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Reacting to your Australian accent

“Can you do a preference for how each boy would react to an Australian accent? (Yes I’m Australian btw) Cheers! Ily <3 “ 
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Nash would looove your accent, but he would love even more to mess up with you because of this. He would let a little smirk out when you talk, and repeat the words as you said.


He would think it is GRACIOUS he would love to pay attention when you’re talking and he would even start talking with your accent and don’t even notice that. 


Matt would think it’s the cutiest thing he had ever heard in his entire life. He’d love to hear you talking and then try to talk the same way you did.


Most of times Carter wouldn’t even notice your accent because he is not too attentive, but one time or another he would notice and he would love mess up with you because of this, also he would always tell you it’s soooooo cutie.

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Hotel you stay at

Scenario: You and your husband/boyfriend get into a in a big fight but after the fight both of you get back together and decide to head in a trip to spend a couple of days with each other.


El Cosmico (Hotel) in Texas


Kelebek Special Cave Hotel in Cappadocia


The Queen Mary (Hotel) in California


Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel in Switzerland

Jack J

The Caves Hotel & Spa in Jamaica


ICEHOTEL in Sweden


Costa Rica Tree House Lodge (Hotel)


Autocamp (Hotel) in Santa Barbara 


Cocoa Island by COMO 


The Liberty Hotel in Boston

Jack G

Palácio de Sal in Bolivia

First preference in awhile, first in this blog! Hope you like it. xo

Christmas Eve // Preference (Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Sam Wilkinson, Matt Espinosa & Cameron Dallas)

A/N: i didn’t do all of the boys because i had trouble thinking of fitting scenarios i wanted to write for each of them, but i hope you enjoy what i have written! some of these are sweet, some get kind of smutty, and some are a bit of both. feedback would be wonderful! merry christmas lovelies :) xx


i kind of got carried away with matt’s i’m sorry

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Puppy, puppy. - Magcon serie


@AaronCarpenter: wait… did I just heard something in the kitchen?

(@Y/T/N)  : Oh no…

(@Y/T/N): @AaronCarpenter NO YOU DIDN’T

@AaronCarpenter: (@Y/T/N) you are here?


@AaronCarpenter: (@Y/T/N) What you’re doing?

(@Y/T/N): @AaronCarpenter Your mom is telling you to be upstairs more 5 min

@AaronCarpenter: Why can my girlfriend be with my mom and I can’t join them? :(

(@Y/T/N): SURPRISE *Puppy’s photo*

@AaronCarpenter: pineaple

(@Y/T/N): shit… *Tweets Puppy’s photo again* *tag Aaron*



(@Y/T/N): am I the only one who thinks this puppy will be named Pineapple?

“Puppy, puppy.”Final part

Cameron CCM (cute couple moment)


I rolled over to face my boyfriend, Cameron, sleeping soundly. Quietly, i got out of bed and ready for work.

After getting ready i head out the door, slamming it fairly loud to mark my exit. 

while walking I got a text from Cam.

Cam: Come backkkk!!!!!

Me: Babe, you know i have to work today! I would if i could.

Cam: I know…I just love laying down with you. You have no idea.

Me: Well i have a little bit of an idea haha

Cam: What do you mean?


i looked up from my phone and blushed, entering work with a smile on my face.

Sorry it was short and sucky…Love y'all tho! Sorry for all the Fanfic advertising, i promise i’m gonna do that less.

But just look at that lil angel… Shawn was in the studio most of the time recently. He have been working hard and you are really proud of him,.but also, you miss your boyfriend eay too much and you just couldn’t stand but fly to NYC and get him. He is composing and you come and sit across the room looking at him, he feels it and look at you smilling and continues. After that he gave you a big hug and that beautiful smile only he has because knew you wouldn’t be away for so long.

19- He Makes You Cry

NASH// “Are you kidding me Nash?” You yelled to him as he walked away from him. He ignored your nagging, jerking away from your touch as he walked passed you. “Excuse me-” “Juts shut up (Y/N)! Shut up!” Nash screamed, fuming as his anger showed all over his face. He was powering over you, and your confidence shrunk, backing up against the counter. He scared you for a second, you knew he would never hurt you, but it still scared you the way he yelled at you. You felt your throat tighten as a tear fell down your cheek. Nash’s eyes softened and his lips parted, sighing. “Baby, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know you were mad at me and I had no right to yell,” he apologized, pulling you into his arms. All you could do was nod into his chest. “You just scared me,” you mumbled, trying to calm down. He picked up your chin with his hand. “But you know I would never lay a finger on you, right? I love you so much,” he told you, his blue eyes watery. “I know,” you nodded, standing in his arms.

