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Shawn Mendes AU: Late night livestreams with the fans while you’re at his place

This has been in my drafts for quite some time and I finally had an idea on how to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave me feedback, I love to read your comments :)!





New Magcon AU: You join the guys on tour as a photographer
You’re a very straight forward and open person, and when you meet Aaron on tour, you hit it off immediately. You spontaneously decide to share a hotel room at one of the stops and things start to get pretty heated. 

YOOO what have I done? :’D Hahaha I don’t know if I went to crazy with that but I kinda like it. Let me know what you think! :) 

I decided to watch ‘Chasing Cameron’ and this is what I came up with. Has anyone else watched it? If so, what are your opinions on the show? :)

(Yes, I’ve been gone forever, again. Just busy with life, as always. But I’ll always come back here cause I love entertaining you guys and interacting with you :) Hope you’ve all been good!)

MASTERLIST (not updated yet, but hopefully soon)


Aaron Carpenter

Cameron Dallas

Derek Luh

Ethan Dolan

Grayson Dolan

Hayes Grier

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Kian Lawley

Matt Espinosa

masterlist !!

it’s very long a due, i know i know, but here’s my masterlist!! all of my imagines whoop!! and it WILL be updated quite alot!! 

if you wanna request an imagine (if requests are open, that is) my ask box can be found right here


Lace Up Your Skates

Ruining My Happy Place

Meet The Parents

Sneaking Around 

Camping With The Family

I Know What You Did Last Summer [this one literally sucks]

Is It That Important To Be Liked? 

Proving a Point

Love and Kindness 

Crazy Monsoon Rain 

Slow Down 


New Things  [please read this it has like 2 notes]


Adrenaline Rush

All The Things I Love About You

Not Really Just Friends

Just Want You Home

Two of Us

Black Coffee

Everything Changes


First One

Screaming, Crying


I’m The Ticklish One

My Spot

Just A Prank



Love Yourself-Justin Bieber

Running Low-Shawn Mendes

Act Like You Love Me-Shawn Mendes

You Are In Love-Taylor Swift

Merry Christmas, Darling-The Carpenters {christmas special!!}

I’ll Cover You-Rent the Musical

Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back-Shawn Mendes

In My Blood-Shawn Mendes

End Of May Or Early June… {based off of Dear Evan Hansen}


Perfect Plan Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Opening Act Part One   Part Two

Blind Dating Part One   Part Two


You and Shawn as College Best Friends

Shawn During Your Pregnancy

Shawn Dating A Girl/You With Hearing-Aids

Shawn Dating a Bisexual Girl

Dating Shawn Would Include

AU’S [[instagram, twitter, gifset, or text]]

Your Instagram If You Were A Broadway Star Dating Shawn  [instagram]

You And Shawn Break Up And He Tries To Get You Back [text]

You Are A Youtube Star Who Is Rumored To Be Dating Shawn And You Are + BLURB  [gifset]

Going To The Beach With Shawn [instagram]

You Are A Movie Star and You And Shawn Break Up [gifset]

You are an Artist Dating Shawn [instagram] 

Your Relationship With Shawn Based Off Your Favorite Song Off Of Illuminate

Lil Conversations Text Au Series Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four 

You Are Famous and You and Shawn Tweet Back and Forth [gifset + tweets] 

You and Shawn Go To Disney [instagram] 

Your Relationship With Shawn Based Off Your Favorite Song Off Of Handwritten


Shawn Mendes AU: You have a son

He’d be on tour and he’d miss you both so much, constantly face timing and calling you and when he’d be with you, he would be so proud of everything your son does or learns. 

(Y/S/N = Your sons name)

I finally felt like finishing this AU which has been on my MASTERLIST for so long. It took me quite some time to find some matching videos but I think it turned out cute :). Hope you enjoy, Shawn girls <3



