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summary: you just love hugs.

Shawn was talking to some of his labelmates at a small party that Island was having, to celebrate the release of some albums and singles. You were over by the food, talking to James, when he got called over by his manager to talk to some other musicians. You tossed the plastic cup you had been drinking from, and made your way over to Shawn. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and his arm found its home on your back. He continued the conversation he was having, and you just listened to it, zoning out a little. Shawn’s thumb was rubbing your shoulder, and he laughed at something the man said.

Once he left, Shawn looked down at you. “What’s up, babe?” He asked, rubbing your back.

“Nothin’. Just wanted a hug.” You said, smiling.

Shawn hummed, squeezing you. He kissed your forehead before you two walked over to the food, and Shawn grabbed a small plate and loaded it up with food, and you just grabbed another drink.

Shawn was in the kitchen of his childhood home, doing an Instagram stream, making some pancakes. You saw he was bus flipping pancakes, so you tip-toed across the floor, and your arms wound around his sides. The singer jumped a little, and you looked at the phone, which showed that Shawn was smiling. “Goodmorning,” You whispered.

“Morning, baby.” He tapped your arm, and you released him long enough to grab the batter, and a plate to set the finished pancakes on. But as soon as he was back to the griddle, your arms were around him.

“So,” Shawn spoke into the stream. “All she really does is hug me. I could be doing literally anything, and I can just expect her to hug me. She’s like a koala.”

The team had two hours to kill at the airport, so you and Shawn walked over to the Starbucks that wasn’t far from the gate. While waiting to get your coffees, a few fans came up to Shawn. He took photos with him, and they wanted to talk for a little, and you two didn’t have anywhere to go, so you four talked. Your arms were around your boyfriend’s waist, and his hand was on your back. “I think it’s so cute that you guys always hug!” One of the girls said, and you blushed, tucking your face into Shawn’s chest.

Shawn laughed, hand moving in a circle on your back. “We’re like two puzzle pieces, we just always fit together best like this.” He said, and the girls bid them goodbye not too long after, having to go catch their flight.

“Like two puzzle pieces, huh?” You asked, looking up at Shawn.

Shawn saw Josiah taking some photos, and  it was just before the concert, so everyone was just hanging out in the back of the arena. You were, surprisingly, attached to Shawn’s side, holding a conversation with Dave. “I’m surprised Shawn hasn’t declared a personal bubble yet.” Dave joked, and you snorted.

“What?” Shawn asked, looking up from his phone.

“Dave’s surprised you haven’t forbidden me from hugging you.” You said, hand going to fix his hair.

Shawn shrugged, looking at his bassist. “I don’t actually mind her koala-ties.” You groaned, letting go of Shawn and walking away.

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

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“Not again.” you mumbled as your car broke down, you tried calling a tow truck but there was no cell service making you sink in your seat.

You got out of the car and waited for someone to drive by and help you with this thing when a familiar black jeep drove by and you hurriedly got into the car hoping he didn’t see you, but he did.

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Confessions (Hayes Grier)

Hayes’s POV:
As soon as I told the guys I was leaving to check on Y/N they all made fun of me, but at this point I didn’t care. For months, I’ve had to deal with them teasing us about when we were finally gonna hook up, and how whipped I was. And secretly, I kind of agreed with them. I’d been waiting for a good time to tell Y/N that I really liked her, and I wanted to be with her. Looks like she took care of that conversation for me.

Everyone knew Y/N was extremely honest when she was drunk. Whether it be rude, or extremely personal, she never stopped talking. For once, I was grateful for it. Right now though, I had to focus on getting to her and her friends. Apparently they had gone to one of the only clubs in LA that allowed people under 21 in and still managed to get kicked out.

As I pulled up quickly, I immediately noticed them standing on a corner near the building, jackets wrapped around themselves and laughing. After quickly parking, I approached them.

“You ladies okay?”

“Hayes!” Y/N called out, “When did you get here?”

“Just now,” I explained as she looked at me dazed.

She bust out laughing. “Oh, that makes soo(italics) much more sense.”

“Do you guys need a ride home?” I asked them all. It would be a squeeze but there was no way I’d leave them drunk on a street corner in the middle of the night.

One of her friends, Elle I think it was, said “Nah we called an Uber maybe 10 minutes ago, we’re good.” She grabbed Y/N’s arm and pushed her towards me. “You can take her though. Don’t want her to get us kicked out of the Uber too.”