CAMERON// You sat down in Cameron’s lap, kissing his lips. He smiled, wrapping his arms around you. “What’s up baby girl?” He asked, rubbing his thumb on your back. “I just wanted to do something together today,” you told him, resting your head in his chest. “I’m going out with the guys today babe. I’m sorry,” he sighed. “Oh,” you replied, your heart sinking. After he left, you couldn’t hold in crying. It seemed stupid, crying over such a little thing, but it really upset you that you and Cameron couldn’t spend as much time as you used to together. You heard the front door open and foot steps following. “Hey babe, I forgot my-” he stopped once he realized your puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “(Y/N), what happened? Did I upset you?” He walked over to you, pulling you into his embrace. “Tell me.” You shook your head, “it’s stupid.” He finally convinced you to tell him and you did. “Well then I think this calls for a movie day,” he announced, pulling out his phone. “Cam, you don’t have to-” “With you being as hot as you are, the guys will understand,” he told you, causing you to giggle.

TAYLOR// “Taylor please don’t!” You squealed as he threw you over his shoulder, running towards the murky water. His laugh filled the hair as you felt him lunge you into the lake, you screaming as you flew through the air and hit the water. You swam up to the surface, smiling and splashed water at Taylor who stood on the sand smirking. “I hate-” you stopped when you felt something go into your foot as you stood in the water. It felt like a cut, and it hurt really bad. You hoisted yourself up onto the rock, pulling your foot up to see what it was. Blood was gushing out of it, making your heart stop. You felt tears start to mix with the lake water that was on your face. “Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m so sorry,” Taylor began. He scooped you up into his arms once again. “Do you need stitches?” “I don’t know,” you choked out,” swallowing. He brought you to the car, setting you down and wrapping your foot in a towel. He kissed your head, quickly getting in on the other side. “I am so sorry baby.”

JACK J// “I can’t believe you,” you narrowed your eyes, shaking your head at Jack. “What did I do this time, (Y/N,” he responded, annoyed. “You know what you did!” You yelled, and he slammed the door to your shared bedroom. You had just gotten back from dinner, and of corse the waitress happened to be the biggest slut in the place. Jack kept flirting back with her, and on top of that she completely ignored you. “Maybe you should just go back with your friend, you sure seemed to get along with her!” You screamed on the other side of the door. “That is what this is about?” He rolled his eyes. He opened the door, storming past you. “Maybe I will then, she sure wasn’t a bitch,” he fired, and with that he walked out. You felt hot tears come pouring out as soon as you realized what had happened. You laid down, bawling that Jack left. Once you calmed down about an hour later, you started to drift off, you eyes aching from crying. ~~~ “Baby?” You heard Jack ask, rubbing your arm. You opened your eyes, turning over to look at him. “I’m so sorry, you’re right, I shouldn’t of even gave that girl a second glance, she means nothing to me. But you mean everything to me. I am so sorry for calling you a bitch and leaving, I could never leave you for good. I love you so much,” he told you. You sat up, leaning into his chest. He hugged you. “It’s okay Jack. I love you too,” you assured him, leaning up to kiss his lips.

JACK G// “Leave me alone,” you mumbled, jerking away from Jack’s hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), don’t be so dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m being over dramatic? Are you serious right now? I’ve been waiting here all night and I’m being dramatic?!” You yelled, standing up and storming away. He got up, following you into the kitchen. “Yes you are. You’re actually being a butch right now,” he shot at you. “SO IT’S ALRIGHT FOR YOU TO-” Jack grabbed your wrist, tugging you so you faced him. He grabbed your jaw in his hand with a tight grip, and you let out a tiny gasp. “Do not yell at me,” he growled, gritting he teeth. You reached up, trying to pry his hand away but he tightened his grip. “Jack, you’re hurting me,” you managed to get out. Once your words left your mouth, Jack let go, his eyes wide. “Baby, I’m so so sorry,” he gulped. You rubbed you wrist and jaw, a tear slipping down your cheek. You backed away from him, his anger really got a hold of him this time. “A-are you scared of me?” He asked you, his voice weak. You couldn’t do anything, just stood there. He turned away, looking down at his hand that was red from squeezing you. “I’m so horrible. I hurt you- out of anger. I promised I would never touch you,” he choked, “you shouldn’t be with me.” You sniffled, grabbing his hand. “You aren’t horrible. It was my fault you got so mad, I was just a little scared,” you told him. He wrapped his arms around you, rocking you back and forth. “I’m so sorry, I will never touch you again,” he promised.