Birthday Present- Nate Maloley Series

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5


Family Dinner- Squad

Pickup- Omaha Squad


Forever- Nate Maloley

“Day Off”- Nate Maloley

Sick- Nate Maloley

Whoops- Nate Maloley

Car Sass- Nate Maloley

Been a While- Nate Maloley

3rd Jack- Nate Maloley

He remembered- Nate Maloley

Don’t Lift a Finger- Nate Maloley

My Boyfriend the Idiot- Nate Maloley

My Prince- Nate Maloley

Leave Me Breathless- Nate Maloley

Family Visit- Nate Maloley

Anniversary Proposal- Nate Maloley

Nate-Light/ Late-Night- Nate Maloley

This is Home- Nate Maloley

Head Kisses- Nate Maloley

You Want Me to Go?- Nate Maloley 

Tatted Two- Nate Maloley

Same As Always- Nate Maloley

Finished? (Slightly Smutty)- Nate Maloley

Missed You Too (Smut)- Nate Maloley

Stop Teasing (Smut)- Nate Maloley

Doesn’t Hurt (Smut)- Nate Maloley

Nate the Virgin(Smut)-Nate Maloley

It’s a Tie (Smut)- Nate Maloley

Jack and Jack

Where are you?- Jack G

4th on the Lake- Jack G

Tough Puppy- Jack G

Heart to Toe- Jack J

Hickies- Jack J

That Smile- Jack J

Mine to Love Again- Jack J

Mine to Love Again Pt. 2- Jack J

Every Single Inch and Pound of You- Jack J

Madison and Y/N- Jack and Jack, Madison Beer

Sammy Wilk

Accidental I Love You- Sammy

Dreams and Goodbyes- Sammy

It’s a Tie (Smut)Sammy

John Swazz

Overreacted- Swazz

You’re Perfect- Swazz

Have You Seen My Sweatshirt?- Swazz

Friends with Spider Benefits- Swazz

50 Shades of What- Swazz

Taco- Swazz

Shhhh (Smut)- Swazz


Rescue- KDL

K on the DL- KDL

What Are We?- Derek Luh

London, French 75s and Good Nights- Derek Luh

Us Party of 3- Derek Luh

Hold Me- Derek Luh

Just Married- Derek Luh

Massage- Derek Luh

Home Sick- Derek Luh

Nurse the Hangover- Derek Luh

Push Me Away- Derek Luh

Bring Him Peace- Derek Luh

Groupie Experience (Smut)- Armen

Honey I’m Home (Smut)- Derek Luh

Celebrate with Daddy (Smut)- Derek Luh

Shawn Mendes

Back Home- Shawn Mendes

Cameron Dallas 

Believe in you- Cam

Night In- Cam

Dolan Twins

Proposal- Ethan Dolan

Fort and a Picnic- Ethan Dolan

NYLA- Ethan Dolan


Wake Up- Brennan Taylor

Surprise Honeymoon- Daniel Skye

Never Been Kissed- Hayes Grier 

Oh Brother- Grier Bros/ Jack J

My Skills to Myself- Aaron Carpenter

Caught (Smut)- Stew Maloley 

David’s Vlogs

My New Tesla- David Dobrik 


My Driver/Partition - Nate Maloley

Keeping Warm- Nate Maloley

Vans and Hot Dogs- Jack G

Late Night Drives/Spoiled Girlfriend- KDL

Pickles and Shorts- Ethan Dolan 

Quoting Nicki Minaj- Derek Luh

Text/Snapchat/Twitter AU’s

Grayson pranks you and Ethan- Dolan Twins

Dating Swazz- John Swazz

Sam fangirling over Kylie- Sammy Wilkinson 

Bad Professor- Shawn Mendes

Little Secrets- Nate Maloley

Babysitting- Nate Maloley

Day at Disneyland- Grier Brothers


Apartments - Omaha Squad

If they were Disney Characters- Omaha (OGOC) Squad

Spirit Animal

Nate Maloley

…Would Involve

Dating Johnson

Dating Derek Luh

Dating John Swazz

Sex with Nate Maloley

FWB with Nate Maloley

If___ dated a ____

Nate Maloley

an R&B Singer

Sammy Wilkinson

a Preacher’s Daughter

a Model

an International Triple Threat


a Social Worker

an Artist

Jack Johnson

a Nurse

Derek Luh

a Hip Hop/Backup Dancer


Sammy Wilkinson *COMPLETE SET*

And Scorpio

And Cancer

And Sagittarius 

And Aquarius

And Libra

 And Virgo

And Taurus

And Leo

And Pisces

And Capricorn

And Gemini

And Aries

Nate Maloley *COMPLETE SET*

And Scorpio

And Cancer

And Sagittarius

And Aquarius

And Libra

And Virgo

And Taurus

 And Leo

And Pisces

And Capricorn

And Gemini

And Aries


And Sagittarius

And Scorpio

And Aquarius 

And Taurus

And Libra

And Pisces 

And Leo

And Gemini

And Cancer

And Capricorn

And Virgo

And Aries

John Swazz

And Sagittarius

And Aquarius

And Virgo

And Taurus

And Capricorn 

And Leo

Jack Johnson

And Libra

And Capricorn

And Virgo

And Taurus

And Leo

And Aries

Jack Gilinsky 

And Libra

And Capricorn