A van pulled up and everyone piled in aside from me and Y/N. I led her back to my car as she giggled at random things and jokes I had no chance of getting.

It took a minute to get her in. “Let’s get you home okay?”

She just nodded as we drove off.

“So how did you get kicked out of the club?”

“There was this security guard, really grumpy dude,” she stopped to laugh. “And he kept being grumpy, wouldn’t let some people in because apparently they were at,” she made quotation marks with her hands, “’full cap city’ or something like that.”

“Full capacity?” I suggested.

“Yeah that! Either way I told him he was full of shit and he was being a meanie for not letting those nice people in. Then he called me ‘hon’ and told me to sit down. So I made it clear that I wasn’t a ‘hon’ and I didn’t appreciate his remark.”

“So he kicked you all out?”

“No, I may have also told him that his head was shinier than a brand new penny and that his skinny jeans weren’t cute. Also I had no clue how he could have such chicken legs with such a thick upper body. Then he kicked me out, and luckily my friends came out with me.”

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help smiling and laughing a little bit. She hit me.

“It’s not funny,” she said, even though she was laughing.

A minute later I changed the subject. “So I got your texts.”

“What texts?”

Oh god. Did one of her friends take her phone to prank her? “You know, the ones where you said you had to talk to me, and you told me… you know.”

“I told you what?”

“That you liked me.”

“I sent those to you?” Her eyes were wide in disbelief.

“Well, yah. Seemed like you knew you were talking to me too. Aside from the end when you said not to tell me, even though you were talking to me.”

“I didn’t think I hit send,” she smacked her forehead, seeming closer to sober than she had all night.

“You did. We had a whole conversation, how do you not remember? So… is it true?”

She took a breath, “Yes, okay? I’m sorry, I know we’re supposed to be best friends but I caught friends.” I sat quietly, thinking about everything she said before she spoke up again. “Does this change things between us?” She asked as we pulled up to the apartment she shared with one of her friends.

“Yes,” I said easily. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

I could feel her pensiveness as we walked in and knew I should tell her how I felt but if she couldn’t remember the texts she might not remember a conversation. We’d talk in the morning.

I tucked her into her bed in the party clothes she wore and she fell asleep almost immediately. I kissed her forehead quickly and whispered, “I like you too,” then turned off her light and went to lay on her couch. Making the girl of my dreams mine could wait until the morning.


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He’s not worthy of having you ~ Hayes Grier Imagine (Requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:hiiii. can u do a hayes imagine where y'all r best friends and like always together but u have a boyfriend and your boyfriend is mean to u (like not abusive but he makes u sad a lot bc it’s like he doesn’t care about u anymore) and hayes comforts u and y'all end up kissing??? thank uuuu


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“this movie was so dumb I’m picking the next one “ You laughed scrolling through netflix . “no it was not dumb Y/n you just didn’t understand it “ Hayes joked “oh your getting clever now Ima let that one slide “ You admitted . 

You received a text from your boyfriend Jonathon , he was your first serious relationship and he honestly just made you feel bad about yourself and your decisions. 

The text convo :

Jonathon : What the fuck Y/n ?

Y/n : what is is now ?

Jonathan : why did you post that picture 

Y/n : because I liked it .

Jonathon : Y/n your hair looks a mess your my girlfriend and I want you to look amazing in everything and that just isn’t doing it for you . 

Y/n : wow .


after that he never responded , You feel so heartbroken you immediately took down the photo feeling ashamed you even posted it . 

“you okay ?’ Hayes asked . 

“yeah… well kind of “ you admitted “what happened ?’ he asked “well I posted that picture and Jonathon said that I looked a mess and that I as his girlfriend should look good all the time “ You said looking down ashamed of the man you once loved . 

‘oh my gosh Y/n how many times do I have to stress to you he is not worth it okay pleas just call him and end it now there is nothing good about him all he does is hurt you and I as your best friend  cant stand to see you begin hurt “ Hayes admitted . 

“I know and I think your right “ you finally received that motivation you needed to end it and just cut it off . 

‘finally Y/n Jonathon is not worthy of having you to call his girlfriend I mean look at you , you are stunning smart funny “ Hayes said moving closer to you . 

You quickly sent Jonathan a text explaining you no longer need or want him so its just not worth your time anymore. 

you felt a rush of relief and freedom thru your body you smiled ear to ear and yelled ‘finally ‘ throwing your arms in the the air . 