MATT// “I’m going to the bathroom. Can you come with me?” You asked, Matt smirking at you. “Why don’t you go by yourself?” He asked. “Something is going to get me, will you please just wait outside the door?” You were currently watching a scary movie with Matt, latching on to him for dear life. “Fine, but only because I love you,” he smiled, getting up. You hugged onto him, causing him to chuckle. You walked to the bathroom, letting go of him. “Just stay out here and guard the door, okay?” You told Matt. “Alright babe,” he told you, and you went in. After you were done, you opened the door and your heart stopped when Matt wasn’t there. You ran back to the couch, but Matt still wasn’t there. “Matt?” You called, checking the kitchen. “This isn’t funny, please Matt, you know I’m scared to death,” you pleaded, going back into the living room. Something grabbed you from behind, causing you to almost jump out of your skin. You screamed, lashing at the thing until you heard Matt laugh. You realized it was him, but by that time the tears already cascaded down your cheeks. “Oh my god, you-” Matt stopped when he realized your reaction. “Are you crying? Oh my god baby, I’m so sorry. I just though it was cute how you got so scared and I don’t know what I was thinking,” he hugged you, stroking your hair. You hugged him back, your heart still thumping. “I’m here to protect you, I will never scare you again,” he cooed, and you nodded.

AARON// You heard Aaron talking on the phone about you. At first it was all good stuff, but then he said something that really made your heart sink. “Yeah, she’s beautiful but she’s getting on the chunky side. I mean, she’s still in pretty good shape but ever since I’ve been working out so much it seems like she’s getting bigger,” he told one of his friends. A tear ran down your cheek, you knew you weren’t the perfect weight but you always thought when Aaron told you you were perfect he meant it. After he got off the phone, you couldn’t control your tears and he walked in. (Y/N)? What happened?” he asked, walking over to you. “I h-heard what y-you were saying,” you told him the truth, and his face fell. “Baby, I’m so stupid. You’re so gorgeous, I didn’t even know what I was saying,” he told you, grabbing you into his arms. “I know that I’m not skinny, Aaron,” you mumbled. “No baby, it doesn’t matter if you’re eight pounds or 800 pounds. I will still love you because you’re beautiful on the inside and gorgeous on the outside, I love you so much.” “I love you too,” you smiled, and he kissed your lips.

SHAWN// Shawn never yelled, he was always very calm and understanding. But today was a different story. “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT LISTENING TO ME ONCE IN A WHILE!” He shrieked. “Shawn, please,” you tried. “No, stop it. You’re such a-” he stopped his shout, searching for something to call you. You had enough before he could even finish the sentence, your tears burning in your eyes. “Please don’t even finish that…” You whimpered, turning away from him. “No, (Y/N), I didn’t mean it. I’m just upset, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.” He scooped you into his arms, kissing the top of your head.
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Imagines, smuts and blurbs:

Matthew Espinosa:

He gets jelousy and says (Part 1)

He gets jelousy and says (Part 2)

You are pregnant

New Year Story (SMUT)

Back to my homie 

Jack Johnson:

Jack J talking to your growing tummy bump

I just want you 

Be mine? 

Randomly talking

“Wrong Jack Oops” NEW

Jack Gilinsky:

Cutie Jack G blurb

Aaron Carpenter:

Studio is funny, but my girl is funnier (SMUT)


Cameron Dallas:

When you’re on your period

Never tell Nash 

Nash Grier:


You’re mine 

What happens in the past, should stay in the past

Kids… (plus Brent Rivera) NEW

Nate Maloley:

Nate as a Daddy

Shawn Mendes:

He’s always too busy

It doesn’t’ matter

We need to talk

Mahogany Lox:


  • Others:

        Grayson Dolan imagine 

Preferences and series:


Dating Matt Espinosa would involve

Dating Cameron Dallas would involve

Dating Jack Johnson would involve

Dating Jack Johnson would be like… NEW

Dating Jack G would involve

Dating Nate Maloley would involve

Dating Shawn Mendes would involve

Dating Nash Grier would involve

You’re friends but he likes you (Part 1)

