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How he describes your period lmao idk this is pretty stupid and lame I’m sorry 😂

“Babe, I got good news!” - Cameron Dallas imagine

“ Can you do an imagine were Y/N is pregnant with Cameron’s baby and it turns into this huge mess. You can choose the ending…hope this helps with writers block 😘☺ “ requested by @manydaddies

“Stop staring at that thing. You’ll drive yourself crazy.” Your best friend says as she tears the pregnancy test out of your hand.

She was right, well kind of, because you were driving yourself crazy with the pregnancy test in your hands and without it. 
“What.. I mean.. How.. Cameron..” you had so many thoughts floating around in your head but you struggled to put them into words.

“Hey.” Your best friend said comforting as she wrapped her arms around you.
“Don’t worry about Cameron..” she pauses and then continuous “He loves you. And he’ll love the baby. You know that!” 

You listened but didn’t say anything. 
Instead, you buried your face deeper into her comforting arms.

The timer on your phone goes off and your heart sinks into your stomach. Fuck!
You take a really really deep breath. “Are you ready?” Your best friend asks with an excited undertone.

As ready as I’ll ever be..

You take another deep breath and grab the  test from your best friends hands. 
“Two lines..” you say monotone. 
“OH MY GOD! TWO LINES!” you scream as soon as you realized that you are pregnant. To your surprise it was a pretty enthusiastic scream.

You hug your best friend as you start to tear up. 
“Congratulations?” She looks at you confused. “Are we happy about this or still scared?” she looked at you as she furrows her brows. 

Well, that actually was a good question since you almost cried just a couple of minutes ago.
“I.. I am happy.” You smile unknowingly as you look at the pregnancy test.
Your best friend pulls you in for another tight, and this time, congratulating hug.

“Hey, girls. What are we so happy about?” Cameron walks in.
You instinctively hide the pregnancy test behind your back within a split second.

Cameron walks over to kiss you.
“What do you got there?” he asks with a confused smirk as he points behind your back. 

You feel your face turning a dark shade of red, knowing that you are horrible at lying. Fuck, he’ll find out the worst way possible.

“A tampon.” Your best friend says with a fake embarrassed smile as she grabs the test with both hands, hoping Cam wouldn’t look at it.
His smirk turns in to a disgusted confused smile. Typical.
“Well, that’s my queue to leave.” he shakes his head with the same weird smile.

As soon as Cameron left the bathroom your best friend says “Fuck. That was a close call.” 
She get’s up to hug you and continues to say “I’m gonna leave the two of you alone. This one definitely is a one-to-one talk” 
She kisses your cheek, puts the test on the counter and exits the bathroom.
“Bye, Cameron” You hear her a little further away right before you hear the door close.

You stay in the bathroom a little longer, making up the hole conversation you’re about to have with Cameron.
This is so stupid. Conversations never go as planned, especially these kinds of conversations.
“Babe, I got something to tell you”  you walk into the living room where Cameron sits as he goes through his emails.

“Huh?” he ask, still distracted from his phone even though you’ve already sat down.
You place your hand in front of his phone screen.
“Y/N, this is important.” he reacts annoyed 
“Cameron, what I’m about to tell you probably is more important.” you roll your eyes but he doesn’t even notice.

“Ok,ok. What is it?” Cameron asks as he lays his phone into his lap.
“I.. Have absolutely no idea how to say this.” You pause for a smile.
“Just tell me, babe.” he giggles confused.
You pull out the pregnancy test without any explanation.

“What the fuck, Y/N?” his face went blank.
You had no idea if he was just shocked or actually angry.
One thing was for sure.. He was not happy.

His negative mood was contagious.

“Please tell me this is a prank.” he laughs insecure.
“What do you mean?” you shake your head. 
“I.. We..” he stops and thinks about what he’s going to say.
“Y/N. We are way too you. We aren’t married. I’m at the height of my career. I.. We can’t do this.” he get’s up from the sofa and steps back.

You laugh sarcastically. “What are you trying to say?” you pout your lips and furrow your eyebrows.

“Fuck.” he whispers as he sits down again. 
“We got this. We’ll get married and raise the baby. We got this.” he tries to convince himself but he was just making you even more insecure. 
“Get married? Is that all you think about? You don’t want to raise a bastard?” You say angry. “You’re not the slightest bit excited?” you ask blankly.

“I’m just trying to do the right thing here, Y/N” he replies serious.

You get up and grab your keys.
“The right thing would be to be loving and accepting instead of being a fucking asshole.” one single tear falls off of your cheek.

Cameron jumps up and gently grabs you by your arm.
“Don’t leave, baby” his town softened. 
“This is a first for me.” a smug smile formed on his face. “I don’t know how to deal with this.”

Cam pulls you closer and looks into your eyes.”I love you and I will love the baby. I’ll be there every step of the way.” 
He pauses for a second and then goes on “We’re in this together, right?.” he holds out his pinky  and waits for you to do the same.
“We’re in this together.” you smile as you intertwine your pinky with his.  

“love yourself” - Cameron Dallas imagine

He opens the door and greets you with a “Hey, love” followed by a tight hug and a quick peck. 

You walk past Cameron, into the living room and see lit candles and rose peddles everywhere.
The room fills with the vanilla scent of the candles.

“Babe” you screech. “You didn’t have to do..”
“I know that I don’t have to do things like that but I want to. You only deserve the best.”

Cameron pulls you closer and kisses you gently.

As the two of you separate he grabs you by the hand and leads the way to the sofa.

You look around the room, jaw dropped, in disbelieve, noticing a stack of dvd’s.
“What?…” You point to it without even finishing your sentence.
“Yes, those are all your favorite movies. And I mean ALL of them.” Cam laughs a little. 
“Make yourself a home.” he signals you to sit down. 

