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In need of some serious love: Where Justin surprises Y/n, while taking a break off tour.

“3 more months till Justin comes home to visit. Until then it’s just me myself and I.” I woke up this morning like every other day, checked my phone everything seemed in check “Good Morning texts from Justin, of course I didn’t turn off my Twitter notifications so as expected I had a crap ton and some messages from Gigi saying” “how we should grab dinner and a movie tonight to get my mind off Justin.”

Lately i’ve been missing Justin more than normal, it was the last leg of his purpose tour and I hadn’t seen him in person in 6 months.“ After getting ready for the day and setting up the shop, I decided to call Justin hoping that this time there wasn’t a major time difference.

“Hey Justin?” “Hey babe, i’m super sorry but this afternoon I have to give my phone in to get fixed so I don’t know when I’ll be getting it back.” Justin has this tendency to spit out random pieces of information so this is nothing new. “What happened to it? Last time we talked you were getting a new glasses screen protector.”

Justin’s Pov Oh shit oh shit she’s catching on! I can’t ruin the surprise think on your feet Justin. “Umm yeah Za and I were playing ball with it and Za chucked it against the wall.” “Hahaha you guys are too much. I miss your stupid shenanigans” That voice, her laugh I can just picture her right now in her shop leaning over the counter laughing, where her eyes crinkle at the corners and she covers her mouth because she hates her laugh.

“Justin…Jay…Babe” I’m snapped straight back to reality. “Hey yeah sorry still here, the boys are telling me its time for rehearsals. I’ll call you when I get my phone back. Love you so much.” “Love you Justin don’t forget to call me ok?” “I could never”

Y/n Pov Before I know it, it’s closing time. “We close quite early 7:00pm. I love clothing and fashion but not after 7:00pm especially with my early mornings and late nights.” I call up Gigi to tell her that I’m ready to go and that I would meet her at the movies. I’m not one of those people who needs to get dressed up for going to dinner and a movie with a friend.

Justin’s Pov “YO Za I was so close to getting caught so I used you as a stupid excuse.” We were minutes away from boarding the jet; Za, Alfredo and I. Za had planned for me as a surprise to surprise my long time girlfriend Y/n. I know a lot of surprises, I was so nervous I wanted everything to go exactly as planned. I had called up our mutual close friend Gigi and told her to take Y/n out for dinner and a movie. The whole plan was I was going to fly out to L.A where Y/n was. Call her up when we were both at the movie theatre tell her my phone is all fixed etc. and then ask her what she was doing then start reading off the times for the different movies that are playing tonight. And the rest was out of my control lets see what happens.

Y/n Pov I pull up to the movie theatre and I can already see Gigi in line waving to me like the lunatic she was I chuckled a bit to myself. “Boy do I love this girl.” I walked up to her and of course she had to comment on my outfit. “ Y/n who do you think you are coming back from working a 7 hour shift looking flawless!” I wasn’t wearing anything special just an all black romper, sleeveless vest and some perspect booties. “Gigi shut up look at you-” I was about to say some snarky comment but I was interrupted by my cell phone, I look at the caller ID and it says Justin…but that can’t be right his phone is in the shop.

“Hello?” I answered but it was more of a question. I tilt my head down and plug my ear hoping to block out some of the noise. “Hey love” it was Justin. “Hey Jay so you got your phone back earlier than expected” as a smirk grew on my face. “ haha yeah the guy did it really well brand new again. What are you up too? Bit noisy yeah?” “Your interrupting my girls night out with Gigi.” I remarked back at him “what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

Justin’s Pov This was my cue,as I stepped out from the crowd I began listing off the movies. “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” The minute I finish my sentence I see Y/n turn around and we made eye contact.

Y/n’s Pov “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” “ Hang on a second those are the exact times on the board here, oh my god I start to turn around still on the phone and then I see him, first his big beautiful brown eyes and then his tanned skin covered in tattoos and his hair, his hair. Before I knew it, I was crouched down in a ball on the floor crying. He can’t be really here,this is just my mind playing a sick joke on me. Until I hear his voice and feel his touch.” “Y/n,Y/n hey hey now babe don’t cry i’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.” That’s when I gave him a bone crushing hug, sobs turning into sniffles. I didn’t care if i was making a scene the love of my life was home after 6 months.

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