You’re friends but he likes you (Part 2)

You hug (part 1)

You hug (part 2)

You’re sick and he stays at home with you

Love Quotes (part 1) 

Love Quotes (part 2)

Your song

Artists you listen to

He is jelous

Turn him on

One Direction songs

He loves about you (Omaha)

He loves about you (Matt)

Love me harder (Song edition)

Being married to Nate

Reacting to Australian accent NEW

Magcon series:

  •  “Puppy, puppy”

Aaron Carpenter

Shawn Mendes

Jack Gilinsky

Jack Johnson

Carter Reynolds

Matt Espinosa

Cameron Dallas

Nash Grier

  • Others

5 seconds of summer: Their own songs/covers to your relationship (pref)

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26- How they treat you

NASH// like a queen
CAMERON// like a queen
TAYLOR// like a queen
JACK J// like a queen
JACK G// like a queen
AARON// like a queen
MATT// like a queen
SHAWN// like a queen
ANY GUY IN THE WORLD// like a queen
a/n; long story short u are a queen and u don’t take shit from anyone ok

Pregnancy Series #20 ~ He Talks to the Baby

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (his pov) ~ A soft giggle escaped her lips as she watched me dig into the white colored sand underneath me. I was digging a big hole next to my towel, and two smaller ones above it. I let out a small chuckle at her expression when she realized what I was doing. With everything happening at the moment, Y/N and I both needed a break. And that was the reason why I brought her here to the beaches of Florida while on tour. 

The sun was streaming warm and happy in the hot Florida weather, the beach filled with people tanning and playing volley ball a few kilometers down the way. Harry’s beach house was behind us, and we were alone on the small stretch of sand. She was staring out at the dark blue ocean and the waves crashing on the shore. 

“See, enough space for mummy and baby. And boobs, too,” I said as I leaned back and placed the towel over the holes. Her giggling filled my ears and put a smile on my face.

“You’re such a dummy,” she mumbled, leaning down on the towel, putting her growing stomach into the hole. A satisfied sigh escaped her lips, finally not having to deal with the constant fear and pain of pressing her belly against the otherwise soft but harsh sand that she had been complaining about. I watched as she closed her eyes with my headphones filling her ears with some Green Day song. My eyes closed as well as the both of us were in pure heaven. 

“Hey! He-hey!” I heard behind me. Y/N continued to lie still, the music drowning out any noise. I turned to see Harry running down the sand from the house, and laughed at his hair bouncing and swaying in the wind. “Niall!” 

“What’s up, mate?” I asked, sitting up on my towel and pushing my sunglasses up onto the top of my head. He stopped running and put his feet on my towel, dancing around to avoid the hot sand on the bottom of his feet. Y/N picked her head up and pulled the earphones out of her ears. 

“Hi Harry,” she said as she pulled her stomach out of the hole. Harry laughed and sat on the sat beside me, taking a bottle of beer out of our cooler. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s my house,” he stated as he popped the cap and took a sip. “I wanted to come visit you.”

“Not me, right?” I asked, and he shook his head. 

“No, I don’t like you. I came to see Y/N and the baby,” Y/N gave me a cheeky grin and she sat up, running her hands over her big baby bump. 

“How is the little Horan?” he said, and I lied back down, knowing their conversation wouldn’t involve me. 

“They’ve been causing me a bit of grief the past couple of days, nothing unusual,” she shrugged.

“I wonder what they’ll be like,” Harry thought out loud. 

“I reckon, they’ll be a little angel,” I said, propping myself up on my elbows. 

“Sweet and gentle,” Harry said. 

“No, they’re going to be a little irish monster. I can see them now, causing trouble every where they go. I’m right,” she said. She pointed at me and said, “Loud and crazy, like you.”

I looked at her with a smirk and leaned over, moving away her cardigan, to place a kiss on her belly, despite it being covered in sand. Maybe she was right or maybe Harry and I were right, we didn’t know, but I did know that I couldn’t wait to meet my baby and see their personality come through. 

Zayn (his pov) ~ “C’mon, love. Here we go. Mum said this will help your back,” I said, helping her into the bath I ran for her. Since our kiss, things had been been better between the two of us, but we were still sleeping in different rooms. We would share casual kisses rarely and talk about our days more often. Now that she was in pain, she had come to me for help.

She sighed as she laid down in the warm water and I could tell that it was already helping her. “Can you stay with me?” she whispered. I nodded and kneeled beside the tub. She nodded and closed her eyes, sinking lower below the water.