Hayes was just looking at you smiling. Your phone began to buzz non stop but you paid no mind to it . 

You sat back into your seat on the couch and Hayes intimately put his hand on your leg . 

“y/n I have wanted to tell you this for the longest time but I never knew of the right time and right now this might not even be it but I can’t hold it in any longer, listen I think your are the most beautiful and precious soul on planet earth and i really mean that Y/n I genuinely do I know you are the most beautiful women and you are so smart and independent and I love all of that about you, I love that you can be you around me and not give a damn what I think “ he took a sigh but continued “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you Y/n as more than my best friend and I also want you to now I’m not rushing anything and if you don’t feel the same way I still want to maintain the friendship “. 

“I feel the same way about you Hayes’ you said and instantly didn’t know what was on your mind “kiss me “ you said quickly Hayes moved back shocked “do it” you said quickly . He smiled looking deep into your eyes as he placed his right hand on the side of your face moving in to give you instantly the best kiss of your life . 

‘Hayes I love and care for you so much and I wanted you to kiss me so you can tell that is real But I’m not in any rush to start something new “ You said simply . 

“yeah i know and I understand that thank you “ He said smiling as he laid back on the couch pretending as if you were actually going to let him pick the movie .


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request: can you write something where it’s a rainy evening & Shawn comes home to y/n with her hair up, face mask on w just his shirt on dancing around to there’s nothin holding me back or something 😭 it’s rainy and I’m in my feels 💙

a/n: idk what to title this

You saw the text from your boyfriend, saying he was going to be at the studio for a few more hours. “Hmm,” You picked yourself up off of the bed, and walked into the bathroom. After a few minutes of digging, you found the bottle you had been looking for. It had been a good two weeks since you had done a face mask, so you washed your face, and tyed your hair up into a sad bun, and smeared the mask onto your face. You set your phone timer for twenty-five minutes, and opened Spotify. Shawn’s new single was probably your favorite thing to listen to at the moment, so you hooked your phone up to the Bluetooth speakers that decorated your room, and pressed play.

You didn’t hear the door slam, so when you turned around during the bridge of the song, you screamed when you saw Shawn leaning against the frame. “What are you doing home?” You asked, feeling your cheeks heat up. “I thought you were in the studio for a few more hours?”

“Babe, I sent you that text like, three hours ago.” Shawn chuckled, eyes roaming down your body. “I like what you’re wearing.” He smiled, grabbing his shorts and heading into the bathroom. You were clad in only one of Shawn’s old shirts from high school, and some fuzzy socks.

Shawn exited the bathroom in just the basketball shorts he brought in, and you two jumped when the alarm went off, since your phone was still connected to the speakers. You poked Shawn in the chest as you walked by, going to peel off the face mask. Shawn followed you, watching you from the doorway of the bathroom. You made eye contact with him, and smiled, “Hi.”

“Hey, baby.” He walked into the room, and wrapped his arms around you, and you felt his lips on your neck. “I love you,”

You finished peeling off the mask, and took Shawn’s hand in yours. “I love you, too. But I’m not putting this face mask on you. It’s almost gone and I don’t have any more.”


illuminate summary
  • Ruin: "do i ever croshh your mind" like 927927 times
  • Mercy: mershhy
  • Treat you better: woah, shawn, ur so confident
  • Three empty words: i'm worried about her little bro
  • Don't be a fool: running low 2.0
  • No promises: sex, but safe
  • Lights on: just more sex. no kid in love anymore.
  • Honest: brutal mendes
  • Patience: *cool guitar beat*
  • Bad reputation: AKA in love with slut
  • Understand: okay i'm proud
  • Hold on: just play it on my funeral
  • Roses: friendzone as holy fuck
European Surprises

summary: you surprise shawn but he too has a surprise 

Your boss laughed when she saw how excited you were when you got to work. “What’s got you so chipper?” She asked, typing something on her computer.

“After this shift I’m taking a redeye out to Milan to surprise my boyfriend.” You said, eyes bright. “That’s why I asked off for nearly a month.”

“Ahh, yes, you’re dating that singer, I remember you telling me that a few months ago.” She smiled, knowing very well who you were dating, since her teenage daughter loves Shawn’s music.

You finished your shift at work, and clocked out before racing to your car and heading home. You changed into leggings and a plain shirt, and grabbed the already-packed bag that was at the door, and met up with the taxi that would drive you to the airport.

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