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[Person: When you’re at the hotel room and you have to pay for the water. Shut the hell your mouth. There’s free water right here you fucking asshole!
-upbeat song playing-]

waking up ( super fricken fluffy )

authors note: i woke up to my cat this morning, but it made me think of how cool it will be someday to actually wake up to the love of my life

You attempted to open your eyes but the sun blinded you. You had been dreaming of some kind of warmth, like the beach or maybe a dessert, you didn’t exactly remember. But whatever it was, it made sense considering you were sleeping right under the sun. It was so bright through the curtains, and you decided to turn over away from it so you could actually see. As you you turned on the opposite side of your body, you saw your favorite person in the whole world, Shawn. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. You wanted to reach out and touch his cheek but you didn’t want to wake him, so instead you kept your hands to yourself and watched him sleep. He would probably wake up soon anyway. It wasn’t early but it wasn’t late either. It didn’t matter either way, because for once, you and Shawn had a free day, where you didn’t have to get up and get dressed to be ready to be somewhere. It was glorious. As glorious as the sun you were now soaking up as you lay in bed waiting for Shawn to wake up. You stretched slowly trying not to make your movement noticeable, until Shawn turned towards you and licked his lips. His eyes were still closed but you could tell he was awake.

His cheeks were a little pink and his hair was a beautiful mess, a mess you ran your hands through as you reached over to him. He smiled and grabbed your wrist, pulling you closer by using his own hands to wrap yours around his waist. You were now wrapped around him completely as he kissed your head. His eyes were now open and you could feel him looking at you as you ran your fingers up and down his back under his t-shirt. You were both quiet. You almost wanted to break the silence and ask him if he wanted breakfast or something, but you didn’t really want to get up, and you figured he didn’t either since he hasn’t said anything. So instead you just layed there for a little longer inhaling his scent, and taking in everything you held. What you held in your arms right now, was something you never though you’d have. You had someone who cared about you right next to you, actually closer than next to you, they were in your grasp. You had someone who loved you and you loved them. You could feel your heart fluttering as you felt Shawn kiss your head again, and finally speaking up;

“I love you.” He said in his precious raspy morning voice.

You smiled so big, almost laughing.

“I love you more.”

“Mmm, I love you most.” Shawn said and pulled you closer


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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: It just kinda came to mind, THIS IS CRINGEWORTHY (to me) 


You stroll down the corridors of your university ready to go back to your apartment after a long tiring day when you feel someone pull you to an empty classroom.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” You yelled at the guy, you couldn’t tell who it was due to the hoodie he was wearing. Soon he discarded the hoodie making a tiny gasp escape your lips.

“Shawn? What’re you-”

“I missed you so fucking much, baby.” he cut you off pulling you close and kissing you.

“Shawn, we can’t. I can’t, you left me.” You said pulling away looking at the floor.

“Y/N, I am truly and deeply sorry, I will make it up to you. Just please take me back I-”

“SHAWN YOU LIED TO ME!” You cried letting your tears fall, he came closer to you to wipe them away, but you only turned away wiping them yourself.

“You made your decision, now I’m making mine.” you sniffled

“Y/N I-”

“Goodbye, Shawn.” you said leaving the room before he could get another word out, as he watched the most precious thing in the world to him, walk away, and he could do nothing to stop it.

He’s done enough damage already, not only did he lie, but he also left you, for her.

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this, also this isn’t edited yet bc i’m on mobile :((.

“Not again.” you mumbled as your car broke down, you tried calling a tow truck but there was no cell service making you sink in your seat.

You got out of the car and waited for someone to drive by and help you with this thing when a familiar black jeep drove by and you hurriedly got into the car hoping he didn’t see you, but he did.

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So true😂😂