“I’m right here,” I said as I gently moved the hair out of her face. “Feel any better?” I leaned towards her and kissed her forehead. Her hand reached up and touched my cheek, and I leaned into her small sign of affection.

A small smile appeared on her face, “the baby is kicking.” I smiled and reached my hand into the water to touch her stomach. “She doesn’t realize she’s too big to move around much anymore.”

I chuckled and noticed how beautiful she looked, as always. I scooped up some of the water and poured it over the part of her bump that was above the surface of the water. “Keep talking, Zayn, please,” she whispered.

I frowned, not knowing what to say. I had heard her speaking to the baby on many occasions, but I had never. “I can’t wait for you to come,” I said, doubtfully. “Just stay in there a bit longer.”

She nodded, approving, and gave me a small smile. I continued to pour water over her exposed skin and began speaking again, “I hope you’re like your mum; kind, beautiful, selfless, amazing… Mummy said you’ll teach me to swim, and I promise I’ll try. And I’ll paint with you and draw with you,” I looked up at Y/N and she was relaxed at the moment, hopefully no longer in pain. 

“Little one,” I whispered, “I’m so excited to hold you in my arms. I won’t even mind getting up in the middle of the night with you. I-” 

“I love you, Zayn. And so does she,” she whispered, her eyes only slightly open. I shyly nodded, having forgot that she was here to hear me. 

“I can’t wait for all of his, and I’m sorry for not loving her the whole way through,” I whispered before she sat up and kissed me.

Liam (his pov) ~ “Liam,” I heard her say softly, but I snuggled into the pillow thinking she was speaking in her sleep again. I felt her hand on my back and I groaned in annoyance. 

“Babe?” she said again, but this time her voice sounded a little upset and more urgent. I opened my eyes and rubbed them sleepily, letting them adjust to the soft light that found its way through the curtains. I rolled over to face her. 

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” I asked, my voice raspy. Even in the dark bedroom, I could see Y/N bite her lip and her small shudders every few seconds. I quickly reached over to where she was sitting up against the head board after turning on the bedside lamp. I looked at her, and noticed her eyes were quickly filling up with tears. 

“Hey, hey- pumpkin? C’mon, don’t cry love. I’m right here,” I soothed, pulling her against my chest. I stroked her hair and she seemed to calm down at my touch. 

“I had another nightmare,” she whimpered. I cringed, knowing how awful her dreams could be. This wasn’t the first time she’d had nightmares- I’ve had them too. I continued to stroke her back as she cried onto my t-shirt. 

“You want to talk about it?” I asked softly. She shook her head against my chest, and I nodded even though she couldn’t see me do so. I already knew what it was about, anyway: either her being pregnant, or the adoption falling through. That’s what it was always about. 

Her sobs soon stopped, and she calmed down a bit. “Liam, can you tell me a story? Just anything? I just like hearing your voice,” she said shyly. I nodded, smiling.

“Like a fairytale?” I asked, and she nodded. I looked to the ceiling, trying to think of a story.  

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess,” I began. “Her beauty was spoken of throughout the lands. One day, a charming prince came to town. He had come to woo the princess and woo he did. They spent hours together. Hours became days. Days became weeks and the beautiful princess began to fall in love with the charming prince. Their love was spoken of throughout the kingdom. The charming prince took the beautiful princess to a shady meadow at the edge of the forrest. He began to tell her how much he loved her. He said if she loved loved him back…” I stopped when I noticed her breathing had slowed, and her soft snored became audible. I knew, then and there, that we’d be good parents. 

Harry (his pov) ~ Lately, sleep was a rarity for me. It should be her not sleeping, since she was the pregnant one, but it was the opposite. She had been taking the pregnancy really well; it looked good on her. She glowed, really. 

I rolled over to look at the clock on the table beside me. 2:13. I groaned and rolled back over. I didn’t know what was keeping me up; mum said it might be that I was stressed, but Y/N thought it was because I was excited for the bean. 

I smiled at my gorgeous wife sleeping. I ran my hand down her body under the covers, stopping at the middle of her thigh. Thoughts began popping into my head. What is our baby going to be like? 

“Maybe you’ll be like your mum, in every way,” I whispered, moving my hand up to the peak of her round stomach. “I hope you’re like her: kind, funny, beautiful, selfless… your mum is amazing- the love of my life. Maybe you’ll have her smile, or her gorgeous eyes. She’s hoping you have my curls.”