Both of you sit down and Cameron wraps you up in a blanket that he had laying on the sofa.

The first movie starts playing but get’s interrupted by Cameron’s phone ringing. 
“I.. Sorry.” He apologizes whilst rolling his eyes but he picks up anyways. 

“Bad timing. I’m  gonna call you back.” he pauses for a second, listening to the person on the phone. “No. I’m in a meeting.” Cameron replies so self evidently and hangs up.

You pause the movie and look at him all serious. “A meeting?” you ask innocent.
“That was Jack. You know that I don’t want any of the boys to know about us. We talked about this. Remember?” You were mad but you actually did remember.
Cameron was worried how the fans would treat you so the two of you told no on, except for your family. Oh and let’s be honest, you also told your best friend Lauren.

No one wants to hear the person they love make a secret out of you but you knew he was concerned so you just dealt with it.

 “Oh yea, I forgot.” a forced smile appeared on your face but Cameron picked right up on it.

“Don’t be sad, please. See, I would tell them about you but I don’t want to risk it. What if they can’t keep their mouth shut and all the fans find out? I cannot stand the thought of you being attacked by anyone.”

“I understand.” you say a little more cheerful. “I really do.” you whisper. How can you be mad at those honey brown puppy eyes?
He just wants to protect you.

The doorbell rang and Cameron jumps  up. 
“I ordered your favorite food.” he looks back to smile at you all excited and you can’t help but smile back at him. 

You hear Cam and the delivery boy chat.a little when Cameron’s phone starts to ring again. 

“Pretty popular today, huh?” You joke but he didn’t hear you. 
“Babe. Your phone?” You say a little louder as he walks into the kitchen to grab plates.

You look at the screen and see that Lauren, your best friend is calling.
Obviously you told Lauren about Cameron and you, I mean come on, she is like a sister.

Thinking nothing off it you pick up the phone and hear her moan “Hey, baby. What are you doing tonight?” 
You struggle to find any words to say so you just lay the phone into your lap.

Cameron walks into the living room. “Who is it?” he asks as he holds your plate with a smile.
“Lauren.. It’s Lauren.”
“Oh just let it ring. She can wait.” he looks uneasy but his voice is calm.

He was quiet and he definitely knew that he was fucking busted. 
“Baby? What are you doing tonight?! Are you kidding me?” 
“Well, why do you answer my calls anyway, YN?” he snapped. How dare he?

“Is that why you kept me a secret to all your friends?” you asked, fighting back your tears.
“YN. Don’t do this. Don’t make up something in your head. It’s not what it looks like.”
“Not what it looks like?” you giggle a little. It was an evil kind of giggle. “Not what it looks like? Cam, you know what? Don’t worry about it, baby. It’s fine.” You say in a mocking tone.

You made your way to the door when you heard the sofa creek. You turn around and look at him all serious. “ Don’t you fucking dare to follow me!”

You close the door behind you and your eyes start filling up with tears. 
On the way to the elevator your vision get’s blurry and the tears start to run down your cheeks.

The elevator door opens and you see your reflection - you looked pathetic. 
Crying over a guy that has no idea how to appreciate an amazing girl.
The longer you look at yourself the sicker you get of your sight.

A boy should not have that much control over me.
I should be the only having any influence on my confidence and damn happiness and I should not let anyone have an affect on it. 

You wipe away all of your tears as you keep on repeating these words in your head. 

You do not need anyone to love you. Love yourself and you’ll see that it’ll make you happier than you ever imagined to be.

Shawn Mendes Imagine "mercy" part 2

Part 1

A couple weeks prior to the conversation

“Chinese or pizza? ” Shawn asks you.
You look at him with a grin on your face.“ Ok ok I’ll order both” he rolls his eyes at you.

He did as he said and then joined you on the couch. “What are we watching?” he asks confused as Miley Cyrus shows up on the screen.
“Don’t worry ” you laugh. “I won’t make you watch hannah montana again. It’s laughing out loud. It’s about best friends falling for each other.” you look at him, waiting for him to react.

He’s trying to hide his smile. “Probably not much better than hannah Montana.”
“Oh shush.” you laugh as you playfully punch his arm.

A couple of minutes have passed and you notice tha Shawn has just been staring at you for a while now.
“hey, you’re suppose to watch the movie. That’s what movie night is all about.” you smile at him.

“I’m sorry. I just.. I.. ” he mumbles and looks at you with his signature adorable smile.
“What is it?” you’re curious.
“nothing. ” he whispers.“ It’s nothing.” he says louder and more confident as he turned his face forwards the tv.
You laugh it off and face the tv as well.

“I’m..” You both say at the same time. Well that was awkward.
Shawn starts laughing.  “You go first.” you both say at the same time again.
You cover your face withj your hands and shake your head while you laugh embarrassed.

“What did you want to say?” Shawn asks wih a smile that goes from ear to ear.
“No.. please. You go first.” Your feel your cheeks blush.
“I’m really happy to have you in my life, Y/N.I just wanted you to know.” Well, thank god I was already blushing!

“I’m really happy about that as well.”  Your eyes wander from his eyes right down to his lips.
‘What is happening? This isn’t what best friends are suppose to be like’ you think to yourself but you enjoyed this feeling. You felt secure and confident.

Shawn leans in and you slowly close your eyes.
Right before your lips touch the doorbell rings.

“Really?” he rolls his eyes and gets up from the sofa.
Shawn grabs his wallet and makes his way to the door.
Without him noticing, you get up as well and stay right behind him.

“Thank you.” Shawn says polite as the delivery guy hands him our food.
He closes the door and turns around.
You take the chance, gently grab his face and place your lips on his.
Shawn drops the food and grabs you by the waist.