And Virgo

Shawn Mendes 

And Sagittarius 

And Capricorn

And Virgo

And Taurus

And Aquarius

And Aries

Cameron Dallas

And Cancer

And Capricorn

And Aquarius



Writing Prompt Quotes

This is for everyone else to use. Tag me in your works, I would love to read them!

1. “When did I ever imply that I wanted you?”

2. “Let’s take a trip.”

3. “This place is for children.”

4. “Go home.”

5. “Stay away.”

6. “There’s nothing you could say to me that would ever make me stop.” 

7. “You’re scared.”

8. “I may be wrong, but…”

9. “I don’t bite.”

10. “Okay, darling.”

11. “Get me out of here.”

12. “You’ve been gone for so long.”

13. “Don’t fall asleep.”

14. “I adore you.”

15. “Do you love me?”

16. “You pop that gum one more time…”

17. “You’re such a fucking gemini.” (or any other horoscope sign you’d like)

18. “There’s a difference between being happy and being distracted.”

19. “You look just like… Nevermind.”

20. “I was angry and I took it out on you, which is totally unfair.”

21. “That was in the past.”

22. “Can you believe we did that?”

23. “I don’t like when you do that.”

24. “Get the hell out.”

25. “I never said that.”

26. “I don’t think we can do this anymore.”

27. “I told you not to say anything!”

28. “What’s wrong?”

29. “It meant nothing.”

30. “I miss this.”

31. “If I spend $4,250 on alcohol, it better kill me.”

32. “I want answers.”

33. “I don’t have anything to say.”

34. “If I gave you a chance, would you take it?”

35. “Look, look, look!”

36. “My sims get more action than I do.”

37. “You have to do it.”

38. “What are you laughing at?”

39. “Coraline is terrifying!”

40. “I heard you! Damn.”

41. “Do you think we were made for each other?”

42. “Can I text you?”

43. “Should I be worried?”

44. “Stop right there.”

45. “You’ve listened to it six times in a row.”

46. “Take a chance.”

47. “Disney or die!”

48. “Maybe you should move your hand.” 

49. “I only speak in iconic vine quotes.” 

50. “Forever and ever.”

51. “Your color is beautiful.”

52. “Your aura is irresistible.”

53. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

54. “You did that? While five months pregnant?”

55. “You’re only allowed to use the ‘F’ word three times a day.”

56. “We’re closer than we used to be.”

57. “I missed this.” 

58. “We have the house all to ourselves… I’ll get the board games!”

59. “I’m broke, but…”

60. “You’re so beautiful in the sun.”

He loves you even when you don’t love yourself. He loves your chubby cheeks that you hate and spend so much unnecessary time trying to contour and slim. He didn’t care that you woke up with a blemish on your forehead, or that it added to the many more blemishes you disliked on your face. The size on your jeans didn’t matter, he loved the way they hugged your curves. The muffin top that poured over the waistband of your jeans was okay because it came from you two laughing and eating your favorite food at 3 in the morning. He’d rather you spend as much time with him then spend hours at the gym trying to flatten your stomach. He loved the way your eyes lit up when you walked through Sephora and saw all of the pretty makeup you loved to play with, but didn’t necessarily need. That tight black dress that you hate because it shows your thick thighs and back fat? He adores it because it shows off your top notch booty, he might even get in a grab here and there when you’re out with friends. It’s okay that you have a few fat rolls when you lay on your side, I know he’ll spoon you anyway and don’t you dare worry about those stretch marks, if you look a little closer he might have a fair few too. Don’t be afraid to have him pick you up or sit in his lap, I promise you’re not too heavy. If you don’t feel like wearing a bra, don’t wear one, your breasts don’t have to be constantly pushed up to look fuller and rounder. They’re perfect just the way they are and so are you.
—  For the girl who told me to remember the girls who aren’t ‘small’ <3