I smiled and closed my eyes for a moment, imagining our little girl running around the house. Her little voice and her little laugh. Her footsteps making her way to our bedroom and snuggling her way in between us in the middle of the night. 

“We can play together, and I can sing for you. You can have all the doll you want- or cars, if that’s what you like. Mum and I don’t care, you can be whatever you want in life,” I smiled, and opened my eyes. Her chest moved up and down with her steady breathing. She was going to be the perfect mother, I just could tell. My eyes then traveled down to the bump under the covers. No matter how many times I see the bean on the ultrasound screen or feel her movements under her mother’s skin, nothing will make them more real than when I finally get to hold our little angel for the first time or when I see her little face. 

“And when you’re older, your mum and I will support you always. Maybe you’ll ask about my tattoos and want one of your own, but something meaningful. I just want you to know that you will have a say in your life, not just us,” I said, looking to my wife’s face. I could barely see her, but the light peeking through the curtains cast a shadow over her. 

“Harry?” Y/N said groggily, barely above a whisper. She turned over, and opened her eyes slowly. 

“Shhh, go back to sleep, love,” I whispered before kissing her forehead. She nodded, and pressed her palms to my chest. I ran my fingers over her brow, something which always calmed her down. 

“Two months,” she whispered as he head fell to my chest. I smiled and moved my hand to her back so I could pull her as close as possible with her bump in the way. 

“Not too much longer,” I whispered, closing my eyes and drifting off. 

Louis (his pov) ~ “The guest room is all set up for you, I’ll bring your bag up later. Go to bed, you must be exhausted,” I said as I walked into my house with Lottie. 

“I feel bad for not greeting Y/N, though,” she said, yawning. She had just flown in from America with a few of her mates, and the flight had taken a toll on her. “I’m excited to see her and the baby bump.”

I chuckled at my younger sister, who wasn’t so young anymore, as I carried her many bags to the bottom of the stairs. I pulled her into a hug, and as I released her, I said, “Thank you again, Lottie. I just don’t feel good about leaving her alone, you know?”

“I completely understand and I’m happy to spend some time with my favorite sister in law,” she laughed. I watched her until she rounded the corner and then went to look for my wife around the house. I had asked Lottie to come and stay with Y/N while I left for the last leg of the tour. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her knowing that she could go into labor while I was gone. 

As I walked down into the basement, I froze halfway down the stairs, a smile growing on my face. She was in the pool, swimming across the length of it. I slowly walked closer and kneeled at the edge. “Midnight swim, eh?”

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep and I was bored,” she said with a smile on her face. I sighed, dipping my toe into the water. Being just over seven months pregnant with twins, she got tired easily bit could rarely get comfortable enough to sleep. 

“Sissy,” she tested me, knowing I would eventually give in. 

“I have to leave early tomorrow,” I sighed, sitting on the edge of a pool chair. She turned over and floated on the surface of the water.

“Sissy,” she repeated. I sighed again, and began to peel my clothes off until I was just in my boxers. She laughed as I jumped in and swam towards her. I held her in my arms and spun her around in the water. I pulled one of the pool floats into the water and helped her climb onto it, kissing her lips as soon as she was situated. 

“I can’t wait till they’re here,” I whispered, kissing her stomach. She smiled and pushed my wet hair off my forehead. “Hey little men, how’s it hanging in there?”

She laughed, and put her hands over mine where they rested on the sides of her stomach. “Don’t pop out too early, yeah? But don’t wait too long, we don’t want mummy to be too uncomfortable. But when you do come, I promise I’ll convince her to let you stay up late so we can watch footy. Then we can cuddle and watch manchester win, of course.” 

She smiled down at me, shaking her head. “Then we can play in the backyard with mummy- she’s a kick ass goalie. I’m sure she’ll let a few in for you two, though.”

“Lou, they won’t be able to do any of that for a few years,” We both turned to find Lottie sitting at the side of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. She laughed, “I’m a ninja.”

“I thought you went to bed?” I asked as I helped Y/N off the float and back into the water.

“Rocking the bikini, girl!” Lottie exclaimed, earning a wink from my wife. “I came down cause there was no blanket on the bed and I couldn’t find any.”

“Lou!” Y/N said, smacking my arm. “You said you set everything up for her!”

“Sorry,” I smirked as I dove under the water.