing a muscle shirt and jeans (you guys aren’t a fancy couple haha) Hayes takes your hand and you guys walk out the hotel room and down to the lobby. All you hear is fans screaming “ITS HAYES AND (Y/N)!!

Hayes stuck out his hand to high five the fans and he yells IOVE YOU GUYS! (you don’t get mad because obviously hayes loves his fans and the fans liked you) once you guys got outside you see hayes bending down “GET ON MY BACK (Y/N) !” You put your phone in your pocket and jump on Hayes’s back. He gets up and spins around. “So (y/n) where do you want to go princess?” You just say around the beach.

After 15 minutes of walking Hayes sits on the sand and pats his lap so you could sit. Once you sit down hayes puts his arm around your waist you and lays his chin on your shoulder while rocking side to side. It was nice being the only ones on the beach. You and hayes were talking for 3 hours (you and hayes talk for hours never getting bored with each other)

“Hey I love you (y/n)” hayes said to you


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